June 25, 2010


OK, for those living under a rock in this Twifandom, let me tell you what is up with this.

3 fabulous ladies came up with this neat brain baby right before New Moon premiered. They thought, "We are caring, fabulous, fandom full of talented people, so we should do something to give back to the world community.

They choose Alex's Lemonade Stand as the charity that would get whatever funds could be raised.

In less than a few weeks, The Twi Fandom raised over 80 grand in US dollars.

Go here to convert that to your local currency. money changer thingie

NOW, to say this was amazing is not saying enough. They thought their goal of 10 grand US was lofty!

I remember sitting back watching this whole thing and being amazed to the point of tears every time a dollar amount update came in.

Those of you that don't know me need to know this: VERY little moves me to actual tears and goose bumps. I am a cold cynical woman. I am a mom of 5 beautiful boys. Childhood cancer scares the crap outta me. The idea of losing a child, in any way, frightens me. The thought of children suffering from something so painful, leaves me, well...


But not for long!

So hang on, Sue has links, and tons of babbling, broken up by pretty pics of guys!

The generosity of this fandom astounds me. After the great success that was FGB New Moon edition, they took a bit of a break, and then started planing the next great task.

Fandom Gives Back Eclipse starts tomorrow!

Already, people have started pledging money.

Fans of different authors have already formed teams and started taking pledges to buy their favorite author.

I know, because I formed two of these teams.

Team Captainward is one I formed for the Fabulous AmethystJackson.
HERE is a link to sign up for this team, and HERE is the forum link for Team Captainward on FGB.

Come join us if you like this idea, and get a little captain in you! *WINK*

The other team I am heading up is Team Aspenleaf.

She is offering several things, and I will leave it to team majority vote to decide what we will bid on. REMEMBER, if we meet our team goal of $150.00, Aspen has promised us an extra something. Something that is actually a plot bunnythat I gave to her to write.

Here are the links for Aspenleaf:

Post about Team Aspenleaf
FGB team Forum

So last time FGB was going on, I was sitting there saying I WISH I could get in on this, but what can I do?

I am little fish in a big pond with a big mouth.

I asked Ninapolitan what I could do. Nina told me, "Just talk hon! Retweet things you see, put up a post on your blog, encourage others to join teams."

So I did, but I still felt like it was not enough.

I was broke, so I never did get around to joining a team. I figured the few bucks I could afford to spend would not mean much anyway.


Remember, every penny counts! If you find a team, and can only donate $1 or $5, do it. Become a part of this!

If you can't join a team, then tweet about it, or post it on your Facebook. Talk it up in forums you participate in. There are MANY MANY things up for auction that have nothing to do with Twifandom.

Things like Jewlery. For example THIS was made by SYTYCW Staffer Gia

Pretty Bracelet
and tons of other things.

NOW SYTYCW came up with this for our offer.

We have 4 lists of authors who agreed to be interviewed by a fan along with my help. We can skype or Gchat this interview. If you have no idea what this means, my interviews usually dissolve into silly giggles and my melodious cackle. we get down and dirty and ridiculous.

They are LOADS of fun! We talk about all kinds of things: good looking men, fics, good looking men, music, good looking men, sex, good looking men, movies...you know, the usual! Sometimes we talk other things, like gardening or hobbies. Almost anything goes.

So, to see the lists that the fabulous Tanja worked so hard on, go to this page check them out. If you find that the author you REALLY want to talk to is not on one of my lists, let me know. I will contact that author, and see if they are willing to be added to the list. I can give no guarantees, but I can ask. The worst they can do is say no, and if they say no that is OK too. Me being me, I will thank them for their time, and we will be OK with it.

However, I AM SURE you will find someone on one of my lists that entices you.

Link to SYTYCW s 4 author lists:

List 1

List 2

List 3

List 4

There will be one winner from each list. That fan will get to choose an author from their list. I will contact the winners, and the author you choose, and that is where the fun begins! We'll set up a time and a place. I will chat with the author a bit to get a feel for what they would like the interview to be like, and YOU, the winning bidder, gets to choose the Qs you want to use.

You can use my Qs, or I can help you write up some new ones, OR you can use your own. I will go over them before the interview, because I hate being surprised like that.

Just be respectful, and all will go over just fine!

NOW, onto what other staff members are offering.

Tanja, our fabulous staffer who sets all this stuff up, has decided to join in the fun.

Here is her offering:

Tanja's FGB donation

Tanja lives in Germany, and is a native German. She speaks English better than I do, maybe not the most ringing endorsement hmmm... She speaks English fluently. She is willing to either:

a) Translate your fic to German for you

B) Give you information about Germany that you can't learn from Google. So, let's say you want to set your fic in Germany, or have your characters travel there, Tanja can help you with it!

NOW onto Hannah!

Our own little Hannah lives in England and has the loveliest little posh accent, with a sweet voice (just so you know Rob's accent is considered Posh). Do you have a fic with a Brit Bella that you want put onto iFic? Or, maybe you have a 3rd person fic that you think needs a lovely reader for iFic? Then bid on Hannah!

She is offering a dramatic reading for a O/S.
Hannah's FGB offering
Now, Hannah has asked that the fic not be something too smutty. She's afraid of the giggles that would happen if she read it. Don't worry, I am working on getting her over this. I am confident, but she thinks I will never make that happen. LOL

SO there you have it my dears. TONS of things for you to think about, and remember if you cannot bid on something, there are ways to help!

If you have any questions, contact us. If we don't know the answers, we know people who do!


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