June 14, 2010

Fandom Gives Back Sue's Heading up a TEAM!! join me!

As you all know, I love love love love love Period romance. Love it.

Well, one of my fav authors (you might know her), Amethyst Jackson - author of Bonne Foi,  Only Human and When Edward met Bella - and I were chatting on Twitter about how we love WELL DONE period dramas, and what we like to see and she told me about a new idea of hers.

You ready for this? So far this new fic does not have a name, so I have dubbed it Captainward because I am not creative!

(Rob in a top hat makes me giggle)

It is a Regency era fic.

Here is what she told me in an e-mail, this is what we will get:

The one you're interested in is a preview of the regency era fic of at least 13k words, to be delivered to the highest bidder (whether team or individual) as soon as I receive the payment confirmation.  The preview is the entirety of the fic as written thus far (I write chronologically, so it will be continuous story from the beginning to where I stop, no gaps).

The story summary: England circa 1820.  When Bella Swan is sent by her father to be the companion of one Jessica Stanley, she thinks nothing good will come of it - until she is invited for a stay with Alice Cullen and her glamorous family, including the handsome and intelligent Captain Edward Cullen. 

SO are you interested? I know I am. If you wanna join Team Amethyst Jackson, simply fill out the following info for me and you will be added to the list
your donation can be anything $1 $5 $10 $50 whatever you want

Remember: every little bit helps.

To sign up fill out this form

If you have any Questions, you can ask in the Comments section OR e-mail me at


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