June 14, 2010

Fandom Gives Back TEAM Aspenleaf

YES, Sue is crazy!

YES, Sue takes on too many things!

YES, Sue is OBSESSED with Period Romance!

But I'm not here to talk about myself...Let's talk about my friend, Aspenleaf:

You may know her fics Duty and Desire and/or The Ripper, as well as various one shots.

I know her by her kooky Avi.

So, when I heard she was offering herself up for FGB I said, "HEY, I want that stuff!".  She has some lovely ideas and I think getting together a TEAM of fans of her writing would be fun.  As a team we would get to choose what we want her to write while putting money toward a great cause!


ALSO, Aspen has thrown in that IF we reach our team goal we will be able to get a little extra something-something inspired by a plot bunny I threw at her.  I *might* have made the demand "WRITE THIS!".

Yeah, I'm a demanding bitch, but she takes it from me 'cause she knows I am never really all that serious with my demands....most of the time:)

Sooooooo, this is what I propose:

  • We get together as many people as wish to join us.
  • We raise as much money as possible.
  • We set a goal of at least $150.00, which will get us an added bonus of  the super secret, super special surprise one shot.

Here is what Aspen is offering:

Starting Bid 30$ for a 3k - 5k word one shot crack-fic based on, a nightmare and the monstercock. Edward/Bella. Bid if you dare...bahahaha. This one will be funny and will encompass all of the silly fic stereotypes about gigantic priapism (persistant and painful erection) peen.

Starting bid 30$ for a minimum 4K outtake from any of my existing stories; for example, BPOV from certain scenes during her time at Pemberley. End word count will vary based on which story and prompt I'm given. Characters must stay true to the original story.
Ok so you could tell ppl I've thrown in the extra fic if you reach your goal. I'm not sure how much you want ppl to throw in thats up to you. Your awesome I'm so excited to write those scenes. I think rather than one straight up scene I could do little parts of different scenes throughout her time at Pemberley.

Sounds good to me!  If you wanna join Team Aspenleaf SIGN UP! 

If you have any questions you can direct them to me in the comments section that follows the post.  
I will be adding a Gmail for TeamAspenleaf soon and I will also add our team to the FGB site. 

REMEMBER every little bit helps help us reach a goal of $150 and for that we will get our extra fic! Bid, bid, bid...$1...$5...$10...$25...whatever you can and together we can help beat childhood cancer! 


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