Staff positions... that sounds so dirty and we love it dirty and hot!

So without further BS on my part, HERE is

the STAFF of SYTYCW - Blogspot edition

SUE: Pretty face/loud mouth of the blog. Can usually be found on Twitter talking nonsense. Reads Historical Romance in fic and book form. Her passions are reading books that are being made into movies and then seeing the movie. SUE loves book adaptation movies and has been at this for a LONG time. SUE reads mostly fic because SUE is usually broke from buying movies starring Colin Firth (he has made A LOT of them) 

HANNAH: reader, writer, student. Currently taking a bit of a break from us because her real life is very busy with her final year of University studies. Once she is done reading college books SUE will be bullying her back here. I mean gently persuading.

Joining us now and then are our amazing guestbloggers that talk about fics/books they love and we haven't read yet. If you're interesting in reviewing a fic you think people need to read and we haven't done yet, just contact us.