About Us

Hello my dears,

this is gonna be a brief (well as brief as SUE is) history of SYTYCW?

This blog started out in July 2009. Sue was told that her TwiFic recs were getting lost on the message board she posted on so a friend (Shannies) told SUE to start a blog about fic. Sue, being the technotard that she is, made Shannies set it up

and SUE was off.

When Tanja and Hannah read the first few posts, they shook their collective heads at SUE's horrific abuse of the English language. SUE and her grammar and lack of punctuation are legendary. That is when these two joined in the fun.

Over the course of the blog we have been through many adjustments and had many people join us in this adventure. Guestbloggers talking about fics or books they love and moving the blog from Wordpress to an own domain and, as of April 2010, to Blogger.

As we have grown as a blog we have changed. We went from a Twific Central site to a site about things we love to read.

Most recently we have welcomed Jeannie to our gang of readers. She is helping to steer us toward more books and has given us much joy in her wonderful book finds.

Our goal is to provide you with books and fic we think are worth your time - no matter the fandom or book genre. We gladly accept recs from others in both book and fic and we will strive to bring you interviews or recommendations based on our opinion.

SO if you are an author of either book or fic (any genre) and you want our opinion, contact us. We will be happy to look over your material and let you and our readers know what we think.

Thanks for reading and welcome to So You Think You Can Write?

(*Hannah jumps in* Well, you can tweet us  @SYTYCW, or email us at SYTYCW@live.de. There is always the Contact page (top of the page...) which will also email us. So start sending us your questions/recs/whatever!)