April 20, 2010

Sue's Interview with Aspenleaf about 'The Ripper'

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The Ripper by Aspenleaf

Summary: The bells toll at dusk, warning the masses that night is approaching. The once bustling streets of London are oddly silent. Residents hasten home nervously looking over their shoulders. Why? Death lurks in the shadows.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 26,870 - Reviews: 102 - Updated: 4-7-10 - Published: 10-31-09 - Edward & Bella

As you all know, I am a HUGE fan of period fics. HUGE as in, if there is a period fic out there I have probably read it and am working on interviewing the author! 

Aspenleaf and I got to know each other because of my obsession with her other fic, Duty and Desire. It is a Twi/ Pride and Prejudice crossover from HIS POV.

We disagree on ONE thing ... she likes the new movie version of P&P with Keira Knightley, and well you all know that I think Colin Firth IS Darcy cause well I just love watching him walk away ...

SO during one of our chats she told me about a new fic she was writing... a period fic... about Jack the Ripper.


Yes, I squeed. 

You see, once upon a LONG time ago, I had a bit of a thing for Jack the Ripper. NO! Not THAT way. I just read up on it and watched all the shows I could about it... Gee, this was during the 100 year anniversary of the killings... so mid 80's. What can I say? I was a bit of a morose teen into macabre things... such a cliché. Shocking, I know.

WELL, I waited for her first chapter and it came out and then I read it... and then I started twitter-harrassing her, begging for more (in a light hearted good-natured way) .

I even went so far as to offer to cook for her... and clean her house... yeah, I know, pretty sick. 

HOWEVER, when it comes to fic, my dedication KNOWS NO BOUNDS!!

Here is my take on this story:

You have the mysterious prologue that draws you in.

At first you wonder WHAT THE HELL?? Bella is a kid, Edward is a young man. 

People are sick and dying. WHAT does this have to do with Jack the Ripper? 

And then it comes to you. THIS is a mystery!

You see, they never found out WHO Jack the Ripper really was. They have suspects, but they don't KNOW. 

WELL, in this fic, it is the same thing. We have a cast of characters and several suspects as to WHO could indeed be the killer, and you know what? WE HAVE NOT even gotten to the killings yet!

I will say this: 
IF you like a good mystery that is stylized to fit the time period, then you will LOVE reading Aspen's work. 

If you do not like waiting for chapters, which happens, cause let's face it writers are people with lives, you will want to keep an eye on this fic. 

IF you are like me and you know that GOOD things come to those who wait, you will read what is there, review, cause you love it, and put this fic on story alert! 

Now enough of my blabbering, let's see what Aspen has to say about her fic!! 

1. Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration? 
This pic actually :) I have always enjoyed history and a good mystery is always fun.

2. Why do you think readers should read your story?
This question always makes me laugh, I think they should read because they love me and want to stoke my ego all pretty like :)
No seriously I tend towards the period stories since I find it harder to predict what is going to happen and the storylines are not over used. I enjoy the modern stories, but I live for the challenge writing a period piece presents. The amount of research is a huge undertaking, the customs, locations, ect. are important to understand. Nothing is worse than reading a story about 19th century England and have a mistake jar you out of the story. Not to say I am perfect because I most certainly am not, its just more work is all. For example with the Ripper I have done tons of research into the medical practices of the times. Its very easy to slip and add lingo or some practice that was not known or used at the time. I am eternally grateful to my husband for his help with this, he is a medical student and without him I would be pulling out my hair.
So if anything else I hope the readers enjoy the story.

3. Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically? 
 About the story? This story is so much more than just a serial killer. Is is a all about a world within a world. The Victorian era is fascinating with all its staunch rules and yet many did not live that way. Its is a interesting paradox.
Q courtesy of Mels) Give us a Random Fact about yourself
randomness huh... I've played the piano since I was six, but can't read music very well. I play by ear...it drove my teachers nuts.

4. Do you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&Ms, drink heavily, whatever …
Um, no not really, I just need to clear enough time for myself without interruptions. Its hard if I have to constantly start and stop, though I love my kids. :)

5. What do you do after you click the submit button for a chapter?
I usually go to work or play with my kids. hahaha

6. Do you have a soundtrack to your stories?
I have a mixpod on my blog of songs I feel relate to my story. Most of the time a song will fit rather unexpectedly, and that is always fun.

7. What actor/actress do you picture as YOUR Edward and Bella? 
I'd say defiantly Rob for Edward, especially since the Bel Ami pics came out. As for Isabella? I'm undecided. 

8. Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
Oh yes, the entire story was outlined before I began posting. I'm far to scatterbrained to fly by the seat of my crazy pants.

10. Do you believe in HEA?

11. Give me a list of your current projects. D
 Duty and Desire and The Ripper

Do you have any more fic plans in the future?
I actually have a couple of o/s and a full length story I'm considering after Duty and Desire.

12. What brought you to fanfic? To Twilight? 
I was searching for a version of Midnight Sun waaaay back in 2007 haha, and have been lurking around ever sense.

13. What is your background in writing?
I have a more scientific based writing experience, so the writing style is very different, but I have enjoyed the challenge immensely.

If you could have 15 minutes with any Edward FF or SMs which one would you choose and what would you do?
(If you do not LIKE any of the Edwards feel to substitute an actor here. Rob, Kellan, PFach or Jackson)
Um, I would smack Edward before he could leave Bella in New Moon. Oh and I'd Smack Bella and tell her to stop being so damn stubborn. O.o I can hear the flouncers now...click 

15. What is your FF pet peeve? 
The Monster Cock, jeebus sex should not be like giving birth. I gave birth twice not a pleasant experience.

16. What is your Fandom pet peeve? 
Mean people. This is suppose to be fun, and the constant drama is very draining.

17. Which character do you Identify with the most? Any character who would you like to see yourself with? Either as buddies or more?
Um no one really, lol. (this author is totes Zzzzzzz)

18. Which RL author inspires you?

Jane Austen & Alexander Dumas 

Did any FF authors inspire you?
Lambcullen and Hmonster

19. If you could ask any Twilight Cast member a Question who would you ask and what would your Question be? 
Jackson, why the hell haven't you stood up for yourself and said NO to the wig?

20. Anything else you would like to add?
I love and appreciate all my readers they really are the best and their comments and reviews are what makes this whole process fun.
Thank You!!



FL95 (JoJo) said...

LOL! I liked this interview a lot! LMFAO at moments...very cheeky. Which I like.

The story sounds pretty interesting too, monsters...mystery...mph. I'm in. Will have to go check you out!

Thanks for writing and reviewing and interviewing girls!


Melody said...

Oooh I love mysteries. I will definitly check it our.

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