April 5, 2010

Sue's Interview with Aspenleaf about 'Duty and Desire'

Duty & Desire by Aspenleaf
Pride and Prejudice knock off week here on the blog !!!

Ahhh images of Collin Firth stalking out of the water at Pemberly come to my mind ...... hmmmm.... Perhaps I should put up a you tube clip here just so people can enjoy this beauty (I am lucky enough to have it ALL 6 hours of deliciousness on DVD YES I do look at something OTHER than Rob..)

Wanna know one of the main things I adored about Twilight? It was that it brought about a resurgence of classic romance novels. It suggested to a whole new audience some classics that should never be forgotten. As an avid reader I am thrilled that young girls who are the target audience of Twilight might be inspired to read some fantastic stories!

If you have not read Pride and Prejudice, the real one, do so great work and a terrific look into the mind of a young woman in the Regency time period. Jane Austen discusses the class system and how it affected women of the time.... and the Romance is awesome too.

As my fans know I LOVE period fics. Our first fic for this week is Duty and Desire by Aspenleaf

This is a unique look at the Pride and Prejudice world from HIS perspective. Since this is Twilight FF the HIM we talking about is Edward.

Edward as Mr. Darcy what a lovely fit!!

Our author for today has written fan fic for P&P fandom, and now she wrote this for the Twilight fandom!!

I asked her my pressing questions (and I would really appreciate it if someone would come up with better Qs or more Qs for me cause I am a lazy interviewer)

here is her description of her Fic

Edward Masen was brought up in a world where responsibility to your family and class was everything. Tired of the endless pursuits of women he becomes more and more jaded. That is until; he meets his match…..

OK so enough of my uninspired drivel today, lets get down to the nitty gritty details of my interview with Aspenleaf!!


Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
I started reading fanfic years ago, the first fandom I was apart of was the Austen fandoms. Pride and Prejudice is one many novels I love. I enjoy reading different incarnations of the story. So I thought, what would happen if you put the Twilight characters into the Pride and Prejudice world? Oh and do it in EPOV.

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
Well, I was pretty damn nervous to post this story. So many people have very strong opinions about Pride and Prejudice, I worried about how people would react. So far everyone has been great, so thank you! :)

Why should readers read your story?
LOL, this feels like a trick question. Honestly read what you enjoy, if you enjoy Regency, then check it out.

Any more fic plans in the future?
I will be starting a new fic called The Ripper, in the next week or so. It will be different but I am really excited about it.

What actor?actress do you picture as Ed/bella
Oh this is a hard one, I really love the cast from P&P 2005, and feel that they would best suit the role...sorry Rpatz fans (He is just to young for this Edward)...

Do you believe in HEA?
Absolutely! I don't have that kind of spare time, to read things that are going to make me sad.

So you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music need total silence eat a bag of M&Ms whatever ...
I don't really listen to music as I write, but some of the chapters do have songs that in my opinion express the mood of the chapter.

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
I have an outline for the story,otherwise it would be a mess. :)

what is the stupidest question you have ever gotten about your story?
I think I had some early readers that had not read or seen Pride and Prejudice. It was difficult for them to understand why Edward was doing what he was doing. It was frustrating trying to answer their questions.

Can you tell more about your new story idea? The Ripper
Here is the summery:
The bells toll at dusk warning people night is approaching and the once bustling streets of London are oddly silent.
People hurry home looking over their shoulders, why? Death lurks in the shadows.

It is set in 1888 England and follows the story of Jack the Ripper. It is unlike Duty And Desire in that it will have some horror aspects to it.


Now you all know what a wordy H00R I am, when Aspen sent me these answers I giggled (not in a bad way) cause I find it fitting that she is writing from a man's POV these are the shortest answers ever!! So that struck me as funny.

Actually this is one VERY VERY busy woman

I learned some amazing things while chatting with Aspen

1) she lives in the bahamas!!

2) she homeschools her kids

3) her hubby is a medical student studying abroad, but not where she and the kids are so she is alone a lot with kids..I would go bats alone with my kids!

She loves P&P I agree I do too. we disagree on which movie we love but since I like them both all is good I am easy! She thinks Matthew McFadden is hot and while I say yes he is Collin Firth is always MY Darcy Give it a few years and Rob will be old enough LOL

(yup Collin Firth cant get him outta my head!! )

OK now did you notice that in her future plans she is writing a story called The Ripper?? yeah I did too ANOTHER PERIOD FIC !!! set in LONDON and it is about Jack the Ripper!!

Fangirl moment


Ok I am better

My reasons for you to read this fic
well written period piece set in Regency England from a dudes POV a well told dudes POV

ahhh I am well spoken as always

It was so cool interviewing her I have to say that! Everyone go read her story you will not be disappointed!

OK let's move on

I have not set in stone what tomorrows poll will be I have an idea (given to me by someone) and I will have to work on that today. UNLESS some fan comes up with the whole thing for me cause we all know how I hate to do actual work!

For Wednesday

I am excited!! you know why? I am finally not a total fic slut I actually had someone come back for seconds!!

AngryBadgerGirl tells me about her story Snide and Prejudice. She and I bond over Rob. It's fun.

Do not forget to leave me comments you know I am not above begging


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