April 19, 2010


WE ARE BACK!!! And we have officially moved to here. IF you are reading this HERE that means you know about our move!!
Congrats for finding us

Sorry if this all confused you and caused you to have to change your favs but THANKS!!

WE will endevor to make this change as entertaining as possible

HERE is a GLIMPSE at some upcoming posts:
  • We have fic recs and interviews with assorted authors who I have no idea yet. WHY? cause I have been busy trying to get my own real life house in order. I am sure T or Hannah can fill you all in on who we have. REMEMBER if you know of a fic you think one of us should read LET US KNOW! We are always on the look out for the next big thing!

among the funny stuff I have been working on
  • "The international quest for the perfect pair of shoes"... WHY? Well because WE ALL WANT THEM
  • CAMPAIGN to get SUE and Teddi cast as the fat ladies in Water for Elephants. Are we serious? Well only partially. I am sure they will find someone lovely but it is fun to dream! (and no, we do not wanna be cast so we can be near ROB. We wanna be cast cause being a fat lady is something we have been in training for all our lives and we are fat, sexy and sassy WELL)
  • We also have my comments about fangirling to the extreme. I call it "A Man's Personal Life". This is a testament to TEAM IDGAF... basically, I love to look but really do not give a damn about anything else
  • WE WILL HAVE contest winners from the Men at Work contest!! Who are they? I don't know yet we will find out together!!
  • AND FINALLY, and most funnily, I have to include the "Write a SNL skit for ROB" I know Lorne wants him but honestly I think some SNL skits are kinda tired!! WE fans of Rob know what we wanna see. We know the ins and outs of all the silly stuff and we have no shame in picking on him. SO write me some funny. If I love it I will put it on the blog and THEN send the ones we vote for to SNL. What will come of it? Probably nothing but it is fun to do anyways!!

So, let us know what you think of the new site and what YOU think we could improve.


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