May 9, 2014

A VERY Scientific poll

As many of my friends know I love historical fiction/romance

a well done, well researched historical fiction is a fabulous way for me to step outside my life without any of the reminders of this world.

It is my escape.

Now it seems that some publishers are insisting that certain eras do not sell well enough to be worth their time

I say

(I'm a lady in this post and I'm not going to swear)

SO HERE I AM, my dears, we the readers are going to prove them wrong!

and here is how:

My highly scientific poll wants to hear from YOU!
I want to hear in your comments
I want to hear it on Facebook
I want you to share this with your other reader friends
I want you to share this with other bloggers who have MY permission to share this post word for word (or if they chose to edit it have at it) on their blogs

My poll question is :

Would you buy and read a book set in just at the tail end of the American Revolution?
This book has been researched
This book has been written
This is a Romance
This book has an appropriate amount of faith in it (I'm not a religious person but this fits the time period and characters)
This book has enough UST to make you swoon
This book has horses!
THIS BOOK HAS BEN !!! (not really but here is a pretty manip pic I made when reading the book because BEN!!)

HERE is the poll leave me a comment too if you get around to it and do not forget to visit me over at the SYTYCW facebook page and if you are in the mood hit me up on Twitter either @SYTYCW or @Roselover24


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