May 12, 2014

Unbound by Cara McKenna

She set out to find herself, and discovered the darker side of desire.

I bought this book based on a rec through a friend in my twitter timeline
I saw her talking to Tiffany Reisz about this book
Tiffany (as you know writes The Original Sinners series) said
" one of the best examples of a male sub "
I am always skeptical when it comes to reading about male subs
and here is why
most tend to feel either too feminine
or too childish
not quite the image that fits the story but I like it anyways
For me both of those take the hotness out of the kink
I like my men manly
and what many people cannot express when it comes to a submissive is it is not weakness that drives a sub
it is an eagerness to please
a desire to be punished or to earn forgiveness for whatever transgression may be bothering them
I personally equate that desire to something like the feeling one gets after confession (for my non Catholic friends just trust me), It is cleansing to do this "penance"
please note  this is NOT the case for all subs just some, some subs just like the feeling if it is not your thing then it is not YOUR thing do not judge others for THEIR thing in this book she describes being Kinky as one would being gay it is just something you are born with a preference, it does not need to be fixed or loved out of you or therapied out of you it is a part of who you are and how you get off

I have to agree with Tiffany
I have a new book boyfriend
I'm in love with
He is a man
a manly man a survivalist living on his own in the highlands
Through the story he matures and changes as we get to know him
His journey is neat one to read you find yourself as the reader wanting to hold him and hug him and make it all better knowing that would be the worst thing you could do for him he would reject it
and the message would never get across but he is just wonderful
I yelled out loud during the climax of his story (not a sexual climax you pervs)
If you chose to read this book you find out what Im talking about

Now for our female lead
You all know me I hate a weak female lead
I want my girls strong of mind and spirit
or to grow to find that strength inside them through their journey
What struck me most about Merry
was how far she had come before our story even begins
Merry went on a weight loss journey
some of you may know I am on a journey of my own to gain better health I have so far lost 60lbs
I really identify with everything she says about it
the numbers thing
calories in calories out
sodium content
sugar content
carbs counting
serving sizes
weighing measuring everything
number of steps etc
I have to be compulsive for health reasons
I have been successful too
and it does change the attitudes of others around you
I have yet to find anyone for me that has been negative or snarky about it
Merry has done what I can only dream of
she met her goal and goes on a one woman backpacking trip across
Her goal is to find herself and find peace and celebrate her late mothers birthday in her birth city

Along the way she gets ill the closest place is off in the distance
Robs cabin
no they do not jump in the sack right away
it builds not too slowly but believably
I like Merry I can see us being friends she is sweet, optimistic and  smart and intuitive
We get a glimpse of these two and their lives
just a piece I like that they are fleshed out and feel real

and what we have here is a fabulous story
that honestly would be good even if there was no sex
 and the sex
and not in that overdone tab A slot B way
just beautiful

I hope you give this one a go I need people to talk about it
You will be cheering for them I got very invested in this one
I was sad to see it end

I am updating this post because like a moron I forgot to give it a rating
if you cannot tell I really liked this one and I would probably give it a re read
so I'm giving this one


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