April 29, 2014

Making Him Sweat by Meg Maguire now known as All or Nothing

Is it hot in here? or is it this book?

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YES! I love so many things about this book I do not even know where to begin
my thanks to netgalley and Harlequin for the chance to read and review
Jenna gets left a boxing gym by her estranged father and meets the gyms manager Mercer
She is determined to shut down the smelly delapitaed mess of a legacy and open in its place an upscale old school dating service for professionals
Sounds like this would have your typical romance schtick right? and there is where I was at the beginning of this story thinking the same thing!
I am thrilled to say I was surprised at the depth and development of the characters they were so real and just great people not only was I rooting for their romance and a happy ending I was also sad for her as I got to know her through the story
As this story develops we find out that why she and her father were estranged we get to know the man behind the gym he left to her we learn about her past and the lies in the family stories she was told
because of the characters  the sex was hot it was amazing the descriptions of the kisses toe curling and our male lead was such a real guy

 I would have added quotes here to illustrate this however it has been a while since I have read this book and my Kindle app has deleted all of the highlighted quotes (stupid technology)
So get the book read the book and find out for yourself

I also love how her view of the decrepid gym and building changes as she gets to know the men that use it she stops seeing them as scary too it is a very cool development of how perception changes as we become intimately involved with things around us 
You want this one trust me it is worth it
a great read

4.5 stars
This book is being renamed and is part of a series the new name is All or Nothing
This author has also written many other books one I just finished called Unbound under her other name Cara McKenna that book has inspired me to finish some posts on here because Holy Moly hotness love it

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