February 16, 2014

Disconnected Kids by Rober Melillo Sue's Review

Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Neurological DisordersDisconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Neurological Disorders by Robert Melillo
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Hi ! It has been a long time since I have had the time to post loads of things have happened in the last year but I had a stock pile of books I had read and reviewed I will clean up those reviews and soon have more for you on various topics as I get them. This particular book was one that really struck a cord with me. I would like to preface this post by saying IF this method worked for you or your child that is fabulous. It is not the method or the "autism diet" I have problems with it is the way this book presented things to parents.

I will rarely waste my time writing a bad review but this snake oil salesman deserves it.
any parent when faced with a challenged child will look for any way to make their child more normal
it is in our nature
it is not because we do not love our child for who he is but because we want their life to be easier
I am the mother of 5, 4 of whom have some special needs of one type or another. This book was recommended to me by my sister in law who loves her nephews and like me would love to see anything to make their lives easier
I went into this book skeptical but hopeful I want there to be an easy fix
be it a diet
or exercises or games or something anything

I can see how this book preys on the desperation of a well meaning loving parent
It says in many instances to have cured ADHD and Autistic spectrum disorders.
I'm going to stop right here because first off Im going to call BULL
IF this man had really cured Autism and ADHD I would like to know why this is not national news?
why is this man not being brought up in each and every single pediatric conference ? why is his name not being sung as the greatest savior of children since Jonas Salk?

This book gives beautiful, heart wrenching stories of children who were cured by this system.
It then goes on to tell you the way to fix your child of course you could always find one of his clinics and have his system administered to your child by the professional counselors (the first clue that this home version will not work you , you cheap fool are not paying enough money for the experts you bad parent you! yes this book uses guilt to manipulate you be warned)

First going on the gluten and casein free diet (no wheat and no dairy essentially) now be on this diet for 6 months follow it religiously any failure in this diet even a small amount will be a set back because your child has a food sensitivity
some issues with this
no tests run just cut wheat and dairy out of his diet huh OK

granted I am not an expert on food sensitivities and how they affect brain behavior even a small amount will cause a complete relapse of symptoms and according to this doctor it takes months before you will notice a difference in the childs behavior

my issue comes not just with the diet portion however it comes with the statements that the doctor makes about the effectiveness of his program
basically if you follow his program your child with get better
GREAT I thought
then I read on
if his program does not work it is because either
1) your child was born with an issue far to severe for his program to be effective
2) you deviated in some way from the program you fed your child something with casein in it or something with Gluten in it OR you did not follow his directions exactly
or (and this was the best one)

3) your child somehow experienced brain damage from whip lash as a small baby

no matter what the program is right and works if the programs fails the program did not fail YOU as a parent failed

This "doctor" should be ashamed of himself he claims he does this "for the kids"
face up to facts there doc you do this for the money you swindle out of the pockets of parents desperate to make life just a tiny bit easier for their struggling child

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one final note this review pissed off someone on Goodreads. It is my hope that this program works for her child I really do. I wish there was an easy fix not to cure autism, but to make life easier for those that have it that want things changed for them. Until then we will just keep on keeping on. Remember this is my opinion of this book you can have your own

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