February 19, 2013

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Zombies and Romance
Two things I never thought I would EVER be talking about at the same time.

This story is told from the POV of the Zombie, which is very ambitious of this author. It could have gone VERY wrong! When I heard about this book, I figured I would be reading many pages that would be similar to a conversation with my husband after a long day of work:


Hi! How goes it ?


Oh. Well how was your day ?


ummm OK. Anything interesting?


Yeah. See? Not so fun.

THIS BOOK was great (No moaning conversations!)! Really! The conversations and running commentary of our male lead, R, were witty and sweet.

worlds cutest Zombie
So we have R.
Yes, his name is R--he cant remember the rest. He is an above average zombie--he does not look as decrepit as the rest of them and after his kills he cleans up and washes himself a bit in puddles.

What I love about this book is how it took what is usually a mindless horror character and humanized him. The zombie has a name, he has thoughts he has feeling,s and when he eats the brains of a particularly tasty human he experiences strong flashes of life.
These flashes along with encountering 'the dead humans surviving girlfriend, Julie, spark something in him, and he begins to travel back toward humanity.

Nicholas Hoult is a very cute young man(damnit)
I recommend this book strongly, not just because the movie is now out and is starring an adorable young hottie, Nicholas Hoult (who I only look at as a cute boy because is so young and to do otherwise would be creepy ...damnit), but also because even if zombies creep you out like they do me you will find this a nifty take on the Romeo and Juliet story.

Ignore any promo photo similarities NOT TWILIGHT I swear
It is not Twilight with zombies!

There is more to this book than that silly story. It was a fun read and so much more than a romance or a horror.


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