February 27, 2013

Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacy

Magazine writer Keri Daniels is asked to get an exclusive interview with the very private, famous author Joe Kowalski. Sounds like a dream come true, but for her it is a nightmare. Joe is her ex boyfriend from high school. No real pressure, right? Keri just has talk her ex into giving her an exclusive that he's refused everyone, when the career she left him for is on the line. Best of all, if he does not give it to her he gets to screw her over like she screwed him over.

I love a good book--make me giggle and I am yours! This start to a series about a quirky family is about as good as you going to get.

Joe had his heart broken by Keri when she left to chase her dreams of making it big in journalism. He'd dreamed of the two of them living in the town they grew up in, but he was disappointed..
closest body I could think of for Joe still not quite right
Now she's back and she wants him to save her career by giving her an interview.

He agrees on a few conditions:
1) She has to allow him to approve the questions;
2) No information that he does not approve goes into her article;
3) She has to go camping for two weeks with him and his entire family, and fully participate in ALL activities.

What follows is some of the sweetest, funniest, saddest, most awesome real-life drama, with a mature crowd of characters (all out of college and living real lives). I adore Joe. He is funny, smart, and not hell-bent on revenge (even though it seems that way at times).

Now I have to share a few comments:

Joe had a 78 Grenada
Mine was green
I had one, too. It was a great car--never complain about the Grenada that is one fine piece of machinery!
In my twisted fangirl mind, this is a sign that Joe and I were meant to be (sadly he is not real).

 I also have to comment on this piece of brilliance. It is a side story within this story, about Joe's sister, Terry, and her separation from her hubs, Evan:

Mom to Terry:
"It just makes me sad," she said quietly against Terry's cheek "that you wont fight for him. I know you love him."
And she did. But she didn't have the strength to drag Evan home and then spend the rest of her life wondering every single day if that would be the day he left her again.
"Sometimes love's not enough."

There are so many gems in this book just like that, things that will make you laugh, or cry, or just sigh with happiness.

just one of those camping family activities she has to do 
One more example, or I will just end up quoting the whole darn book !!

"He wanted to stop the world from spinning, to freeze time and hold on to this moment forever.
This was the life he wanted. It was the life that once upon a time he'd thought he'd have. Right now it was as if Keri had never left- as if she'd been a part of his family all along."

Taken out of context it looks cheesy but trust me, this one won't have you reaching for a Lactaid to handle it. It will have you saying AWWWWWWW.

You really root for these characters here, and I LOVE a story that makes me do that. I want to like them and honestly, you learn to love all of them. At least I did

Keri starts out as kinda stuffy, but time spent with a family she grew up with loosens her up.
The rest of the family is a well rounded group that are like real people.The descriptions and their interactions with the main characters flesh them out so well no one is caricature. They are just regular folks.

I hope you give this one a try and me know know what you think!

I really do not know how many stars to give this. I liked it a whole lot--so much so that I bought the next couple of books in the series and then requested another one on Net Galley. Since I liked it so much and I still think about it and rec it to people I think I'm going to have to go with 5 stars! It does not happen often, but I really enjoyed this one. 

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