September 12, 2012

Sue's review of The Wicked West by Victoria Dahl writing as Holly Summers

OH my goodness!
This short written by the fabulous Victoria Dahl is gonna get one of my rare 5 stars. I have to say this one really, really appealed to me.
We have the fabulous Sheriff, handsome loner, and a lovely new English lady in a western town. There are cattle rustlers and small town politics and--Oh gosh, lets see if I can make this coherent.

For those that do not like D/S sex or relationships DO NOT READ.
For those that do--come on in! This one is a good one!

I happen to find the whole psychology of the relationships fascinating how in a functional D/S relationship it is actually the sub who has the control over things. I think this short story novella explains that well.

She teases him.

She taunts him even by just lowering her eyes, and he does not understand why this woman is causing these feelings in him.

It is confusing because he feels wicked and perverted and wrong; he was raised to be a gentleman, to treat ladies as delicate breakable flowers.

Here is this little thing, obviously not used to hard work, an indoor girl, and she is challenging all of his desires.

I cannot tell you any more about this story because if I do I will give away far, far too much.


I will read this a second time--probably tonight.
The tension is fantastic.
The attraction between them just UMPH.
As I said on twitter, this story did not break ANY of my cliche hates.
I give this one a 5 stars. Be shocked--it wont happen often.
This was a great read. I recommend it to EVERYONE that likes a steamy quicky !


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