September 14, 2012

Sue's Review of the story Ember by Bettie Sharpe

Ember by Bettie Sharpe

Everyone loves Prince Charming. They have to—he’s cursed. Every man must respect him. Every woman must desire him. One look, and all is lost.
Ember would rather carve out a piece of her soul than be enslaved by passions not her own. She turns to the dark arts to save her heart and becomes the one woman in the kingdom able to resist the Prince’s Charm.
Poor girl. If Ember had spent less time studying magic and more time studying human nature, she might have guessed that a man who gets everything and everyone he wants will come to want the one woman he cannot have.

I love fairy tales! Any old story that has been passed down for generations as a moral tale--they just fascinate me. What is sad is that fairy tales have a very negative connotation now. They are cotton candy fluff, sold to us in Disney princess packages.

As you readers know, the real fairy tales were darker. The princesses tended to be selfish and spoiled, there was always a lesson to be learned, and pain to go through before you could earn your happily ever after 

Back in December of 2011, my friend Einfach_Mich (Jeanne) was tweeting about this story. I stalked her timeline and finally just asked her, "What are you reading? GIMME-GIMME now!" 

What followed was a fun evening of reading a well-written, delicious story.There are female characters you will LIKE--some you will LOVE--and a twist on a well known plot that just is not to be missed.

Ember is Cinderella. The wicked step-sisters and wicked step mother are not so wicked. Ember is not so innocent. Charming is not so charming.

There are bits that have stuck with me months later and are as vivid as if I had read it yesterday; for an absent minded person like me that does not happen often.

Things about this story you will love:
The magic.
The hot sex.
The banter (I love banter).
The snark.
The sense of humor.

This is not only a nice quickie read, this is one you will want to re-read.

Who does not LOVE a good free read? If you cannot tell from my gushing in this post you have yet another 5 star rating here I really did love this one I hope you do too !

I really want to know what you think of this book, so here is what I want you to do:
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