September 21, 2012

Fic Friday

Ok this is not a flashback Friday because well this fic is not that old
so instead we are just having fic friday
because I cannot resist this story  Sticky Sweet by SunKing

Do you even just have those people in your timeline that you HAVE to listen to when it comes to reading a story
the ones that say HEY read this and you open the fic and do what they say?

I have a few of those myself and this fic came from the most reliable one

Sticky Sweet : City Girl Bella meets class clown Edward when she moves to small town Tennessee He;s gorgeous flirtatious and possibly downright nuts can she hold onto her heart around a guy who flirts with anything that breathes? so much fluff

and yes this is fluffy I am giving you this one major warning if you indeed read this fic check your blood sugar first ! you will smile during it ! this is a fantastic story

so cute and he is just to die for
I was reading this fic saying he is so cute he is my kid !

and then I read it from his POV and I have to say
this is one of the best examples of teenage boy since Kosherward

now what is so great about him?
unlike most ficwards this kid is not too cool for his own good. He comes off as a goofy kid he makes mistakes stupid little mistakes that are just perfectly real

and that is why I adore him so much he is just perfectly real

NOW once you finish reading Sticky Sweet which is this story from Bellas POV you MUST read Sugar the first few chapters of Sugar are at the end of Sticky Sweet read Sugar trust me you are gonna adore him! AND the Bella is a sweetie not too emo not too insecure

I cant really say to much more without destroying the whole story but I need people to read this bit of fluff and stuff and come talk to me about it

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