August 1, 2012

A little fun

Today is going to be a short post.
First is because Sarah and I have been busy with RL (real life) stuff. We might not have time to get the post about Cat O' Nine Tails done this week. It is mostly because Sarah is going out of town. I will do my best to get it up there.  AND we will be having a contest for this book.  Just not this week.

SO, as a little fun thing, Im gonna show something that I think is really cool about getting to know writers.
As many of you who speak to me know that I'm a bully.  I tend to be very pushy.
I also get ideas.  Lots of them!!! When it comes to writing stories, my ideas are usually things I would want to read. Sadly, writing is not my forte. So, I hand off these plot bunnies to others in the hopes that they are inspired by them.

FIRST, we have this picture...... 

OHHH Joe, you are inspiring!!!
I know he is not many peoples type, but well I like to look at him. To me, this picture just screams the need for him to star in some movie as a greek god or at least star in my fantasies as one.

So, I started twittering (tweeting) this picture.  BEGGING for some writer to write me this fantasy.  The LOVELY Miya Kressin did just that for me.
So, I want everyone to go HERE to read Poseidon.

NOW THIS stunning photo of him is probably one of my favorites. Yes, he has a beautiful body, but I do love a man in a suit. This pose is just, *sigh*. It makes you wonder; "what is he thinking about?"
So, I again, tweeted this pic. I BEGGED people to write me something and the lovely and talented
Ann Bracken did just that.

So, please go to those two sites. Read the little shorts and let these ladies know what you think.

ALSO, remember to enter the contest to win a copy of A Love by Any Measure!!!!


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