September 21, 2011

Undiscovered Gems

This (usually weekly) feature is a way for authors to pimp out their stories. We, the staff of SYTYCW, probably has not read the story - yet. So convince us why we should read it.


Amor Vincit Omnia by TheDarkSparkles

Empty. Complacent. Content with living in a void, Bella exists. Living day to day hiding in mundane routine and not coloring outside the lines. What will she do when her choices are no longer black and white.. will she turn to the grey area in between?
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 9 - Words: 44,056 - Reviews: 14 - Updated: 9-18-11 - Published: 9-6-11 - Bella & Edward


I'm very happy to see that you will be adding up and coming stories to your site. 

I have been reading fanfic for a few years now. I'd taken a break over the summer for family time. When my boys returned to school I set off in search of some good reads. Even though there are tens of thousands of stories to be read, I'm bored with the same characters doing the same things and the unique reads are harder to find. I don't read unfinished stories. I have found that most authors update far less frequently than I do, sometimes up to several weeks for one chapter. That drives me nuts as a reader.  

I decided to write my own story. I have not written anything since college so I's extremely proud of what I have accomplished so far. Getting my story the exposure it needs, has proven difficult since most of the sites I belong to I have used only to find new reading material. I'd rather be sucking up another story than discussing the last one I read; always thirsting for more. 

I am currently publishing a chapter around every two days. I have a rough outline of 60 chapters but the more I write the more I am having to split chapters. This story will take place in Canada, the United States and Africa. It also has explicit content and is appropriately rated M. I do not have a banner but may be adding one. Design is NOT my thing. Be forewarned, this is a story of Edward and Bella. Everyone else is expendable. 

Amor Vincit Omnia is a story of forbidden love.

Edward is a vampire and has been drawn to Bella since he first came in contact with her as a preteen in a near-accident in Canada. Bella lives in Washington and is oblivious to the attention she receives from Edward.  Edward's stalker-ish relationship with Bella becomes more when Bella's child hood ex-best friend, Jacob, closes in on territory Edward considers his.  

To stay together they risk losing everything, including the loyalty and lives of the people who brought them together. 

Amor Vincit Omnia, Love Conquers All. 

I am inspired by the man who loves me and by my sons who give my life meaning. The story comes from my heart and there are references that parallel some of my own life experiences. 

The best thing about my story is it is mine. Not to sound egotistical or conceited, this story holds a lot of meaning for me. An affirmation that there is a fire inside me that is very much alive. Even though I'm getting older (EEK!) I can live forever young through imagination. 

I hope you enjoy what you see. If you have any questions please feel to ask. 

Thank you so much for your time and consideration~


The Morphing Games by orrington.rose

Twenty-four names drawn from twenty four steel boxes, from twelve districts of America, all ruled by the vicious vampires, the Volturi. Of those twenty four names by the end all but one will be engraved on headstones. The one that's not, the one that survives, receives the ultimate prize: immortality. My name is Bella Swan, and I’m a Prospective in the 100th Morphing Games. There’s only one problem: I don’t want to win.

Why should I (the reader) read your story?
Violence is compelling, tragedy more so. My story has both in spades. But I think what makes The Morphing Game special is it examines not only the problem of how to survive  when everyone wants to kill you, but the question if it's possible to kill and still retain your humanity. Even if you haven't read the Hunger Games, The Morphing games is accessible, because it's set in a new, fully realized dystopian world run by the Volturi, where humans must give blood weekly to vampires, where everyone's informing upon each other, where the poor struggle to get by and the rich are indoctrinated to a world of violence in order to prepare for the Morphing Games, where adolescents are selected to compete in a fight to the death in order to earn the privilege of being turned into vampires.  Bella feels the full repercussions of her upbringing, her history of violence, in compelling, disturbing ways that I don't think have been addressed in either Hunger Games fiction or Twilight fiction. This isn't just some bad-ass Bella who has shadowy dark past of pain, Bella has committed real crimes, crimes against people she loved, before she even enters the Morphing Games. And of course there is Edward, her mentor, who only has one goal: keep Bella alive. Unfortunately, keeping her alive means teaching her how to suppress her compassion, the very thing that he needs to nurture if he wants there to be a relationship between them. 

Also, the fic has just started so if you jump on now you'll be able to enjoy the ride all the way through. I have a good chunk of it pre-written, so worrying about completion or updates isn't an issue. It's just a matter of putting it through the beta process. 

Where did you get inspiration?
Obviously, I was inspired by the Hunger Games. But I also spent some time in Berlin this summer studying about the Cold War and the Soviet Union (the original dystopia!). I talked with a lot of people who had lived under Soviet Russia, and a few who had been in the Stassi prison. One girl I talked to had lost her grandmother in a very similar way that Bella loses her mother. So even though this story is fantasy, there are real people, real tragedies here.  

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?
I think I really tie together the Hunger Games and Twilight in compelling ways. For example, the fact that the winner of the Morphing Games becomes a vampire, actually gives a reason for the games to exist, and for people to want to volunteer. There are little details like that spread throughout the story. I feel as if I give interesting spins on all parts of both universes, while still weaving them together in a coherent whole that could stand on it's own.     


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