September 23, 2011

Find That Fic

We've been sent on another quest. This week our reader WTF.Am.I.Doing needs our help: 
I'm not sure if you guys still do this segment or not, but I hope you do! 

I'm looking for this fic where Edawrd returns from war (modern times) I think he lost his leg (or something?) he's not dealing well since returning. I think he's a doctor/medic in the war but he's not sure what he's going to do now he's returned. At one point he and Bella go to some dinner (I think it's for the army - something for E?) and Bella meets his commanding officers and she wants to dance but he doesn't because of his leg so his commanding officer offers to dance with her, they do and E becomes jealous and thinks B is flirting with the guy. When they get home they argue and B points out how they don't have a physical relationship and she wants to have kids (?) and it makes E realise that he needs to sort himself out. In the end he decides to practice medicine? It's only short 3/4 chaps? I'm hoping someone out there can help a girl out :)


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Debbie said...

I don't know which fic this is, but it sounds good. I hope someone out here recognizes it so I can read it!

Debbie said...

Sure hope someone knows this fic. It sounds really good!

Debbie in S. Florida said...


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