March 22, 2011


This week we have another quest for you. Help Amada find a fic for her friend:
I have no idea what it's called or who wrote it but it's BPov (of what I read) the worlds kind of ended with few ppl alive. Bella lives in a community which is surrounded by a wall. They go out 'hunting' for supplies but have to be careful of other groups of ppl. Bella finds Rose pregnant in an abandoned hospital with Emmett. I am not the one that read it. Ir you could help me and my friend I would be very greatful.
Thank you
 If you know the fic we're searching for, leave a comment or email us!

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Sue said...

I believe the fic you are looking for is

The Colony by Shell29Bell

I also interviewed her about this fic you can find my comments as well as her interview here

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