March 17, 2011


SUE Made this Crappy Banner just for T

You may not know her but this blog would not be possible without her she is OUR T, otherwise known as "The duct tape that holds the SYTYCW universe together." We just call her "Duct Tape" for short (trust us, it's a term of endearment).

The person that tells Jeannie what to read
The person who makes SUE sound intelligent and well spoken

The person who shakes her head with Hannah at Sue's outlandish ideas

She's our wonder woman
The person that is in charge of tech stuff here AND turns all of Sue's ideas into reality (remember FGB Eclipse yeah that was ALLL T)

She is the peas to my carrots.

The peanut butter to my jelly

She is the creamy nougat to my chocolate bar

SO to Tanja my dear, I know I frustrate you and make you laugh I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that we are friends and that you put up with my nonsense!

Thanks for being the spice in my fruitcake!

From MIMZAAAAYYY: For T: Happy Birthday T! You are the absolute best. Always helpful, smart, spunky, & fun. Hope your day kicks ass. You deserve it! ((hugs)

Mmmm...Scruff? CHECK. Jaw? CHECK. Purdy lips? DOUBLE CHECK.

Oh yeahhh nice hammock baby. How does Sue do that? You know, make everything sound diiiiirrrtty.
I got skills

Are you looking at me? Why yes dear, we are!

Andrew Garfield is so jazzed about it being your birthday that he can't stand still.
(and ouch, my eyes...)

Yeah...give me the eyes baby.

Sue likes smoke danglin' from those lips. Ts TUMBLR is HOT!

What is it with these brit boys and the eyebrows? I just wanna make them into my pets and put them on leashes and take them for walks I getting to weird here? NAAHHH

OHHH yummy angry strutting Andrew... Go get her boy!
This gif of AG makes Jeannie's girly bits a little tingly.
Angry strutting Andrew does that to us all Jeannie, it's understandable.

The Holy Trio of Hotness wishes you a most spectacular day! SUE does not approve of this pic Andrew has a mullet and that is just WRONG.
Jeannie approves of ANY pic with these three in it. They could be sitting around in a knitting circle for all she cares. boys knitting...
NOW KNITTING I could see (trade the word knitting for drinking)
Looking at it again it is still just so WRONG goes to show even hot guys can look like crap (SUEs opinion). He looks kinda RAWR says Jeannie, SUE says Lion King is so not hot.

Boys being boys, now this is adorable.

OH Tom why so serious all the time? Why? Because on Tom it is HOT.

Poor Sam looks like a boy among men.

OHHH YUMMM Tom Felton grew up so damn FINE.

Wanna know why I like this dude? he married a chick twice his age !
SUE Approves of this and thinks more young men should give it a go!

Yeah who does not like a dirty Zefron? SUE will laugh hysterically if it turns out T does not like dirty Zefron.
Jeannie will take partial blame for that. Just because Jeannie likes dirty Zefron doesn't mean T likes dirty Zefron. WELL Hannah said we could so we can blame her (besides as I type this Hannah is asleep LOL).

This is from Pirate Radio. Yes, he stripped nekkid. YUM.
And THAT bum belongs to Tom I do not think they had the budget for Bum double.

SUE knows this is a manip but it is a REALLY hot manip.
Jeannie: Wait...this is a manip??! YES Jeannie this is a MANIP Hannah confirmed this for me it is sadly not real.*sniffle*

Hannah ended her Glee drought just in time to see the Klaine epicness.
Oh and for T's birthday, too! OHHH BOY KISSING !! SUE approves! I cannot top it but I sure can add to it:

There is seriously NOT ENOUGH boy kissing on this blog. Sue, please rectify. Kthanxbai.

Wet boys kissing is definitely awesome.

Well that's an interesting angle...
This would be beautiful from any angle Jeannie!

Love that hand going lower, lower...
*SIGH* I think T might have showed me a fic like this once... 

Um...SNEAK PEEN! *peekaboo*
SHHHHH you said to keep it PG13 then you point out the peen?
WELL it is there winking at me!

Someone's been waxing. :)
Sue does not approve of the manscaping LEAVE THE MANFUR!!

More HOT TOM Felton.

Yeaaahhh the Face that brought us together ! OH Rob you will always hold a special place in our hearts just because your face made us friends (along with the inappropriate comments we all made).
Liiiiiiick. (that was Hannah. Oh she only wants us to THINK she's sleeping.)
Hannah will giggle when she finds out we are talking for her!

Happy Trail is happy.

And we end this epic Birthday post with some Sam Bradley. (This is SUE's favorite song by Sam, btw. Jeannie had to remind her that this was for T's birthday, not SUE's.) Yes but SUE does not know Ts favorite Sam song I think this one is sweet


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