March 24, 2011


*delete delete delete*

I had this long drawn our explaination written and then confused myself SO

I am just going to do a poll

HERE is what we at SYTYCW want to know:

What do YOU want to see us do

IF you notice, we have a bit of a theme going on here. Eventually all good things must come to an end and that happens in fandoms, too. We recognize that fic authors move on to other projects and bid a fond farewell to writing fic. We realized readers grow away from reading the same theme over and over and look for something else and move on.

WELL, we at SYTYCW do not want the fun to end! We have LOVED bringing you great things to read we have LOVED talking about fic and talking to authors about their stories and WE do not want this to stop!

However, we want to expand into other things also. Our eventual goal is written on the About Us page, it is a dream of ours, really. We are all avid readers and have always loved reading books. After all, it was a series of books (thanks Stephenie Myer!) and a cute guy (Hellllooo, Rob!) that brought us all together!


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