December 16, 2010

An HP fic for you! A Pound of Flesh by Pennilyn Novus

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As many of you know I vanished from Twific for umm well a couple weeks and found myself lost in the world of HP fanfic.

Ever since I was told by Hannah to read the fantabulous 'Finding Himself' by Minissimoo (link on the HP Stuff page) I try to search out more HP fics to share with everyone.

Sadly many of the Cedric/Hermione fics are either not finished or, well, not very good so I was told by The_Glory_Days (author of Alphabet Weekends, among other fics) to check out the Draco/Hermione ships.

Draco Hermione is one of the biggest ships out there (I think you're lying *cough*HPDM*cough* but carry on) and SUE has been reading a whole bunch of them.

Some good.
Some OK
Some meh.
Some Smutty.

As you can see I got lost and then... I fell in love... 
Yes I know, SUE is so fickle. She falls in and out of love so often. But lets just say that, when SUE gets bored reading about Edward pinching the bridge of his nose and Bella tripping over air, SUE goes into the magical mystical world of HP fic and finds her joy in fic again.

don't know who he is but hes pretty!
Of course there are cliches in HP but as a new reader I am not annoyed with them.

NOW on to the chat of the fic

A Pound of Flesh

Some will roll their eyes at the description of this story and while I have to admit it made me giggle in places it was still a JOY to read.

This story is a mystery.

Hermione goes out with Ginny for a girls night. They head to a strip club with an all male review to celebrate Ginnys upcoming wedding. The star of the all male review is a guy that can really work a cape (SUE LOVES A MAN THAT CAN WORK A CAPE).

Both women recognize the man on stage. It is NONE OTHER than Draco Malfoy!

WAIT he's supposed to be dead! He disappeared years ago.
I feel so damn dirty posting this ...
SO why is the prince of Slytherin in an muggle strip joint?

That is where the mystery comes in!
And Hermione is gonna find out
HERE is where the smut comes in

Remember when you read TWI smut for the first time? Yeah... it is kinda refreshing in that way.

SO if you are in the mood for a good, different, fic in a fandom you have either overlooked or have not looked at in a while

GIVE this one a shot and do not forget to LET ME KNOW what you think of this!

DO you want to see more fics in other fandoms? Do you know of fics either in other fandoms OR original fics you would like to see rec'd here?

Then by all means drop me a message either by e-mail to the blog or on Twitter @sytycw or @Roselover24

I plan on reccing HP fics without interviews because these fics were written a while ago and some of them I have no idea if the authors are still around so you are just gonna get the rec!

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Anonymous said...

Draco/Hermione used to be my fave fanfic addiction B.T. (Before Twilight).

I lost the the link of most fics I read, but there is one (a f*cking WIPm actually) that still one of my ALL TIME, ALL FANDOMS favorite, called "Adamos Fidelitas" by Pixiezombie, I wish It was finished, but at least there was not a big chiffhanger... Every time I re-read it, I'd try and imagine the rest of it.

Another great one is "Customer Service" By Sunny June 46, it is in e-mail/letter/phone calls/mood journal format", AU and very funny.

And for the smut I read "Pansy´s Vulcano", the characters are a little too OOC for my taste, but the smut is great.

If you want to try something diferent, I used to love Remus/Tonks fics, and there's no one better in it (well, at least those past years) than mercutio-rane ( My favorite is "Random Acts", a series of canon drabbles, and the Lupin/Tonks is very good.

I wish I remember the other ones I lo

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