August 24, 2010

Who's up for a Quickie?

WARNING! WARNING! This post contains links to O/S recs I like if, you guys like this, I will do it again. ALSO this POST has not I repeat NOT been seen by any of my editors so forgive me for my lack of punctuation I suck at it. (Insert Nita giggles.)

Have you ever found yourself in the mood to read, but do not have the desire to wade through a full length fic?

Ever been sitting in the waiting room, ANYWHERE, bored out of your mind because of the old home country living magazines the doc has there, and WISH you knew of of a O/S to just take your mind off of things?

Did some fic just make you BAWL your eyes out and you need something funny?

WELL, I got some fic recs, some funny some sexy, some just *SIGH*.

IT's TIME for O/S Recs!

First I have to tell you I am love with someone


I have no idea what he is saying most of the time, but I do not care! This boy (first year of College) is just so so so teenage boy. He has a hard time focusing on Bellas face, YUP he is a boobie boy!

This fic is series of 3 O/S. The first two are called Eight Nights of Delights. The first one is Bella's POV of the 8 nights. If you are short on time to read, I highly recommend the chapter from Edwards POV; you will WANT to get into this boys head. TRUST ME! The third chapter is about them when they were younger, 3 short chapters that will have you saying I LOVE KOSHERWARD! I beg her for more all the time! I think I have re-read this fic more often than any other series of O/S; whenever I need a pick me up; I pull out KOSHERWARD he makes me smile !

ALL of these are written by a women who probably has the best user name in all of fandom Stupidsuckedinreader (yeah I giggled too). She is just as witty when you talk to her, as you can imagine she is in fic!


Another O/S I love is this one

by nobloodbofoul
A doctor Edward neglected wife Bella forgotten 3 year anniversary FAIL.

My only comment to the Edward in this fic is YOU ARE SO DAMN LUCKY to be married to Bella and not me Mr.,because I would break shit over your head and land your ass in the ER so fast you would not know what hit you!

OH, and it's really hot LOL

Trust me good cute fast read (duh it's a O/s).


Why the boy love sue? Just because they are pretty!
Finally I would like to rec this lovely little diddy called

Edward is homeless and trying to stay invisible to society, then he meets Bella and wants to be her everything. Entry in the "I Love 80's Music" one shot contest. Rated M

This is a romance, and a damn good one! The twist at the end will... well I guess it depends on your mood when you read it. FOR ME, I giggled !

OK Funny story goes along with this one. I REFUSE to spoil, yes even a O/S, TRUST me again. This one is worth the read!

We were on twitter one night (just like every night) and someone , decides to be clever and pull the

" someone should write a story about Edward as a ____"

Here's the funny thing since I have read so many fics, and since most people I talk to have read SO MANY FICS, I can usually FIND the story about Edward as a "______".

There is also a WebSite Dedicated to the bromance !
Just remember my dears, be careful what you wish for, there is usually a fic about it. LOL


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