August 23, 2010

Just a little something NEW. FIND THAT FIC: Quest 1


You know that feeling when you have read a fic, and you liked it but forgot to save it to your favs? Or you remember you have a fic saved to favorites, and all of a sudden the overlords swoop in and take it all away?

WELL, let's say you rec this fic to a friend and you don't know the name of the author and you have no idea how to find that fic???


I know lots of people ask on twitter, and that it helps IF people see your tweet!

Besides, have you tried explaining a fic in 140 characters??

I don't know about you, but when it comes to fic I am a wordy bitch (OK, OK I am a wordy bitch no matter what)!

THIS idea came to me (which means someone else came up with it and told me to do it):

IF you have lost a fic and cannot find it in the usual resources, or have no idea what the name of some fic is, that you think you have read.

GIVE me the best description you can of the plot. I will put it up here and we can have people hunt down the fic.

It may have gotten posted at another site or removed entirely. I will betcha that SOMEONE will know where the fic went.

I will do this ONLY once a week, similar to Undiscovered Gems.
IF I have a fic for fans to find, I will post these on Mondays.

HERE is your first Quest:


From Dahianna

Ok, Sue, here. It's the story who's name was "All Grown Up". It was a Bella story, most of all, but has Edward as well. They are neighbors,  she is bff with Alice, who is sister to E and he is older. Over the years, he notices her and they get together, but not for long and them he marries a model, and she marries a Italian musical producer. She sleeps with Edward once, and gets pregnant but never tells E. Over the 2 years go by, her husband dies in a plane crash and at the funeral they all notice the kid looks like E. It's really angsty but really good. She also wrote six degrees of separation. I was reading it when it was pulled, so not sure about that one. Anyway, thanks lol.

Try not to get too distracted.

Does this fic sound familiar to any of you? Do you know the name of the author? Are you the author? Do you know where we can find this fic or anything about it?

SO send me an e-mail to the blog. In the subject line please put FIND THAT FIC Quest 1.



Saewod Tice said...

Hey there. She actually found me on Twitter. :o) LOL

It's called All Grown Up.

My stories are now posted to, but have new character names and some changes to the plot/story.

Musette said...

WOW!!! What a grrreat idea Sue! Happy to be here!
Hi Saewod! Long time no see since Living in Position...hon, you rock!
Ok, Sue, here's ma trick (summary tnx to beautiful Chlollie4eva):
Renee & Charlie (sort of scientists) live on an island w/ 3yr old B.
C finds Edward washed up on shore and brings him home [guess in hishuman form, since E is...a merman!).
Sometime later E bites B, and E forbids R&C to leave the island; they tried but never suceeded and finally depart leaving B behind.
B stays w/E till comes the time f/her to change & mate E.
17yr old B gets kidnapped by James and Vladimir just when she’s about to change but E & siblings make it in time to save her .
The epilogue is B having a baby boy.
Thx and congratulations f/the blog!
And tnx newyorkkisses at RAoR who rec'd you! I flove you babe!

mselyn28 said...

HI! I Love it here!

E doesn't meet B in Frx due to A's vision, but the Cullens catch up with her in College or Law School? Any suggestions would be great! Thnx!

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