August 25, 2010

Undiscovered Gems

Disclaimer: Please note that we from SYTYCW haven't read the stories we mention in Undiscovered Gems (at least not all of them). This here is mainly an opportunity for authors to pimp their stories. =)


The Last Breath by First Blush, on Twilighted

Summary: It’s 1944 and a young American, Edward, awakes in a field hospital outside of London. He was injured two months earlier during Operation Cobra near Marigny, France. Upon regaining consciousness, he immediately begins to ask for his wife, Bella, who was working at The European Theater of Operations (ETOUSA) in London. Sadly his physician tells him that his wife was injured in an air raid and did not survive her injuries. Our young hero vows to find his wife refusing to even consider the very real possibility that she’s dead. This sets Edward on a journey over two continents, through the dangers of war and espionage to find the love of his life, forgiveness for his past, and a joy he never even knew existed.

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?  
The Last Breath is an exciting, emotional, and at times gut wrenching historical romance that covers an amazing period of time in world history.  The story crosses London during WWII and follows the events of the war through the eyes of a young hero, Edward Masen.  The end of his adolescence was marked by a tragedy, one which he blames himself for and is never far from his mind.  Edward lives each day of his life each day trying to make up for what he feels are the failings of his past.  Two years later fate throws him together with a woman who will change his life.  Edward is enamored by her, but she sees him as every other conceited and chauvinistic man she’s ever encountered.  Their first intelligence mission nearly ends both their lives but Edward makes a selfless sacrifice that ultimately saves Bella’s life and allows him to slip into her heart. 
I love this Bella because, despite the times, she refuses to be thought of, or treated as, a weak woman.  She’s Rosie the Riveter, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Virginia Thorpe all rolled into one.  I love writing this Edward because of his unfailing devotion to Bella.  Her happiness is always in the forefront of her thoughts.  These two lead characters work well together, whether they’re on a mission or when they’re mixing in playful banter.  Despite their different upbringings, they smooth out each other’s rough spots and give you a couple to root for in every situation. 

Where did you get inspiration?
I’m fascinated by WWII stories.  I think there is so much to learn about the world at this time.  Some of it is truly frightening while other pieces of history are awe inspiring.  About two years ago I read a WWII romantic novel.  I loved the spy story embedded in history but was truly disappointed with the ending.  TLB is my chance to write a romantic spy novel with my own exiting twist and hopefully a satisfying ending for readers.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?  
At its most basic level, The Last Breath is a love story. The incredible situations these characters are asked to face pull at your heart but their undying love for one another is what the reader will rely upon to pull them through.  Edward and Bella were barely of age when they left for the war.  Throughout the path that this story follows you see them grow, and in a sense, atone for their pasts.  Edward was certainly brave, but he’s also more than a bit reckless.  Bella was headstrong, defiant, and ready to prove everyone wrong.  Through their journey you’ll see that in order to survive they need to open themselves up to one another.  Edward will learn that loving someone is not always enough, to protect them, you sometimes have to let someone else have the lead.  Bella, in turn, learns that laying yourself bare doesn’t leave you unprotected, it leaves you in the hands of someone you trust and love beyond all reason.  Edward and Bella’s future, their happiness, and at times their very lives, depend on them learning these lessons.
I put as much real world history as I can into The Last Breath.  It helps me craft the characters and the situations they face.  At the end of each chapter are some quick notes about the story reference, the historical significance and the links to my research so that readers can explore more on their own if they choose.


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