July 14, 2010

Undiscovered Gems

Disclaimer: Please note that we from SYTYCW haven't read the stories we mention in Undiscovered Gems (at least not all of them). This here is mainly an opportunity for authors to pimp their stories. =)


 Second Chances by Edward'sChipper, on Twilighted 

Summary: She happens to be stuck on the side of the road, car engine smoking. He happens to be driving back from a conference. Can an accidental meeting really mean a second chance at happiness? Or . . . not?
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Horror - Chapters: 15 - Words: 95,677 - Reviews: 14 - Updated: 7-10-10 - Published: 4-2-10 - Charlie

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?
Frankly, Charlie needs some love.  Some good love.  He's UNDER-REPRESENTED in fanfic, at least as the bumbling studmuffin we all know he is, or could be.  Not to mention that mustache... In many fics I've read, he's an absent father, or he's cruel, or he's downright evil.  He's so underdeveloped really, and there are sooooo many possibilities.  I personally needed the rest of his story.   But I caution, this fic may not be for everyone.  First and foremost, it's a love story, but there are also dark themes, language, a bad vamp, and...rape.  Of course, lemony goodness is included as well.

Where did you get inspiration?
A combination of the above, and driving home from work in a snowstorm with Barber's (First) Essay for Orchestra, Op. 12 playing.  I'd found out through an RPatz playlist on iTunes that it was one of his favs.  Suddenly, it was like Bam - this story started percolating.  I wanted to give Charlie his due, his opportunity to shine.  Because I had yet to find what I was looking for, I decided to write my own.  I'd never written anything before this, unless it was for a grade, or for my job.  I was quite terrified at first, especially with what was whirling about it my head, but I did it anyway. 

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?
The best thing about the fic is I get to have my way with Charlie - at least in my head.  *snickers*  Seriously, I've been told that I give good Charlie by a few people, and trust me, he gives it right back.  Heh heh.  But this story is a slow build, two people with instant attraction but with baggage that's hard to forget.  Not to mention a twisted vamp who's hell-bent on eliminating...someone.  It's set 6 years after BD, and includes the rest of the Cullens, and a few others I won't give away here.  I'm hoping the best thing about it is a combination of the romance, a little bit of angst, the horror, and, for those of us a wee bit older who have regret...Second Chances. 

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