July 27, 2010


In CELEBRATION of our BLOGGIVERSARY I decided to revisit one of our favorite silly polls.

sorry, it is not the Paper Dolls with Rob poll (although I might bring that one back cause it was FUN)

THIS TIME let's talk


You know what those are right? Those are the overused phrases in fic that cause us to either ROLL OUR EYES, giggle hysterically, or at the worst click the X in the corner

SO, authors, this one is for you! Here are some of the cliches that are so overused they can possibly cause you to LOSE READERS

this is a bad thing

Lets be honest sometimes cliches are used for funny reasons, those are OK

however if your fic has any of these in them you may want to reconsider your story devices :

Bella bites her lip so often, the poor girl, IRL would need reconstructive surgery

Edward Pinches the bridge of his nose so much that other fic characters suspect the poor man from suffering a serious sinus issue

Edward gets priabism from the scent of strawberries that he has to avoid the produce aisle at the grocery store for fear of unleashing his trouser monster on an unsuspecting public thereby having poor underused Charlie arrest him for public indecency

pixie Alice burning up her credit card by shopping for lingerie that will only get ripped when sexually repressed Edward sees Bella in it (really now $500 on panties that are gonna end up as Edwards pre sex snack? )

bitchy cold maneater Rosalie

a biggie here that annoys many


SO here it is my dears VOTE for your LEAST LOVED FIC CliCHE

You have a list of 10, yes 10, cliches to choose from there are so many out there this list could be longer so we narrowed it down a bit

SPECIAL thanks to my super twitter people for helping me come up with these you can vote all week long at the little widget poll thingie on the side

OH and a special note

Another poll will go up next week so start to think of the words that you think should be RETIRED from fanfic this poll idea was inspired by the lovely AngryBadgerGirl in honor of her hatred of the word MINISTRATIONS

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