July 26, 2010

CONTEST for SYTYCWs Bday bash

It was ONE YEAR AGO this week that SYTYCW was launched

It all started as a way for me to not read as much. his was all SHANNIES idea so blame her!! (Read About Us to learn more about it)

IN CELEBRATION we are having a WEEK LONG PARTY starting with THIS POST

Here it is the great SYTYCW Bday bash contest

Since I do not expect presents (I know how BELLA of me) I am gonna give away a gift to a fan of the blog and essentially a fan of ME (how vain)

HERE are the Rules

you can enter ONCE yes ONE TIME

I will need you to fill out the lovely form below with your information and answers

These are easy questions and since I am NOT restricting WHO can enter (yes Staff can enter too) I am expecting LOTS of correct answers to my simple HOW well do you know YOUR SUE contest

From those who enter correctly a RANDOM winner will be chosen

Wanna know how the random winner will be selected

SIMPLE I will go on Twitter, I will say Choose a number between 1 and ___ (how ever many correct entries we have)

The first person to tweet me a number on my Roselover24 account will have selected the winner THAT winner will get

a $10 amazon gift card

This contest will run from July 26th THROUGH July 30th with the winner being chosen and announced on July 31st

NOW are you ready for it?? SUE's 5 contest Qs


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