July 28, 2010


I wanted todays post to be funny and clever

no such luck your stuck with this BS and of course PICTURES random Rob WHY pictures of ROB?? well because if not for me searching out pictures of this boy for a friend I never would have met all my girlies at the BBR and so I would never have found FANFIC and I never would have started the blog ! (it makes sense in my head)

THIS is my THANK YOU post to all of the people that have brought you SYTYCW over the past year

I have found that this list is a LONG one it takes a lot of people to make me not look completely rediculous

First I think everyone should applaud my hubs Dave aka cryptthing (yes he is on twitter follow him if you wish we get into some marvelous arguments there) NOT ONLY does he tolerate this little obsession of mine he has also embraced fanfic and the community he has also been known to find me porn both ROb porn and the smutty kind (gotta love a man that will find pics of a pretty boy for their wife)

My most sincerest sympathies goes out to my 2 main staffers Hannah and Tanja these two women sacrifice time and their sanity just to keep this blog afloat without them my ADD would have kicked in LONG ago and I would have given up they encourage me (read that as kick my lazy ass) to bring you this silliness

To my "guest bloggers" these are the people that when they find a story they love that they wanna pimp out they go out do an interview and flood my inbox with their intelligent anaylitcal interviews that make my stuff look silly by comparrison I love them so damn much because they have made me want to read other stories here is the list of their names in no particular order so give them lovin too

Autumn aka WhynotFO aka fatallyobsessed
Lady tater

and I forget who else

To Nitareality and Gia who have been known at the last minute to go in and give a post a read through because T and Hannah are sleeping after reading my stuff Nita said the most profound thing to me

"SUE what ever did punctuation do to you to make you hate it so?"

yeah I want that one a shirt!!

MOLLS for being MOLLS she knows why

MIMMMZAAAY my main fangirl

shannies who started this whole mess


IF I forgot you I apologize but you all know I suck at this remembering thing and now they are playing the music kicking my ass off of the stage

Sorry had to be said because this post sounds like a bad Oscar speech


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