April 11, 2010

Yoga's interview with PerfectlyPersuasive for 'A Tangible Dichotomy'

Summary: Not everything makes sense to us at first, but sometimes, the paradoxes in life are exactly what we never knew we needed. When Jasper and Edward and thrown together, into a dorm room no less, who are they to deny the twisted logic of fate? AH/Slash.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 20 - Words: 128,094 - Reviews: 1850 - Updated: 3-15-10 - Published: 9-29-09 - Edward & Jasper

By now I think it's pretty clear that I'm one of the fandom's biggest wusspervs. While some angst is okay, I tend to stray from super angsty fics that take my heart out and squish it into a million pieces. That becomes tricky in the slash world, as many of the fics found here have some degree of angst in them. However, when I came across PerfectlyPersuasive's fic, A Tangible Dichotomy, I was able to take a breath of relief. Here was a fic, that was not only intelligent, but hilarious, sarcastic and awkward all at the same time. PerfectlyPersuasive takes the stories of two very differnet boys, Edward and Jasper, and weaves them together into a cohesive fic where we see the various aspects to being in a gay relationship. There are some angsty bits for sure, but the overall feel to the story is one of joy and silliness - two things I never have trouble getting behind.

Joyfulness and silliness tend to come hand in hand, though, when you're dealing with PerfectlyPersuasive. Over the last few months I've had the pleasure of going from an adoring fangirl to an adoring friend (who still fangirls over her). One of my favorite things about the Twislash community is how friendly and welcoming it is. My friendship with PP is just one awesome example of this. I went from reading her fic and squeeing everytime an update hit my box to friending her via twitter/gchat and somehow ended up writing a collab with her. That doesn't mean I still don't squee everytime an A Tangible Dichotomy update hits my box, though! ;)

I sat down with PerfectlyPersuasive to pick her brain about Twislash, the fandom and her current fic, A Tangible Dichotomy. I also dug around for some dirt on a new and upcoming fic that I am more than excited about!

*pours tea and passes PP some cookies* Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed! Sit down, get comfy and let's do this thang ;)
Thanks for the cookies, Yoga. :) Oatmeal Raisin, please.

1. I'll start out with the burning question us fellow addicts always wonder...what brought you to Twilight? To Fanfic?
I always wonder that, as well. Let's see... Summer of 2008, my friend Brittany called and asked if I had heard of this book called Twilight. She had just started reading it, and she thought to herself, "Romance? Supernatural? This is right up Nicole's alley." lol. Anywho, I decided to give it a chance, so I bought it to read at the beach... which I did. Then, I drove thirty minutes to get New Moon which I also read on vacation. Monday, at work during my lunch hour, I went to Barnes & Noble to buy Eclipse, but it was only in hardback. I reasoned I could spend $10 dollars on each book, but when it was up to $20, that was out of the question. Please have it noted that I went right back to B&N after work and bought the book. Apparently, I have zero will power. I just needed to know when she was going to be a vampire and when they were going to have the sexing. lol. Anyway, I was through with all four of them by that Wednesday. I reread them, and I was a touch addicted. I didn't hate Breaking Dawn, btw. I know, I know... collective gasp.

I didn't find fanfiction, or even hear of it, until I started watching True Blood. I just wanted to know what the importance of that damn dog was! Anywho, I got all eight (at the time) of those books and read them super fast. Being that I am from Louisiana, I decided I should troll the True Blood imdb boards and set people straight about a few things... like when a character on the show put three crawfish on their plate. Grr... don't get me started. lol. That is where these girls were talking about this story Let Love In by Terri Botta. That was the first fanfic I ever read. I read a few more in the SVM world, but there just wasn't enough. Fun fact, I also read Zigster's story when she was posting on the imdb boards, and when I came across her on Twitter, I told her so in a stalker PM. lol. Terri Botta also wrote a Twific, and I kind of just migrated into the Twiworld. I lurked for a while before creating my account. That's about it, though. *looks up* Damn, I'm wordy.

2. Were you always a slash fan or did you dabble in canon/'regular' AH fics first?
Well, my friend, my first fic was actually Before Her Last Breath which is an AU Edward/Bella fic. I believe the first slash I ever read was when DefinatelyStaying brought Jasper in during Next Weekend. I was still lurking at this point, but I wanted more! I started with the E/J slash when there were only like two pages of stories to read. lol. When the Age of Edward contest came up, I think I surprised my beta Mombailey (also my first fanfic friend!) when I said I think I'm going to make my entry a slash fic. Thus, my first slash and smut, Leave it to Badger was born. Who wants to read a slash fic centered around the world of early 1960's family television? Well, I've got just the thing for you. No, before you ask, I did not win. lol. Also, Mombailey totally loves slash, so I didn't lose a friend over that. :)

3. I have to say that A Tangible Dichotomy is one of my favorite slash fics out there. Many slash fics tend to lean towards the angsty side, and you know me - all wusspervy. I really appreciate a fic with a humourous slant. How did you come up with the premise for ATD and did you always intend for it to be a "fluffier" fic? (and I mean fluffy in the most awesome way possible fyi).
I'm glad you're liking it. :) I have also noticed that a lot of the slash is colored in angst crayons. (What does that even mean? *shakes head*) Not that I mind a little angst, though. My first story was riddled with melodrama and angsty morsels. I've come to realize, though, that I'm not so bad at the humor.

Let's see... ATD premise? There was an original premise and outline, but I've kind of veered off track. I make up most everything on the spot as I write it. When I start a chapter, it sometimes takes a unexpected turn, and I'm left thinking -- wait, what? Is that what I planned to write about? lol. When BHLB was coming to a close, though, I had about four ideas for my next story, a slash story being the top contender. Then, after talking it out with a BHLB reader and my now ATD beta, PhoenixRising25, I manipulated my idea into what ATD is now. It is humorous and "fluffy", but there are darker elements in ATD. That's life, though. In my opinion, not one thing is all angst or all humor -- there has to be a mixture to create an entertaining story. That's why I like to have my boys dealing with something really serious, and then Jasper starts hysterically laughing because he's uncomfortable or Edward thinks he broke his dick. Awkward moments happen all the time in RL. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has accidentally started laughing at a funeral? *looks around* No one? *nervous chuckle* I was joking... I've never done that...

Anywho, I think if you are a young person, and you're coming to realize and accept your sexuality, gay or straight, it's a big deal, but it's also, at the same time, not a big deal. It's a part of life and growing up. Blerg. I don't know if I'm making any sense, but I hope I am. Basically, I wanted to show these two boys getting to know who they are in and out of their relationship. I wanted to represent them as young gay men without, as my Jasper put it, waving a rainbow flag around. One love, mon.

4. Your Jasper and Edward from ATD are totally different. Is it hard to go back and forth between the two of them when writing?
Um... not really hard exactly. Sometimes, especially with Jasper, I'll write the chapter, and it won't sound enough like him. On my read throughs before I send it to be beta'ed, I'll add some ATD Jasperisms like... Sweet Jesus swaddled in a blanket... things like that. My favorite part of ch. 20, the bit about the furries, was added right at the end. lol. Also, Jasper curses more than Edward, and he gets a lot of the one-liners. That's not to say my Edward is a dull boy. He's just a little more shy, but he'll stand up for himself in a heartbeat. I don't do a lot of descriptions when I write, so I show a lot of their personalities through dialogue and their thoughts. Every chapter, I get this review: I just love your Jasper. I mean, I like Edward, but your Jasper is funny or vice versa. There is like a division among my reviewers some like Edward more and others like Jasper. I can't make my mind up. I like them both.

5. You recently wrote me a super awesome one shot for my b-day (spanks again btw!) Jasper & Edward's High School Reunion that is just dying to be continued . What's the scoop on that? ;)
You're so welcome! It would have been much better if I wouldn't have procrastinated until the day of your birthday to get started on it. *slaps my own hand* The scoop is that I wanted to take a few things that I knew you love: a little weed, a little nerdiness, and a whole lot of slash and blend them into a fun one/shot. Then, I started writing it, and I kept thinking, "oh my god, this is going to be long. I'm never going to finish this!" So, I just kind of ended it. lol. You will be happy to note that I will finish this for you. I have started this slash novella already. *fights the desire to say ooh, la, la after the word novella*

6. So, somehow I managed to coerce you into writing a slashy collab (it's one of the TwiSlash Unvieled entries...and it's anon - so we can't tell you which is our, but go read & vote!). How'd you find the collab writing experience? Would you do it again?
Um... I don't remember much coercing. I believe the gchat went like this:

Yoga: Are you doing something for the TwiSlash contest?
Me: I want to.
Yoga: I have an idea. (tells me said idea)
Me: That sounds like fun!
Yoga: Do you want to collab with me on it?
Me: Really? Me? Sure!
Yoga: Sounds good. You write the smut.
Me: Erm.. okay.

That's how it happened. lol.

It turned out awesome, though. Everyone should go read and vote! I found collabing with you to be a lot of fun. We worked well together, and we just flowed and played off each other's ideas. Although, getting it where we were both typing and chatting in gdocs was a pain. lol. Remember that whole hour of a WC we wasted trying to get it to work? I also liked working with you because you didn't hang me by my thumbs when it was taking me forever to write the smut. lol. Although, you kept sending me threatening tweets and scary doll pictures...

I would do it again, though, if it was the right story and person. It would have to be someone that I think I could work well with. When your name is attached along with someone else's, your putting a lot of trust into that person. Also, they would have to be able to put up with my crazy procrastinating ass. I'm serious. I write at the LAST minute. So, I'm probably not the dream date for collaboration.

7. Do you have certain guys in mind when you're writing Edward and Jasper? Who do you picture?
Since my boys are college aged, I use the Twi guys. They're hot. Everyone has a thing for Rob, but you should never forget Jackson. There is just something about that guy.

8. Any future fanfic plans you want to give us a head's up on?
Umm... I just started Jasper & Edward's High School Reunion, so keep an eye on that one. I don't have any set plans for anything else, at the moment.

9. What's the hardest part about writing slash in your opinion? The best part?
The hardest part? I know everyone says it, but I don't have the anatomy. This is where everyone also says, I can only imagine getting my dick sucked. I was thinking, though, I can only imagine getting hit in the balls. lol. That is why I write ATD because I'm ridiculous. ;) The best part about writing slash is the community of gals and guys that make up our little section of the fandom. I have met so many fabulous people all over the world. Not to mention, my lovely fic wife to be, Jen. We're getting fic married on April Fool's Day by Mr. T. It's obviously a very serious affair.

10. Let's talk about your writing style for a bit. Do you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music or do you need total silence? Do you eat an entire bag of M&Ms or drink heavily? Perhaps peruse the Corbin Fisher website? *winks*
Actually, if I have music or the tv on, I get totally distracted. Those who WC with me can attest to that fact. They'll be talking their stories, and I'll type, OMG - this guy on the tv is such a douche! I'm sure they appreciate that. I LOVE music like mad, but I can't write with it in the background. How could you eat and write? I mean, I need two hands and sometimes my feet at meal time. jk. I always need my feet... monkey toes. lmao. I don't drink that often, and when I do, it's hardly ever at home. I don't think I've ever written anything while intoxicated. I should try that one night and see what comes out. CF is always a fun place... for research. *clears throat*

11. Time for random FF questions. What's your biggest FF pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve are things that are said over and over again. I hate the phrase, "You look like someone kicked your puppy." I hate that one. Change it up, people! Like, "Oh my gawd, Bella, you look like someone just kicked your grandma in the vagina and then threw her off the Golden Gate Bridge."

Also, I hate when people say "orbs" for eyes. Orbs just creep me out, reminds me of all the ghost shows I watch. I also can't stand poorly written dialogue. To quote Twilight, "Say it. Say it out loud!" If it doesn't sound natural, don't write it.

Then there is the ever popular peeve of poor grammar. Everyone makes mistakes, even beta'ed stuff has errors, but beta's do help prevent grammar oopsies. I seem to have a lot of peeves. lol. Oh! I also refuse to say bb and awesomesauce. I don't like them. I'm also not a fan of porn without plot. Come on, people, give us a little conversation, too!

Phew, okay, I think that's enough.

12. What do you LOVE to see in FF that you read?
I love to be able to relate to the characters I'm reading or get completely sucked into it. I'm a sucker for those real emotions. I also love the humor, and I like to read something that I've never read before. A little twist can go A LONG way in fanfic. lol. Jasper in all forms is good. I love the slash, but I also like Jasper/Bella. I like canon couples, too. I'm all over the place.

13. If you could have 15 minutes with any Edward- FF or SMs - which one would you choose and what would you do?
That is a HARD question. *runs to look over faves* I seriously don't know. I can't choose. I even tried to narrow down a Jasper choice... I'm going to go with Edward and Jasper from The Ties that Bind by fiberkitty. I like that those boys play well... erm... together. lol.

14. If you could ask any Twilight Cast member a question who would you ask and what would your question be?
Hmm... I'd ask Kellan Lutz if he was going to come out of the closet anytime soon. I'd pinkie promise not to say anything to anyone else until he was ready. *wishes there was a pinkie promise emoticon*

and lastly...
15. Do you have any slashy rec's for us that you think others *must* check out?
I am so behind on all of my stories. It's almost ridiculous. I never miss Lessons Learned by MistyHaze420. We actually started writing our stories on almost the exact same day, but now she's many chapters ahead of me. lol. You should check out Seven Minutes in Heaven by TuesdayMidnight (I just happen to beta that one). Then, there are so many slashy fics by my friends that are worth all your time: rmhale, Naelany, TwiBoy, PolkaDotMama and Domward's Mistress. I'm also loving this Jacob fic (don't hate) called This Mortal Life by hidingfromsomeone, an Edward and Emmett called Potential by Rosmarina, and a future wolf pack story called The Pathetic Ramblings of a Homosexual Werewolf by yay4shanghai which is complete.

Wow, that's a lot of linkage.

Thanks SO much for allowing me the pleasure of interviewing you!! xo

The pleasure is all mine, Yoga. :)


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