April 11, 2010

The words 'Modesty Patch' take my mind to very dirty places...

Rob and verbal diarrhea are BACK in full force! YESSS BABY!!

This perv is so happy because he has taken my mind on another naughty trip.

Our new topic study is:

The Modesty Patch

This has brought up many a lovely conversation on Twitter because the girls and I want to know a few things:

1) What the hell is a modesty patch?

2) What size bra cup was used to make Rob one ??

3) After question 2 who gives a damn...
First, we must discuss bra sizes. Since the hoorz are found throughout the world, we need to have a base comparison chart so we all understand sizes we are discussing and YES we checked!

NOW we all have a frame of reference when thinking about this, so when I bring up that I am thinking boy used at least a DD, you all get the size cup I am discussing...

SO now to see the interviews that sent me into this tail spin of research. I WILL NOT REST TILL I HAVE ANSWERS!!! I tell you this Question is keeping me up at night!!

OH Rob, sweetie, do not worry. We found you what a REAL modesty patch looks like:
banana hammock
NO. NO. Sue, Banana hammock is just, well, a more polite term for penile sling! Try again!

OK OK FINE. Try this one!

Yes. SUE intended that pun.

OK. A few things about that:
1) It is cod piece
2) It looks like that it might chafe!
3) Ummm... well, if he gets his... allergic reaction, won't that make a lot of noise?? DING DING DING went the bell!

OH, Sue. You silly, silly SUE. Try this on for size:
WOAH! WOAH! Back the fucking truck up!!

DID I just see LIP SERVICE reeeaaaallll slow??

Why yes, I did. That little hoor, Hannah, must want us to pay Rob's... umm, self some lip service! (Hannah: Makes the 'Get Lucky' bag(?) appropriate dontcha think?? ;) )


DAYUM. PKitten and I agree that that looks JUST LIKE a D&D dice bag (Dungeons and Dragons for you non-geeky types)
My response to that is HE can be my Dungeon Master ANYTIME!! (Hubs would be so jealous. He has been the only Dungeon Master I have ever had.)

And Rob, do not tease the girls about you having a soft spot for your modesty patch. Some of them can't get over your allergic reaction to vaginas! It is not nice to toy with us, you naughty boy!

ROB mentions that you think you NEED this thing, and after a while of standing around naked you become more comfortable with being naked in

front of people.


HERE is my Q:

WHERE is the footage of this??? You KNOW someone had to have a camera rolling... Yes,I know, shame on SUE. But I told you, discussion of this takes my mind to naughty places and DON'T pretend you did not think the same thing!

SO you think this is the ONLY time an actor has brought up this particular topic in an interview?? YOU ARE WRONG.

My favorite (GASP! Yes, Rob is not my #1) Brit, Colin Firth, said this in his interview from the movie, Where The Truth Lies.
"Although he and Bacon look totally nude on screen, it seems that just one small part of them was covered up. ‘We had to wear a pouch called a modesty bag, which had to be kept out of the camera’s range. Everything would be going perfectly, then they’d yell, “We can see the bag!”, and we had to start all over again. We even had a lady on set whose job was to keep an eye on the bags in case they strayed into the picture.’"
Mmmm, enticing. I think I need to see this film you can read more about this movie HERE

I think ROB may be a tad bit embarrassed by this kind of attention!!

Tell us what size Bra cup do you think was used???
Take the poll and then leave us some love. This post was a long time cumming cause I thought I lost my funny!
So let me know, do I have it back???

This post was brought to you in honor of some movie of Rob's that is opening on Friday March 12th. I forget the name. (Hannah: Remember Me ring a bell at all?)


Remember ME go see it I am!!


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