April 5, 2010

Teas with "Rob": Volume 4



Welcome once again my dear ladies to another rousing edition of Teas with "Rob"

Our very own Lady Tater is here today to give you the answers you have been pining for ....

So my dear friends pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of Lady Tater's special brew, snag a brownie from the snack table, and let's sit back and learn some more secrets about our dear boy and his flag of cupid!

vanessarae1: Rob, when was the last time you bought a shirt that cost more than $2.50?
Our charming boy wrinkled his brow adorably when asked this question. He proceeded to explain that the grand majority of his wardrobe are pieces fine fans send to him or he trades for cigarettes with hobos. On the occasion that shopping is completed, it is generally by the wardrobe department of whatever film he is working on or the studio as they don’t seem to like his rather homeless-esque look. He did make it clear that he does wear brand new knickers, though, although his mum usually buys them for him.

sparkly_says: Rob, how often do you masturbate and what gets you hard? I want specifics! does he use his whole hand or just that lame, thumb-pointer-middle finger tug?
The sweetling blushed a bit, shifting in his chair and taking a rather large swig of the Lady’s special tea while contemplating this answer. He began by telling me, the dear thing, that he has to do it at least once a day to keep The Bishop ship shape, but that his record is twenty-seven. When I probed as to what caused such a banner day beating The Bishop, he mumbled something about topless beaches in France, Beyonce and some vitamin supplement he found in a Circle K.

When questioned in regard to his form, he tapped his temple, quirking an eyebrow. He’d admitted that he’d never much thought about his method as he was more concerned about the end result. Of course, being the giving confidant I am, I offered to critique his form and possibly even offer advice as to “tools he could use”. With that, our sweet boy stood, unzipped his trousers and popped out The Bishop leaning against my writing desk with one hand. I watched as he waxed his board, offering encouraging words, mostly of the four letter variety, as well as tips and tricks.
In answer to your question, whole hand, left twist, thumb swirl, ball cup. I give it a 9. The Bishop, however, gets a 10.

Teddi: "Hi Rob...It is said that women actually hit their sexual peak AFTER 35. It's time you found out for sure..."
At this, the sweet darling merely smirked at me and answered “I believe my Lady is 38…”. He has visited the cougar pen at the zoo, my loves.
We took a little break from our questioning in order to reaffirm this fact. Alas, he has acquired yet ripped pink thong as a result.

Nikki’s Question for Rob: Do you like to use toys in the bedroom.
I had to clarify to our lovely son of England that I was quite sure that the question did not refer to Etch-a-Sketches and yo-yo’s, although I imagine that a use could be found for them as well. His eyes widened in understanding and he nibbled one of Sue’s special brownies, which she so graciously sent along with me to our meeting.

He advised, generally speaking, he finds no need for toys, but is not opposed. For example, a spare dildo is a lovely way to achieve double penetration, which, of course, is good for all involved. He was unimpressed by the cock ring, stating that when The Bishop is ready to spread his seed, he should not be held back. And if his companion for the evening appreciates a silver bullet or a set of anal beads, he’s more than happy to oblige. Left to his own devices, however, he’d rather just spank.

Sue: I have a Question!! So Rob boy shorts Thongs commando or granny panties what does it for you?
This answer seemed to come easy to our lovely boy. He stated firmly, although he was all for the bare naked lady bits and worshipped at their altar on quite a regular basis, he prefers the ones that hug a ladies bottom. When I tried to clarify by allowing my knees to fall open just a bit, he pointed and said “those!”
Cheekies, my loves. He prefers cheekies.

BeachVamp: Did we ever ask Rob if he has a parka??
Lady Tater: this is a Q for the ages...

Obviously, from our earlier demonstration of pud pumping technique, he’s quite open about The Bishop. Our dear love is wrapped for winter, my loves, parka included

BeachVamp: Also, what is his opinion on the highly sought after apadravya? Does he? WOULD he???
When I asked our dear boy his opinion on apadravya, he cocked his head in the most adorable way, raising an eyebrow. Alas, he was unfamiliar with the term. I reached out for my laptop and quickly showed him the Wikipedia entry and he shuddered, cringing away from the screen as though I’d just shown him tapeworm infestations. I quickly closed my computer and allowed him to crawl into my breast and weep.

AngryBadgerGirl: YES! my teas q: Do you really think I'm stalking you? Isn't the feeling mutual, after all?
The lovely boy smiled broadly when I mentioned our lovely AngryBadgerGirl. He answered that of course he thought that you were stalking him and it turned him on a wee bit. Oh, and did you notice him outside your window the other night? Apparently, The Bishop held midnight mass in your honour.

Sue: I have a Q for Rob since he is a geek I have to know Original or Next Gen? I am talking Star Trek
Our dear boy needed no clarification of this question. He grinned adorkably and stated he was an Original man, all the way. We then shared hero worship of James Tiberius, which, of course, made both of us a wee bit horny. We decided to postpone the rest of our interview in favour of watching a box set and role playing Kirk and the hot alien girl testing out how parts fit between species….


and we end there I forgot to submit one question for our boy so that one will go up in Next weeks edition, Sorry Tammy I am a putz

As always we are open to all kinds of Questions for the boy

I want feedback people so if you like this let me know IF you hate it say so (respectfully of course I am a delicate flower of womanhood and I might cry if you are mean ...and then hunt you down..)

NEXT WEEK we have something special people

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I am trying to come up with a Petercentric Poll for Tuesday

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Ta Ta for now my lovelies!!


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