April 8, 2010

Sue's Interview with Ninapolitan about 'Bella Swan Diaries'


AS promised it is NINA week here!!

WHY are we having Nina week?

Well, she has two fics out and that fit the theme!!

ALSO, as promised, I am gonna share with you how Nina and I "met".

So, I was staring at my Tweetdeck one day chatting with my h00rs and, as you all probably do, I follow Peter whatshisface (it is before coffee do not expect me to spell) and Peter tweeted something like this:

@Peterfacinelli: hot yoga today all twisted up and sweaty

(of course that is not what he really tweeted)

Nina, being a fan of PFach, said something along these lines:

@NINAPOLITAN: There has to be pictures or video of this out there somewhere my birthday is coming up!

SO gathering all the ...gusto this shy chicken shit has I tweeted Nina.

@ROSELOVER24: how about I just ask him for a picture for you?

THAT started a convo between us.

SO, I composed a fan letter to Peter.

I ...had others read it over to remove my special brand of crazy, that does not translate well to the printed word and Nina gave it look over as well to see if it all spelled right (hey she taught high school English! I do not mind having my stuff proofread by a teacher!)

WELL, after all this happened I sent off 3 copies of the this letter to Peter in exchange for her letting me interview her for my little blog. Nina agreed and THAT is why we have Nina week


I had a pressie commissioned for your Bday!

This lovely piece of art was made by my buddy Nicci, she is so talented with videos!

OK, on to the interview !!

I talked to Nina on Sunday after some extensive research on my part and by research I mean I re-read her story BSD.

WHY did I choose to read this story in the first place? Well mainly because the blinkie for it (you can witness this fine piece of work at the top of the page) See the part with the dildos?? Yeah, that is what led me to this story !!

Nina and I had a lovely convo after I kicked my family outta the house so I could hear her. It was loads of fun and HERE is an interpretation of what we said!


Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
Bella is not a Mary Sue in any way, shape or form. 90% of the stories have really happened either to me or my friends from college.
The hot dog thing actually happened not in NY and it happened at a street fair and they got into a fight with condiments no one got arrested in the Real Life version…I know pics were taken and Nina wants them.
The dildo centerpiece happened too!!! You know how it is, you get pickled and stumble into toy stores and I have photographic evidence of it !
(at this point I was giggling cause I could not DRAG most of my friends into toy stores!)

The accident with the blow up doll where the guys manly goods got stuck in a deflated blow up doll happened too. He had to go to the ER to get it removed!
Trip to the slipper room happened, but the onstage act was made up.

What is the fascination with Rick Astley?
He had the funny hair and all I kept thinking about was "Rick Astley had that hair in 1986" Someone googled it and sent me the video and I said Rick Astley hair and it manifested into this obsession for Bella.

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
It’s not actually all about dildos and sex toys. The toys are used in humor. There is a story of romance. The story has been around for a year. At the time I wrote it there were not a lot of comedy stories out there. I can’t write really serious, I like that it is ridiculous and funny.

Why should readers read your story?
With the amount of angsty stories out there I cant read the angsty stories I am wussperv in that way (her friends and her coined that term) I like to laugh. There's enough misery in the world, so why should I read about it?

Any more fic plans in the future?
I rattled off the list of things she does: She is a beta, she is running a DILF contest, she is writing Wingman, she does Twigasm and a few other things that I cant remember right now
Smut Mondays and FFFA I took over for Bethaboo when she ran out of time to do it. This was a kind of a test to see if we could bang out a thousand word smut fest and now it is a free for all for everyone! Writers can practice and it gets others names out there. Some people might read it for a favorite author on week and then read it the following week for a newer author.It gets them some exposure. We have both of them scheduled till June. The Perv Pack started last year and we, the blog, kinda morphed into a way to look at good smut that is not just smut for the sake of smut. That IMP is what one shots are for. We are looking for stories that have something in them. Good quality stories have good smut. That has been up for a year next month.

What actor?actress do you picture as Ed/Bella
I’ll be honest with you. It is never them (Rob and Kstew) They are never the characters in my head. She is always faceless. Drew Barrymore could pull it off, maybe a cross between her and that chick from SNL Kristen Wiig. No one inherently of a certain age.
Bradley Cooper I guess..someone kinda ruggedly, cute and silly. There is really not any one person I can think of the secondary characters

And Peter is NEVER Carlise in my stories, cause he is like 50 but Peter is not in my head my head is a very scary place.

Do characters talk in your head?
Not in my head cause they fight with the other voices, so I do not hear my characters. The story kinda plays out like a movie.

Do you believe in HEA?
Yes. You will incur my wrath if you get my invested in a story and there is not a happy ending, cause I really hate that.

So you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&Ms, whatever ...
Nothing really special. I have the tv on as background noise. No real special method for me, it just happens when the mood strikes.

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
BSD was all generically outlined. There were parts in it that I wanted to happen, it was kinda like a Seinfeld script. I wanted to hit on certain things but the rest was just as I went along for shits and giggles. I really did not think anyone would read it, cause it was not like the other stories that were out there. I was surprised it got the reception out there. I dubbed Carlise the most recognizable and unfortunate nickname and it is part of the FF cannon now to call him Hot Bitch and I really am surprised that it stuck.

Gimme a fic rec. What do you like to read? And WHY?
I am not a fan of nor do I like massive quantities of angst anything that has the potential of making my heart hurt I like to read romance drama or humor romance the second the word Angst is mentioned I run the other way. I like the adult stories Adorable Cullens she wrote Behind Enemy Lines(This fic has been pulled for reworking) or Deconstructing Dracula


AND there you have it! My interview with Nina. We stopped talking after this part and she took up a short convo with my son Nik who is 4 and is already a heartbreaker!
Nina I hope you like your pressie!

Tomorrow we will have a PETERCENTRIC POLL that Nina picked out for the blog so make sure you stop on by

If you watch the lovely video, make CERTAIN you leave some love for the creator!
Till tomorrow


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