April 5, 2010

Sue's Interview with Venomousgal about 'Rescue Me'


Rescue Me by Venomousgal, on Twilighted

This past weekend was nothing but fuckery I have to say!!!

My dear friends, Lady Tater and Tammy, both had this psychic mind meld thing and Lady Tater, being the generous soul that she is, shared her migraine with Tammy....

NOT ONLY was that going on in their houses but in my own house my kids seemed possessed by something evil that had tons of energy and my poor hubs was lying on the couch with a fever

save me fuckhawt paramedic ward save me!!

me being ..well ME I sat on my butt in front of the computer and did research for this interview...

SADLY Tammy and I did not get to have our skype chat but she was very nice and e-mailed me the answers to the Qs about her fic

and so without further ADODO here is the summary in her words...

Summary: Bella Swan is accident prone and always in need of rescuing. Sexy neighbour Edward Masen is an EMT and more than willing to handle the job.

hmmm simple and to the point but it needs something ....more..

This Bella has trust issues and a HUGE crush on her neighbor
what she does not know is he returns this infatuation..


this fic has one of the sweetest I love yous I have ever read and not in a sappy saccharine hurts my teeth way

more of a grab your chest get all teary eyed and slap hubs upside the head and yell at him "Why the hell cant you be that sweet!" way

wanna know what else I like it??

It's realistic they fight they have things they do not agree on hell he even gets drunk and she has to take care of him and ...

well read it just cause!!
Here is what Tammy had to say about her story!!

Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
Well, I had been an avid reader on Fanfiction.net and Twilighted.net for almost a year and was laughing to my husband about how Edward has been written in every profession imaginable. He immediately got on his soap box and demanded to know if there were any paramedics Eddie’s. When I said “No” I got the stink eye and he told me I should write a fic about paramedic Edward. Since I am married to a medic, I figured why not write what you know.
I have had a lot of people question if the “Rescue Me Outtake” is based on true experience…..I am gonna plead the fifth….snickers….

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
Gah! That’s a tough one. Well, for one, I do plan on finishing the fic. I have had a lot of speculation as to why I stopped updating, and all I can say is that I was going through a really tough time in my life. I will finish the fic and I hope everyone is happy with where I take it. Paramedward will soon be back with a vengeance, I haven’t forgotten him.
Also, I have to admit that I could never write the fic without the love and support of the many friends I have made on the site. If you are new to the site, my advice is to go out and make friends. Follow the threads, chat with people, twitter, and join in! I am so blessed to have found my own little support group and I know I can count on them whenever I need someone to hold my hand through chapter synopsis or writer’s block. Thank you ladies….I kiss and spanx you all.

Why should readers read your story?
I think people should read my story so that they can see the important and essential job a paramedic does on a daily basis. I know the fic isn’t all about that, but I have tried to give some insight into the day to day life of a medic, and how they might react or feel in a life or death situation (thanks to my hubby).
I want to see paramedics getting the recognition they deserve, and if my little fic can shed some light and open some eyes then I have done my job.

Any more fic plans in the future?
Besides finishing Rescue Me, I have been working on a fantabulous fic with the ah-mazing Lady Tater called “….Becomes the Swan.” If you haven’t taken a moment to check our little collaboration out, please do so. This project has totally pwned me. Working with Lady Tater has been an amazing experience and one I hope to continue doing for a long time. We are the dream team and she is the other half of my brain. I cannot function without her.
You will also see more of my work on Twilighted.net when I am featured as the guest author on ‘Smut Monday’ October 26th.

What actor/actress do you picture as Ed/Bella
Oh boy, that is a loaded question. I love Rob Pattinson as Edward…..I mean, that jaw….gah! If not Rpattz, Gaspard Ulliel, or Hayden Christensen.
As for Bella, I like Kristen Stewart, but I could easily see Danielle Panabaker, Anne Hathaway or Emmy Rossum in that role.

Do you believe in HEA?
Yes and No. I think you have to make your own HEA. I think that life changes everyday and hands you new challenges, it is how you get through them….(lemons, wine, and laughter) that determines your HEA.

So you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&Ms, whatever...?
Umm. Music is a big inspiration with me, but not while I am writing. I like to lay somewhere quiet and listen to my IPod and picture a scene unfolding in my head. Unfortunately, when I am writing, I cannot have music playing in the background as I find it a big distraction. A nice glass of red wine always helps the creativity, but is not necessary.
Oh and I picture nekked medics…..lots of hawt nekked medics.

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
I pretty much have it all planned out. I don’t tend to write ahead with this fic, but I do know where I am going with it and have mapped it out. There are days where I fly by the seat of my pants and add parts to the story, mostly at my hubby’s urging. He wants medical scenes…..lots of medical scenes…..he says Edward can take his pants off to staunch someone’s blood flow if that’s what the girls like…….


Yeah fuckhawt paramedicward inspired by Tammy's hubby ....

(shhh Sue is in her happy place)

OK I am back!!

If you are looking for a good ol romance with some sweet sweet lovin that is well written funny in spots sweet in others with a touch of real life angst this is a fic for you...

OK Blog bussiness now

Keep voting !!!

If you have any suggestions for Polls I will gladly take them

Lady Tater needs Qs for Teas with Rob it is fun

RESPECT THE AUTHORS DAMNIT if you dont like someone or something then STFU or talk like a grownup not a backstabbing child

NEXT WEEK We are celebrating Ninapolitans Bday and since she wrote two fics I am interviewing her about them both WHY did I get Nina??

well I have a story to go with that!! maybe I will tell that tale tomorrow along with some pics of paramedics IRL and of course a few eyecandy ones from calanders cause my GIA could not convince the medics she worked with to post special for me they were busy working or something ....

Till tomorrow my dears!!


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