April 8, 2010

Teas With "Rob" ...Petit Four with Peter?


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Puppy pads ?? check
extra sham WOW? ...check
Lady Tater's special brew?...check
Princess Vicki's Petit Fours? ....check
Alright, I think we are as prepared as we can be for another rousing edition of Teas With Rob ...and this week we have an extra special treat!

Princess Vicki has graciously come forward and brought along her homemade Petit Fours as well as a special guest:


(Still feels like I am cheating!)

These ladies have been so kind as to ask your important questions to our lovely young men. So without further nonsense on my part, I give you the Question and Answer session of our program ....

For Peter:
Lisa :The Apadrayva yea or nea?
Peter smirked and brushed his hand across the table, reaching for my recording device which was covertly phallic shaped. He ran his finger across the top of the smooth object and raised his eyebrow. “If it increases pleasure for both participants, I say why not? I am all about the pleasure.” I can verify his answer, in relation to the question, Peter does not yet have this piercing. Yet, being the word.

Nikki: Since he likes yoga so much, I wanna know if he likes to schmex the ladies while they are in a downward dog pose.
Peter placed his Petit four down on the plate and ran a finger around the rim of his tea cup. He tapped his chin, seemingly in deep thought. Peter then looked coy as I pressed him for an answer. ‘Well, dearest Nikki, downward dog is a favorite of mine...I am a very visual man, so yes. Sex using yoga positions is one of my favorite pastimes. Particularly, the lotus position. I like to see a woman as she cums.’

Effulgent_Pomme Er...Questions for Peter... hmm... "what's your technique when you go down on a girl"
Peter proceeded to lick the tip of his finger, rolling his tongue delicately around the digit. “I prefer the alphabet approach. I like to trace letters into the soft petals of a woman’s core. Nice long letters. I start at A and work my through until they’re screaming. With my technique, they are often done with F.” Peter raises his eyebrow and asks me what my favorite letter of the alphabet is. I asked him to give me a lesson, he readily agreed.

What is your favourite filling for an RPatz/PFach sandwich?
Peter looked to Rob, who was feeling up Lady Tater and ushered him over. Lady Tater then came to my side and looked expectantly at Rob. Rob blushed and nudged Peter, who then explained that Lady Tater has Rob by the balls. “I am a man of varied tastes. As long as the woman enjoys a variety of sexual sports I am up for almost anything. Except one thing of the anal variety. However, I do enjoy a Lady and Princess sandwich, followed by some Ninapolitan ice cream for afters. I am a very lucky man.”

Nina wants to know about how flexible yoga has made him (from Sue well myself I wanna know stamina)
Peter blushed and leaned in, his sweet breath making me hot in a lot of places. He tells me Nina should know all about that being his hot bitch . However, Peter would like to tell Nina that yoga has improved his flexibility tenfold. He can now stand on his hands for prolonged periods of time and has perfected an airborne sixty nine. He asked if she would like, he could show her exactly how flexible he is. When asked about stamina, he said it’s all about taking your time. Slow your roll, in his words.


For Rob:
whynot42: Q for the beard... hmm... Is it taking reservations for thigh-scuffing?

Our dear boy looked perplexed and rubbed his chin a moment before asking if ladies truly liked it. I, of course, offered him the opportunity to test the theory and allowed my dainty legs to fall open. Of course, not one to disappoint the Lady, the scruff did it’s work. Satisfied with my response, he called his personal assistant and asked that an appointment book be made available.

A question from Teddi  
I know you are living in a hotel and have not had a real meal in a while what can I cook for you?
Our dear boy frowned a bit for a moment, obviously remembering a time in his life that his mum cooked Yorkshire Pudding and lamb for him, but he smiled valiantly and said he was just as happy with a Hot Pocket. I cocked my head and asked him if that is really his favourite meal, if a lady friend offered to cook for him. He smirked and replied it was all dependent upon her attire while preparing said Hot Pocket. I proceeded to model several looks while microwaving pastry covered meat. Let’s just say he prefers cheekies, a demi-bra and meatball marinara.
(NOTE FROM SUE.... I was going to put a pic of the cover of OK up here but I just could not do it I do not care if they are an item IRL does not really phase me no matter how much I joke but OK mag makes me gag *HORK*)

Saw the OK mag at the Walmart about you shacking up with the Kstew
WHAT's The deal? tell me it is not true and if it is true don't tell me it is

The lovely darling just rolled his eyes at this question answering, why yes he was boffing her six ways from Sunday, they planned a lovely June wedding and she was pregnant with octuplets. Then he proceeded to attend to my girls saying that if I believed that then I obviously was so naïve as to think that the world was square and that my nipples might, in fact, be made of marzipan.

from our dear Tammy she asks : When role playing, what is your favorite thing to dress up as and why?
The sweet smirked, knowing from whence this lovely question came. Smarter than to disappoint a dear friend and confidant of the Lady, our love stated that he appreciated dressing as members of public service. For example, a paramedic. I, being the organized and elegant lady that I am, pulled a Paramedic uniform from behind my chair. He smiled offering to don it as I called the ambulance to the front gate. Let’s just say that the constraints in said chariot do not disappoint….

And this closes another episode of Teas with Rob.
Did you like it ?? I need some positive reinforcement here people, yes or no?

I love it myself, and crack up when the ladies worm answers outta the boys. Special thanks to Princess Vicki for her gracious gift of Petit Fours with Peter. And, to Lady Tater, I hope the Tater Tot and Spud Muffin are feeling better. Thanks for your help as always darlin!!

Next week we will have more questions and I know you are gonna want to come back for this episode in which WhyNot asks Rob,

"So tell me how did you get the chin scar describe it in DETAIL!"

I know I will be quaking on my puppy pad waiting for that answer!


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