April 8, 2010

Sue's Interview with Vanessarae about 'Seventeen Cakes'


Seventeen Cakes by vanessarae, on Twilighted


Once upon a time...
There was a group of hoors.
We all gathered into one spot, with one common purpose.
To perv on pictures of a cute boy and make rude crude and lewd comments regarding "The Pretty".

It was in this mystical mecca that I met Vanessarae1, my fellow Midwestern pattinperv.

When I found out V wrote fic, well, being the Fic reading GODDESS that I am I had to have a lookieloo.

And thus began my love affair with yet another Edward.

AHHHH, an Edward that was made for the movies.. made from the genius that was John Hughes ...

Just have to say this :
THIS fic is NOT a rewrite of that movie.
NOPE, not at all.

What do I LOVE about this fic, besides that it was written by a bud??

I love the BELLA. She is so funny. Her inner dialog is freakin awesome. She has an inner soundtrack that runs whenever she sees something, or thinks of something...

YUP this Bella is as crazy as SUE!


Edward in here is, well, OBLIVIOUS. He has no freaking clue what is going on and it is so fitting, 'cause after all he is:

1) a GUY and 2) he's 17 LOL

Here is Vanessa's Description of this fluffy little fic
Bella tries to keep her distance from Edward, thinking that she can't be hurt if he is never more than a pretty face. Too bad she doesn't let Edward in on her plan.

Enough of my nonsense. Let's move on to a loose interpretation of the interview portion of our program!!

THIS is what happens when you get a group of h00rz together. This interview has had MOST of our nonsense edited out ... 'cause it just did not make any sense to me, and I was there!!

Vanessarae - Seventeen Cakes

Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?

VRae : I got the inspiration from watching the movie 16 Candles, and the kiss over the cake that happens at the end. I wrote Ch 5 with the cakes and sent that to my beta, Amerymarie (who VRae also betas for). She loved it so I wrote more. I wrote the story around that scene in my mind.
I got more inspiration when I was reading Son of a Preacher Man. I really wanted to see a dance-off in there, so I wrote one myself that happens in ch6 between Rose and Emmett.

(Everyone reminisces about 16 candles… except Hannah lol.)

Sue : You know you used stuff from the BBR in your fic :

“How about this: I liked to look at him. A lot. And frequently. I could not resist The Pretty. The boy was just too beautiful for his forgot own good. But at the same time, it was a rugged pretty, with a strong jawline--when he /neglected to shave, it sent me to the floor. Or maybe it was just my underoos that were on the floor--and heavy eyebrows that framed striking, expressive, green eyes. On top of all that was a mop of thick, messy, dark brown hair that glinted auburn in the sunlight. Obviously I've spent time looking at him. Who wouldn't? Don't pretend you wouldn't; nobody likes a liar!”

VRae : It was unintentional! That is just the way I talk about him….NO FILTER. I just type.

Sue: I did not think it was bad. I just laughed really hard when I read it 'cause I remember ALL of us saying that stuff ..

(entire group reminisces about our chats in the BBR over The Pretty)

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
Like what?? I dunno… I'm really open, so everything is out there. I got nasty reviews. - horrible Bella etc. Not sure that is right. It bothers me when reviews are just bitching at writers. -This will probably sound bad, but, I have a huge pet peeve about reviews. Not just about mine, but about other authors' reviews too. Readers: If you cannot find a constructive way to voice a negative opinion, or you don't like the fic in general, DON'T LEAVE A REVIEW. Or leave one saying you don't like it, then stop reading. Posting how much you hate a character, every chapter, is not good. Obviously you don't like the story if all you can do is sit in disgust every update (and not in a good way, like when the writer wants you to be disgusted). Stop reading. Click the 'X' in the upper right corner of your screen. Don't berate the author for having a character make a decision that you don't like. Chances are, they had a good reason. Offer feedback in a constructive way, if you really think something was improper or just plain wrong. But don't be a dick about it. I don't have a problem with people disliking my story. That's cool, it's not for everyone. But again, stop reading, if you dislike it that much. Flounce away. Oh, and for those that review one time out of 12 chapters, and only to make a teensy, tiny correction of a non-critical detail, no. Just no.

End of rant

AMEN SING IT SISTA!!! Here is a Template for reviews I made up I hope it helps some people!! Sue’s template!

WOW! That chapter was _________(great good terrific awesome)
When __________ happened it made me _________(laugh cry horny)

I am ________(anxiously patiently) waiting for the next update

Don’t be a Dick about it!

Why should readers read your story?
Well, apparently its pretty funny. So if you are looking for a laugh, a read away from angst, go read 17 cakes. I suck at self-promo…

So you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music need total silence eat a bag of M&Ms whatever …
Umm, not anything that I do religiously. I have a playlist of Cake songs, i.e. every song that is referenced. I know ahead of time which songs I will use. If I find the perfect song, I need to write a chapter around it. I will listen on repeat for like 2 hrs. E.g. Smut scene for R/Em. It was my first lemon, so I was nervous. I had Crazy Bitch on repeat to get that crazy, frantic feel for the lemon. Otherwise, nothing really to write with.

Soundtrack to your stories?
Yes. Probably the only fic with music so heavily involved. Even though I have a mental soundtrack. And I have gotten comments on that too, that it does not happen? Well, it happens to me.

SUE: Happens to me all the time! I guess we are the same kinda crazy.

What actor/actress do you picture as Ed/Bella?
Umm, Ed is RPattz in any fic. There are so many pics to make it fit with whatever character is being read/writen. People say he doesn’t fit EVERY fic, but he can. There are so many pics, so many variations - different films etc. Bella is never KStew. Basically a faceless brunette, no particular actress. Maybe Rachel Lee Cook (She's All That) sort of fits.



Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
Basic ideas are outlined since the very beginning. I have to work like that so I know what's coming up, what needs to go in. Plot points, songs etc. Otherwise, no… I will just start typing, winging it. Just appears, no writer's block so far, touch wood. Fairly short so hopefully it won't be a problem. I know the ending/epilogue. they are very specific, but not exactly how to get there. There are 3 more chapters and epilogue. People don’t want it to end, but it's about the lead up to the relationship. Between them getting together and the epilogue, there will be not much information in regards to relationship. If I had written it just from 1POV, you would think differently, you would be just as confused like B/E. I like where I took it. And there aren't too many haters, though.

Do you have a posting schedule? If so, what is it ?
No, but I try to keep below 2 weeks, between 7-10 days. But there is no specific schedule, it has to wait until I can write it. 2 weeks is longest wait.

Do you believe in HEA?
Yes! I cannot read a fic, that I know is complete, and know it isn’t HEA. I want an escape from RL, as it sucks sometimes. You need a HEA damnit. Every story I write, will have a HEA.

Any more fic plans in the future?
Yes, actually 1 is in the mix, a collab with Amerymarie (they are betas for each other). Angsty, completely different from 17 cakes. Hopefully readers will stick around, and it will hit right time for it. Like it did for 17 cakes i.e. People wanted humour, maybe people will want the angst. It will still have an HEA. Maybe a crackfic and a fluff-fic at same time? So as not to alienate all my readers. I was talking to AmeryMarie, who said it was a good idea, but I had no idea how to right EPOV. AM had an idea for it which lead to the collab. Very angsty but also very lemony. E/B will be older. The idea came out of no where, while I was driving listening to iPod.

What brought you to fanfic? to twilight?
Goldenmeadow who has been my friend for 3 yrs now. We met as parenting website mods. Goldenmeadow got me to read twi, though I resisted until 2 weeks before the film came out. I got a little obsessed, and wanted more. I actually like BD, I understood why SM did it, but I still wanted more. GM sent me to a fic, vamp ones at first.I mean, how could they all be human?? I kept on reading and then went AU-H. I resisted twilighted for ages, not another obsession! Then I went to the Rob thread/BBR through whynot 'cause she kept commenting on Rob in her thread. And I have made loads of friends.

What is your background in writing?
Bwahaha! Thats a good one. I don’t have one, I'm more of a visual artist. I like to draw, make drawings. Though I haven’t done it for a while. So I was very nervous to write, even though I beta/edit. My betas said my writing was good, so I posted it.

Any Twilight related/RPattz dreams?
Ummm… you know what? Honestly? Not x-rated.I wish! Friendly ones though. But just no, doesn’t happen. Normally hanging out at friends house in London? Not sure why London. I can’t remember the details… I would love to be friends with RPattz. Might eventually get used to being around him!

Which character do they see themselves as? and would like to see themselves with?
I don’t really see myself as 1, a mix. Bits of Bella/Rosalie/ even the boys, boys bits!. I write everyone as "what would I do?" I think what would I do if I were the character, how would I react, etc. Like, what would I do if I were a hyperactive chihuahua? Alice is a mix of my little sister, and my BFF. When people say she is too crazy, I say I know people like that in real life…

I would see myself with…. Ummm out of the main guys? Thats a good question. I honestly don’t know, maybe Emmett? My hubs is like the jokester type guy. The humor personality. As much as Edward is my fav character, I would be with Emmett. Jasper is too touchy-feely, too laid back.

Which RL author inspires you? Did any FF authors inspire you?
I like Anne Rice before she got all born again! I can’t read any of her stuff since her rechristianisation! I have all the vamp books, though I only read them once. The SM books were the first that I reread.
I suppose… I may sound retarded, but Goldenmeadow. Not everyone understands her stuff, but I really like her style. I could never write like that, it's not my thing, but I really admire it. She is gonna kill me for saying that! Amerymarie got me writing too.

About references. I need to put them because of how many people need them. So many countries e.g. Djibouti! Shout out to them in the next chapter. People thank me for them, as people don’t get the references always. Not everyone knows all the references, though I don’t put in obscure references.
Sue: I think it is funny that A/Ns are really long. V puts as much effort into A/Ns and referencess as she does into the actual story. THE BEST ONE was the lazy man’s grilled cheese. I crack up reading her pop culture references ..


And that is about all that we had actually written down, that made any sense.

We were all sober ...perhaps next time we should be drinking !!
I left out all the stuff where the flatlander picked on me about my yupper accent (it is an Illinois/Wisconsin thing VRae is a flatlander and I sound like a Yupper! and that is pronounces YOUpper).

There you have it !!!
Is this a fic that will seriously affect the rest of your life and bring you insight into the deep psychological consciousness of the universe??

HELL, NO! But it is a LOAD of fun!Aand THAT, my friends, is why I STRONGLY rec this fic.

Do not forget to vote in the poll today.

TOMORROW, I have a treat for you all our very own little Hannah, who wrote her first blog post.

Hannah is one of my staff members who helps translate SUE into English. She makes certain my T's are crossed, my I's are dotted, and that there is an occasional period!

Hannah wrote a lovely little post introducing us to HARRY POTTER FAN FIC.

TATA for now!!


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