April 8, 2010

Sue's Interiew with pomme_de_terre & Venomousgal about 'Becomes the Swan'


...Becomes The Swan by pomme_de_terre & Venomousgal

THIS week is very special to me because I came up with this theme to fit 3 stories that have very little in common.


That's right, I do not care who knows it. I am pluggin stories by 4 of my pals. So THIS WEEK you get 3 count them 3 fics!!!

Our First fic this week is Becomes the Swan by Pomme de Terre (aka Ellie, or Lady Tater as I like to call her) AND Venomousgal (aka TAMMY).

THIS is the fic that I talk about with CHUBWARD.

WHO IS CHUBWARD?? Oh, girls you gotta meet chubward. He is just fabulous!

OK here is MY summary :
Bella is one of the cool kids at school . Edward is the new kid at school and YOU GUESSED IT he is chubby, has been all his life...Bella and Edward become best friends. NO LIE, they do and then something happens that BREAKS them both.
How do these two deal with their heart break?
Read it and find out !!!

OK, you all KNOW I love these two hoors. Not only are they awesome writers that I have reviewed before, but they are buds of mine.
AND GUESS WHAT I am not the only one who loves this fic!!!

SO I will shut up, allow you to listen to some tunes, and read an interpretation of our live skype interview where I asked not only my crazy new super duper long list of Qs, but also where I had them answer Qs from fans about Chubward!! ENJOY!!


1. Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?

Well I was watching the movie "Just Friends" and I thought it would make a great premise for a story. An imperfect Edward and a strong Bella. Something you don't see every day. I mentioned it to Ellie and we began working through a story line and it took off from there.

PDT: Tammy and I were talking about the movie Best Friends and it sort of revolved from there.

2. Is there anything you would like the readers to know specifically?

Tammy: We’re cracked.

Ellie: We wear helmets.

Tammy: I take the short bus to work.

Vicky: You know, that’s offensive. Because I’m English, and we’re all posh and shit.

Tammy: Eventually the angst is going to end. Stick with us.

Ellie: There will be some lemony freshness soon.

Tammy: Yes, good sexing.

3. Why should people read your story?

Tammy: Because Chubward is hot.

Ellie: He’s sporting the John Travolta disco pants right now.

Sue: You know he's gonna grow up to be Chiselward.

Tammy: The geeky, quiet ones always grow up to be the nasty sex boys.

Ellie: But the number one reason is Chubward. You created a monster.

(group screams “Oh no! Not a monster!”)

Tammy: people should read our story because it shows a great relationship… how they break each other and how they fuck and break up.

Ellie: It’s like how one event can cause two people to spiral downhill and go completely different directions. He’s basically like a sex addict and she’s got PTSD.

Tammy: It started off fluff, it’s angsty now.

Ellie: It’ll turn lemony.

Tammy: Definitely lemony.

Ellie: It’ll be a combo. Like a happy meal.

4. Any more fic plans in the future?

Tammy: Oh boy.

Ellie: Yes. Together and separately.

Tammy: Together? Wheelie Edward. We’re gonna put Edward in a wheelchair. We’re gonna have Wheelward.

Vicky: Is he really in a wheelchair? Like permanently? Maybe Carlisle bites him in the spine…

Tammy: Yes, permanently.

Ellie: We have like, four billion ideas.

Tammy: I love writing with Ellie, it’s fantastic. She’s like my left brain. She’ll send something and it’s like whoo, that’s fantastic!

Ellie: It really is. We basically write the same thing. We go back over Becomes the Swan and can’t tell who wrote what. Literally, I can’t tell sometimes (like if I’m drunk)… I wouldn’t know if it didn’t have my little Bella POV above it.

Tammy: You’re the peanut butter to my jelly.

Ellie: I was gonna say you’re the peen to my pink taco.

5. What actor/actress do you picture as Edward and Bella?

Tammy: That’s a good one.

Sue: Thank you.

Ellie: I’m quite happy with the pretty.

Tammy: I’m happy with the pretty, too.

Vicky: It’s like, hello, I’m Robert Pattinson, I look like a foot. And I’m like, yeah, Rob, mate, you look like a foot.

Ellie: I can’t really see anyone else.
And regarding Cullen Robotics: “It’s a crackfic. It is downright porn. There is no plot.”

6. Do you believe in HEA?

Ellie: Of course.

Tammy: A happy ending? Or a happy ending?

Sue: What kind of HEA do you believe in?

Tammy: I think after all the angst we *owe* everyone a happy ending

Ellie: I’m gonna go with Tammy on this one. It’s gonna be HEA but it’s gonna make you cry like a bastard.

Ellie: We dedicated our Smut Mondays to our beta. We make her cry.

7. So do you need anything special while writing? (Music, M&M’s, whatever…)

Ellie: We pop IM cherries.

Tammy: It was special.

Ellie: Yeah, it was. I have the date tattooed on my ass now. As far as the question goes, reading it straight out, music does have a lot to do with it. Not during, just beforehand. The whole high school thing can be summed up by the song “One Headlight”.
Manips apparently help too.

8. Do you have a posting schedule?

Tammy: We *try* to get it out every Monday. If we get a lot of reviews, we try to get it out a little sooner… If we get a chapter that seems to get a lot of reaction in reviews, we try not to make people wait to see where it’s going.

9. What brought you to fanfic/Twilight?

Tammy: The first time I ever submitted a story to twilighted.net, I was denied. It killed me.

Ellie: Was looking around and stumbled around and found fanfiction, and read for six months straight. Then I thought ‘shit, I can write this’.

Vicky: I wasn’t denied. Vjgm picked it up right away…

10. What is your background in writing?

Tammy: I work as a veterinary technician. Now I work for a lawyer, and I read a lot of smut. I never really had any writing background. After reading for a good six months I figured I’d try my hand at it. If I can write up court documents, I can write fan fic.

Ellie: I have no background writing other than writing for fic, and I’ve written in one other fandom. I guess I don’t have any, so I suck. My undergraduate degree is in anatomy.

(at this point there are many comments on Lady tater having a degree in anatomy I swear sometimes we are all 12 yr old boys!)

11. Any Twilight/RPattz-related dreams?

Vicky: I had a threesome with Pattz and Fach.


Tammy: RPattz in the hottub (she was in a PG 13 environment at the time). The bishop plays a big role…

Ellie: Just copy Vicky’s lemons. Also, I have been dreaming of Rob and milk duds in Target for a month now…

12. Soundtracks to your stories?
(sent to Sue) Sue Speaking here if I did thingie right you should be listening to part of thier soundtrack for thier story I did not get all 12 songs because I am lazy..

13. Which character do you see yourself as? Who do you see yourself with?

Tammy: In this book I see myself as Chubward, because that’s what I’m like, but I’m not a guy… I kind of see myself as Alice, pushy kind of person.

Ellie: Susie Brightside. For real. Also, I would have to agree with Tammy… she writes Chubward and I write Bella, and you have to associate with those characters. You really have to get into their heads, especially with their issues. Those two haves some issues. So yeah. Tammy’s the sex addict and I have PTSD.

14. Which real life author inspires you? Did any FF authors inspire?

Tammy: Diana Galbaldon. ff-ObsessingOverEdward, Tarasueme, Helenahandbasket

Ellie: Emerald_Rosalie is my god. Authors: JK Rowling. Kalil GibrahnFic: venomousgal (seriously, hers was the FIRST fic I favourited)

15. Rec a fic and tell us why?

Tammy: TNGUS (by AngryBadgerGirl)

Ellie: Tudorward (byHandiangel)

From Julie: (for Ellie and Tammy) How do you write different POVs? Do you each know what the other is going to write, do you have the story mapped out, or do you surprise each other with each chapter.

Ellie: We IM it out… we basically write the chapters and then go back over it. Puppy pads are often involved.

Tammy: That just about covers it.  We know what’s coming up because we’ve done the dialogue with each other, but when we get it it’s always a surprise.

Ellie: We squee like fan girls at each other.

-thurtysomething I wanna know how he kept the stamina? Geez. What did he think when he realized she planned it:

Tammy: He was like, yes, yes, yes, Yes, YES! As for stamina, he thought of Mike Newton. And he cleaned the pipes beforehand.

-Ask our dear boy how he feels about tutoring. You may choose the subject (currently having issues in stats, tho)... :

Tammy: He’s not good at stats. But he wants to be a gynecologist…

Ellie: I picture him sitting in front of a computer with notecards, and a laminated picture of a naked woman.

vannessarae1 WTF is up with your temper?? dude, frealz.

Tammy: Chubward has a lot of repressed anger from being picked on and seeing Bella with Jacob…

SimplySarah_E #Chubward, have you watched a lot of porn to know how to make your girl hit the big O, not once, but twice?

Ellie: “my Bella saw jebus!” No, he’s not a porn guy. I think he sat in front of his laptop with his notecards and studied female anatomy. Closely. A lot.

saridee asks: What really made chubward go off on Bella like that? I just seems over the top for him...

Ellie: we can’t answer that question, because it’s not revealed yet.

Tammy: But there’s a damn good reason.

SimplySarah_E One more, then I'm gone until the update is done. #Chubward, did you realize that once you let yourself go...you didn't think about your size or anything other than Bella and yourself? Was it a healing moment for you? O/S anyway?

Tammy: He wasn’t even thinking about that… he was thinking ‘I’m getting laid’. And he was thinking he wanted to make her see Jesus.

Ellie: He’s a giver.

Tammy: He got the girl and he said ‘I’m gonna make it worth it.’ He knew that it was gonna hurt, so he was determined to make it good.

vannessarae1: #Chubward, how is it that you were able to give Bella 3 orgasms her first time in the o/s? that is talent, my man.

Ellie: It all goes back to the laptop. Ever since the kiss on the camping trip, he had these massive sexual feelings towards her, so he channeled it. He was like ‘If I ever get the chance, I’m gonna make this good for her’. He basically did homework after the camping trip.

Tammy: I think that’s how he easily translated in the real story into ‘ho’ward, which you can’t just write because it says Howard.

Jerk-ing off technique, it's an old classic, ya know?
According to MedicBot, it’s all about pressure.
(Medicbot is Tammy's hubs yes he helped and went into some decent detail about all this sadly my transcriber was so so captivated she did not get it but I swear it was eloquent! he even spoke some dirty French to us )

- Favorite fantasy?

Ellie: Her on the beach on the camping trip in the blue bikini.

Tammy: Agreed.

- Preferred position?

Tammy: Cowgirl. He wants her on top, doesn’t matter if it’s reverse or what. He wants to see her.

- Does he like his woman to be wearing his boxers/briefs? And therefore, turn-on or turn-off?

Tammy: He’d really prefer her to be wearing nothing at all.

Ellie: Either nothing at all, or just her as ‘her’. In long sleeve t’s and jeans.

- Annnnnd, what's his biggest turn-on?

Ellie: Just her.

I hope you had as much fun reading that as we did. There was QUITE the crowd present at this little interview.

And it was fun and silly and we got dirty and naughty and we were all drinking and well it was a skype party. I LOVE THOSE!!!


I have 2 treats for you!

NOT ONLY are we having the most fuckawesomest poll EVAH...
What?? You have not heard? Well, this poll is lovely.

Weirdest Twi/Rob inspired merchandise.

And we found some doozies!



An interview with VANESSARAE about her fic:

Seventeen (don't say candles SUE) CAKES

YAY I did it right!


Ok, I will stop now.



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