April 8, 2010

What's Rob really saying/thinking?

Hi, this is Tanja and I'm hijacking this blog for a special post.

Special post you ask? And why are there 3 posts today?

Well, some of Da Hoors and me were Skyping and looking at some of the new fuckhawt Japan pics of Rob and stumbled upon this:


After we finished wiping away the droll from our monitors, we were wondering what Rob really was thinking...

That's what Mimz said:
In the "naughty" one he looks like he's thinking,"OMG. Look at her. Her expression. She is litr'ally fucking me with her eyes. Hmm...She's quite fit actually. That's okay. You durty, durty bitch. You like what you see, do you? Wait, what's she....FUCK ME! She's not wearing any panties! Alright..two can play at that game. *unzips* That's right. I'm FREEEEE, FREE-BALLIN'!

And now it's your turn to caption this pic. What do YOU think Rob is saying/thinking? Leave us a comment below!

So, and after this blog post you all know why I'm only around for editing and Robporn. LOL

Until the next time


LOL I love it when Da h00rz take over LOL *giggle*


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