April 5, 2010

Sue's interview with Tby789 about 'The Office'

the office

I am sooo running late

I sure hope she does not get pissed

Crap I did not wear my power panties all I had was my granny panties


OK deep breaths seriously she is just another person; nice, sweet, polite, writes a fuckawesome story that people outside of Twi-fan-fic-fan-dom know about.

I wish I could’ve been better prepared for this but really my girlies peer-pressured my lazy ass into this and they set it up for us and NOW I am gonna screw it all up with my crazy fangirling




Which HER

THE CEO damnit!!

HER HER you know Tby789 her

Christina HER the one who wrote

(gulp) The Office

From HER mind birthed HIM


Beautiful Bastard

Guhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(pauses in the hallway for a dramatic fangirl sigh)


*gulp* and I am gonna interview her.

Luckily some of my hoors are gonna hang out in the room to make sure I do not make TOO much of a fool of myself

So here I am all dressed up In my Wal-Mart northwoods Chic ready for the chat.. Hell I even put on earrings and make up for this one!! OMG she’s here!!!

At this point my husband douses me with a bucket of water and hands me a smoke.....

Stupid man what the hell is he doing in my fantasy!!! HUBS stay off the word processing program


Friday skype chat with my girlies.

We are talking about fics and about what I am reading and about what I am gonna do for the blog. They look to me advice on fics to read and Nic asks

WHY are you not gonna do The Office?

Sue well ‘cause what could I possibly say about The Office that would be new besides Tby789 is busy she would not have time to chat with me. AND she does not know ME

Nic: STFU Sue

Molls: you’re a chicken shit I am tweeting her

Sue: bitch

Molls: YUP


Sue: OK OK I am Pming her on Twi right now


And that is how I got here ….waiting to meet with THE CEO herself


She graciously calls me into THE conference room along with some of my staff they are there for emotional support and to make sure I do not make too big of a fool of myself

The ladies in attendance are

Lisa my spellchecker

Molls my fangirl checker

Christina XXX just cause she is here

ME, Sue, just 'cause it is my blog, even though I do it with LOADS of help

TBY789 Christina THE CEO

And here is how that goes!!!

(fangirl squee)

SUE::: How do you write such good sex?

Tby:::I think the key is making it belong, keeping it interesting and something that draws the reader in. An image just comes to me and I write what I see. I make sure that the positions etc...can work. They have to be realistic- a position that someone can get into. It needs to be believable.

Sue::: Soooo have you ever had sex in a dressing room you know to show it is a believable thing to happen?

Tby::: giggle no I have never had sex in a dressing room, there are some things that I have not done but they still work. I have been married 15 years to my high school sweetheart. I am insanely lucky to be so happily married. I live a "very inspired life".

SUE::: Do you own any La Perla?

Tby:::I own 6 pairs, one VERY expensive pair I keep in a pouch in a drawer. I only take it out for special occasions.

Sue::: So did this underwear fetish of yours inspire Bella’s underwear?

Tby:::A bit. I was the one who dressed B from the beginning. I was talking to Moi (eddiescherry), and we were talking about expensive boutiques, and when she sent me a link for La Perla it clicked. I didn't intend for the underwear tearing to become such a big thing. It was something I wrote in chapter 1 and just grew. It’s like them-primal and completely uncontained. For the record, my husband does NOT rip MY underwear!

(All of us giggle at that I mean imagine!!! it sounds hot and all in a fic but not so hot when you think of the price of that pretty piece of lace!!)

SUE::: Did you intend for them to fall for each other?

Lisa::: Did you intend for it to be deeper?

XXX::: were they meant to fall in love or was it supposed to be just fucking?

Tby:::I always intended for them to have a deeper relationship. From the start they were going to fall in love. How they would overcome their hatred of each other, to find their way and be more is the main conflict and direction of the story.

Little things may change, but for the most part, the story is outlined down to the epilogue. The "I love you" was originally different. It came to me, I tried to change it, rewrote it different ways, kept coming back to me and it was perfect. Since chapter 3 people have begged me to have them say I love you. They didn’t love each other at that point. The simple fact was they hated each other. Their bodies knew differently.

Molls::: Christina, can you give me a simple outline of the ‘lemon’ answer, sil vous plait?

Tby:::Simple outline …hmmmm they just come to me…They've never had sex in the same way....it's a picture that pops into my head based on where they are and where I want them to be emotionally. Sex in the bed became a major plot point; a real milestone in their relationship.

I want my lemons to fit and flow. I want it to be in character. They switch positions a lot, but I don’t intend on them doing that, it seems to just happen. Their entire relationship is a power struggle. Here are two people who are used to being in control of every aspect of their lives, it’s difficult for them to surrender any of that control to the other, especially before trust is established.

There’s a lot of talk about being tired of smut....I make it a point to use it in the right place. I use sex to tell part of their story. Without sex you'd never see who they really are. Every revelation and slip-up has happened in that moment. When they have sex its more about their movements and their emotions than what is happening physically. The way they move and they way they feel vs. what they're doing.

XXX::: Did you have any naughty dreams that inspired a chapter? If so which one?

Tby:::No chapters came from a dream. A lot of times a picture pops into my head when I’m lying in bed at night. Or I'll just wake up and think...oh my God that would be so cool....

GIA::: Were you surprised by the attention your story has received?

Tby:::The response to this story is astounding, it humbles me and I am very grateful and lucky for all of my readers.

I wish I had the time to sit down and reply to and thank each one of my reviewers, but I just don’t. That is probably my #1 regret as an author. But for me, its just a time issue. These characters monopolize my brain 24 hours a day. I had to take a break after comic con, I had no balance in my life. I’m slowly learning that if it’s not coming to me, I have to step away, regardless of how long its been since I’ve updated. I hope readers know how much I appreciate everything...the comments, the votes. I read every single review. Sometimes I feel like I suck, or I freak out thinking I have nothing else, I'm gonna choke... and one review comes in and tells me how much it meant to them, or inspired them to write, or how much it was enjoyed and it completely makes me change my mind. When I feel like maybe nobody cares or ask myself why am I killing myself to get this done... and then maybe that one review comes in and just says thank you and it makes the difference.

Gia::: Were you influenced by the readers desires?

Tby:::The readers have a huge impact. Sometimes they focus on something I didn’t thing was a big deal, and it ends up being HUGE. The dinner at the Cullen’s for example.

GIA::: How do you buckle down to get to that particular ‘place’ where BB and Bella live?

Tby:::I have been trying all day and was unsuccessful. I set out to write and I have nothing. I have to shut off twitter, and gchat and everything, and have to really be feeling it. I’ll get Dawn or Moi on Skype...and ask her to pump me up. Dawn will help me...”you've been trying to get them to say I love you, this is their big moment, etc...” Number one, first and foremost it has to be in my head. They have to be “talking” to me. You can't force it if it's not there. I don’t usually do well when I’m away from my computer, I’m not a good notebook writer at all. It helps me when I see my thoughts on a screen. Sometimes it works, the La Perla scene I wrote in the gyn office with someone reading over my shoulder. The scene has to be in my head...stars have to align, no music, etc... for a lemon I listen to music with no lyrics. (i.e. Romeo and Juliet or certain rhythmic mixes on repeat). It’s about the movement in the song and to shut out distractions. If it isn’t working, I get up and leave.

I love Hope (manyafandom). When I first started reading one of her stories, I would laugh at the idea of E whispering dirty things in her ear. Now I “hear” them and tend to write them emotionally farther than I intend to. The characters are so impatient and I constantly have to pull them back. They definitely have a mind of their own. B realizing that she loved E in the bathroom wasn't what I originally intended, but it wrote itself that way.

XXX::: What has been your favorite chapter so far?

Tby:::I have so many I like …but I tend to fall in love with moments- in the car where he looks at her and says “fuck, I cant stop” and kisses her leg. La Perla is one of my favorites. I really love the first time they have sex in the bed....the rooftop sex is also one of my faves. When they’re lying on their sides and he says he’s not going anywhere, when she’s getting ready to leave in the hotel in Seattle and he pulls her to him, resting his head on her stomach and she plays with his hair.

The kiss in hallway when she comes to his apt for first time (I never go back and re-read anything, but I’ve read that over and over)

I love the gripping of the hair, the way he moves her. I see the kiss in my head, I’ve been kissed like that....I like that and think it can be more powerful than them having sex.

I really like the last couple of chapters; it feels like I’ve hit a stride as an author.

XXX::: Which has been the most difficult to write?

Tby:::This last one was most difficult chapter to write. I was afraid that I didn’t give them the “I love you” they deserved. I was out of the zone with comic con, etc... and it was just really hard to get into the frame of mind Bella was in, I usually struggle with her chapters the most. I made such an effort to make the emotional struggle in the last one palpable. I hope people don't think he's lying to her; he is totally owned by Bella. E's biggest problem is that he was used to getting everything his way when she came into his life. She brought him to his knees and he fights it so hard. She challenges what he considers to be his strongest personality traits. He prides himself on being in control, yet has zero when she is involved. The same can be said for Bella too, she doesn’t want to be controlled by anything but she's helpless when it comes to him.

XXX::: Every author has that ‘one’ chapter they think about from the beginning, have you wrote that yet?

Tby:::There is a chapter coming up that I have been waiting for. But I have had several chapters that I was dying to get to (her going to his apt was one). Every chapter that is coming up I have been counting down to.

Molls::: How did it go from a collaboration to writing it on your own?

Molls::: Was it hard to take it on your own after Dawn had to take leave?

Tby:::About Dawn: Dawn and I had this conversation last night. Is the relationship with Dawn strained? Fuck no. I would have never known I could write if not for her. In the beginning we had two stories we were going to write together, Taken, and The Office. Dawn was more excited about TO. I was terrified but she kept telling me I could do it.

We wrote the first chapter and never thought anybody would read it. As it went a little farther, I found this passion that I didn’t know existed in me. It got bigger and I was taking over more and more, outlining the chapters, telling D what to write. I completely took over (and felt like a horrible person for doing so).

It started getting so big and the more stressful it became, the less fun it was for her. I was writing most of it but still feeling like I needed to run things by Dawn. We talked about me walking away, but I’d always been the one to write the lemons and that’s really what it had been known for at that point. Dawn said our friendship was more important than anything else and she said told me she would stop writing TO.

Dawn is my biggest cheerleader. We get into each other's Google docs and help each other, we read over our chapters on Skype. I owe a lot to Dawn, I would have never done it without her. She gave me the confidence to do it on my own, and never once begrudged me the stories success.

Sue::: I like friends like that, Dawn sounds really amazing

Tby789:::she is!

Sue:::What inspired your Bella?

Tby:::We share an underwear fetish, so there’s my major personality donation. I just knew that I didn’t want her to be Twilight Bella. I wanted to see something different than I’d ever seen before. She’s smart and sexy, sophisticated and fashionable. She doesn’t need Alice to play Bella Barbie.

XXX:::Which Bellie Award meant the most to you?

Tby:::Most re-readable was the Bellie that meant the most to me

XXX:::Do you read FF?

Tby:::I love AH but tend to read mostly slash or AU...I have a hard time focusing when I fill my head with other human characters.

Molls:::How long does it take to write a chapter?

Tby:::It takes forever to write a chapter, I write and rewrite to the "point of madness." I’ve started the new one at least 5 different ways. I thought I knew where I wanted the chapter to start (in his arms) but then I rewrite…. I can’t do an entire chapter recounting 16 in his POV. As much as I’d love to, I know the number of chapters left and I do not want to deviate.

Its so funny, I write insanely long chapters but have a hard time writing a review. I have been really lucky.... I get so few that have been flames. Only maybe…10?? (out of 10,351).

The readers of The Office are as invested in it as I am and that is the best compliment ever. They get excited and want updates, I don't want that to change.

SUE::: What's the most annoying question/comment about the office, apart from this one?

Tby:::People tend to take it personally when I don't update, like maybe I have the chapter and am not posting it. The most annoying thing right now, is people telling me that they both need to be honest with each other. The characters say so much, yet they say so little. They dance around what they need to talk about. There'd be no story if E came out and just got everything straightened out. Maybe people haven't worked in a situation where you can't have an office relationship. I want people to remember who Bella is. As a women, how we feel about ourselves and our self image.

SUE::: Are you looking forward to the end of the story or do you think you will miss it/them?

Tby:::It's two sided, I really am going to miss them, I mean, I adore these two. But..I’m also really looking forward to it being over. It's taken a huge toll on me and my family. I miss reading and being a part of things that I used to. I am always plotting, working toward/nervous about the next chapter and I can't relax. I’ve thought about not writing any more, it's so stressful. I’m a "delicate petal". I can have 10,000 good reviews and one bad one comes in and makes me doubt myself.

The story is coming to a close....I’m not sure people realize that or not.

Sue:::Has anything deviated from the plan for the story?

Tby:::Tons of stuff. Never the major plot points, but the details. I never planned on having them have dinner at the Cullen's. I put it in there as part of a conversation and suddenly the girls on the thread couldn’t wait for it. That was one of the clearest mental pictures I’ve ever had....that lemon. The window, the curtains wafting in the breeze, the tinkling of the lead glass jars as they rocked the table. It was him doing what he does, giving but taking. He's asserting his control over the situation, he knows that he has her but he's terrified. A real challenge has been keeping it from becoming boring once there was emotion involved....but my review count and enthusiasm has gone UP since they've been in love. Just because they’re in love, doesn’t make them any less volatile. Explosive chemistry, a force of nature. There's no keeping them apart.

Sue:::Any plans for future stories ???

Tby:::I have another story idea in my head that will not go away. I can't say much, he's a different type of Edward ...so fucking adorable- undeniably irresistibly adorable.

Sue:::What’s your favorite thing about Beautiful Bastard?

Tby:::He's a sexy SOB.... I really love that people refer to him as BB, that was also something I never counted on. I was afraid that when they fell in love, people’s affection for him would wane, but if anything it’s gotten stronger. He really is the same person that he's always been. Bella saw the wall he put up....but she was able to break through it.

Just a side note from Sue here :Her daughter's name is Carrington. Which is where the name for Emmett and Rose’s daughter came from we ALL love Edward with Carebear!

Sue:::Any plans you can tell us for The Office something JUICY!!!

Tby:::I want them to have anal sex, I really think I can portray it as an intimate, bonding act. I’ve had a few people say there isn’t enough trust in their relationship, which is completely false. Edward worships her body, he would never harm her that way. She knows this. If I do it, it will probably be an outtake. The biggest thing is that it needs to be right for E&B not just because I want to write it.

Sue:::Is there anything you wish you could change about The Office?

Tby:::I wish I could change the way some parts are written...places in the beginning where the two writing styles don’t blend. There are some things I’d like to rewrite completely, the 69 and Bella’s dream. I may go in when I’m done and start making changes.

I’m not trained as a writer....I just write what is pretty in my head. I see the story and write what I see. I feel like I have no clue what I’m doing. It makes me go all fangirl to have my story in the same sentence with Wide Awake, the Dom and the Sub... Sam (WA) and Tara are the nicest people ever....people would be surprised at how lovely the other authors are.

(Sue is not shocked by this !! Authors are actually talking to my crazy ass, and seem to be enjoying themselves!)

If it wasn't for Twilight, I wouldn’t have found fanfiction, I would have never known I could write, and would never have met so many people... We are so lucky in this community to have found that. I feel that it’s important that we're lifting each other up and not tearing each other down, we're all in this community together.

*~*~*~*~ End Of Interview~*~*~*~

At this point we let our dear Tby go. She had things to do, and could not longer chit chat with us . We all thanked her profusely which she thanked us back.

OK A few Christina Extras just in case you did not know she has this AWESOMELY amazing blog that has all kindsa cool stuff on it and here is the LINKY


Some things I learned from this experience
1) This was the FIRST time Christina was ever interviewed about
    The Office
I feel so freaking honored!! and I am shocked that no one else ever asked her!!!

2) What you just read was an organized interpretation of the actual conversation we skype chatted for something like 2 1/2 hours asking questions and just being girlie it was LOADS of fun. Tby is truly a gracious sweet lady with a lovely pervy mind. I feel like I made a new friend *sniffle*

3) Finally learned that I MUST be more organized with my Questions. After our chat we ended up with 4 separate documents that had to be straightened out, and put into a more cohesive form. From now on I will have my stuff together better cause that was a HUGE mess, and it took several people to fix the mess (THANKS NIC!!)

I do not think I need to go into what
    The Office
is about I mean just about EVERYONE reads it. This story is phenomenal, and is about so much more than just fuckhawt sex. It has a marvelous tale woven around the sexin. It says so much about the people involved in this fic. A real tribute to ALL of their combined talent. BRAVO LADIES BRAVO!!!

Lastly I want to thank Christina (TBY) again it was so much fun chatting with you dear keep doing what you do ((((HUGS)))))

Tune in on Tuesday we are having another Poll!!! What's the Poll about this time? I have no clue as of yet but I know I will figure something out!!

AND on Wednesday
my interview and Review fic will be
Clipped Wings and Inked Armour
by Hunterhunting

YUP we will be having an interview with the creator Tattward!! You know him he won the Favorite Edward Poll after some serious ballot stuffing!! (I love ballot stuffing!)


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