April 5, 2010

Sue's Interview with Floridachickie about 'Flying High with Silver Wings'

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I guess my 13 fans have a thing for polls !

flying high

Sorry to disappoint you all today but I gotta talk about fics again. NOW if you read ANY of the Age of Edward contest or even did not read any of the AoE you will LOVE LOVE LOVE today’s story. WHY?? Because it is so freaking different and Sue said so!!

Have I mentioned that I really REALLY like period fics?
I am certain it has come up once or twice. So let me explain WHY I love period fics.
I have a thing for historical stories. Love everything about them WHEN they are done correctly.
By correctly I mean as historically accurate as can happen in ficdom. I really love history.

When I was in college (yes I went, yes I graduated, and yes, I even passed English classes!) I took the most AWESOME history course from an amazing professor.

Women in History

This class was about how women have altered the course of history and how their influence changed our lives today.

One hears Women in History and I know you are thinking Abigail Adams and Eleanor Roosevelt. Well this class covered them but it also went on to talk about the nameless faceless women like those who inspired Rosie the Riveter…and (I bet you knew this lead in was coming) Stewardesses….

No seriously WHY are they significant??
When airline travel was in its infancy, Stewardesses were used as one of the selling points. Beautiful, young, independent women who took care of you the airline customer on your flight.

Remember at this time women were given 3 “acceptable” professions by society
  • Teacher
  • Nurse
  • Wife/mother

Many women even into the 60s did not attend college for the education they went for their Mrs. Degree. Go to college meet a nice young man and marry him!
Sound ridiculous by today’s standards? Of course it does so it shows how far we have come in the last 40 some years.

The story Flying High with Silver Wings is set right on the cusp of the sexual revolution. For many, historical fics are hard to swallow because of the sexism. What some readers need to understand is that like many stereotypes women as the weaker sex who need a man to take care of them was alive and well in the 60s and even into the 70s …. And do not get me into the 80s I mean what could be more fucking sexist than those hideous nasty ass shoulder pads???
But I digress

Society put a huge stigma on any woman who wanted to do something other than be a wife/mother and everything she was supposed to do was to lead eventually to the altar. And if you survived that run on sentence then you have been reading my writing FARRRR too long!

Now back to Stewardesses!

AHHHH they had to be a certain weight, they had to look a certain way, and they had to behave according to the rules laid out for them. Sure they got to travel and see things their peers did not see however the rules of conduct were very strict.

Disobey the rules you get fired and get sent home in SHAME ….

Sadly I was too much of a lazy ass to do a skype chat with Floridachickie (Danielle)

I met Danielle in the BBR. she is a cool chica and loads of fun to chat with. Yes we have skyped before and so being my lazy ass self who was still coming down off of my high from interviewing Angry Badger Girl and Tby789 (and trying to organize those notes into something relatively coherent) I sent Danielle my usual set of questions.

You know my boring indepth interview

I love it she got all giddy telling me it is an honor to be interviewed! Teehee (insert my fangirl silliness here I get such a kick out of it when authors say YES!)

Silly silly girl do these authors not know that without them I would be doing something like cleaning my house! I would so much rather chat about history…and sexy fics!

So without further babble from me HERE are Danielle’s answers to my hard hitting brilliant journalistical style questions!!! OH more babble because I had one complaint that my interview format was confusing SO when I am speaking the print is in italics and when the author is speaking they are regular print

Good Morning!! I certainly hope that I can do your questions justice, Sue!!! heheh. Feel free to edit my shit down. 
(now why the hell would I want to edit anything I am guessing Danielle has not been to The Blog much to realize that EDIT is not really in my vocab!)

What made you want to enter the One Shot contest?
Let me start by saying that I have *no* background in fictional writing. Ask me to write a ten page research paper, I'm golden. Fiction? Holy shit. I only "joined" the fandom at the end of last year, and reading all these amazing stories out there made me ask myself, "Can I do this?" I had been toying around with writing something for a few months. In fact, I had two other stories that I started, but never could seem to get them out of the opening gate.

I decided to take a step back and think about things I nerd about, and it always came back to travel. Old ocean liners and airline culture are areas of extreme interest. While I would love to dive into an ocean liner fic one day, I thought an old-time air travel related fic would be a bit easier to start. I did a search for such fics in the Twi-fandom and couldn't find anything. I was chatting on-line with MsKathy, telling her yet another plot bunny that came to me, when she happened to mention the "Age of Edward contest." After reading the premise of the contest, it all just clicked for me. I loved the idea of challenging myself to write a o/s, without the pressure of having to continue it. I set the goal of just entering and finally posting a story, and to me, that was a win in itself. I met my goal.

(I love it when authors get all freaky nerdy because their nerdy is my fun!! So I guess that makes me a nerd too HEY I fit in!!)

Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
Well, as I mentioned, I have always had a fascination with airline culture. Years ago, I read the infamous Coffee, Tea, or Me?, and I have a few coffee table books with all these amazing pictures of the golden days of air travel. Back in the days when people dressed up to travel, the airplane trip was just as exciting as the destination, and the meals weren't served in little microwaved boxes. While I was originally inspired by some of the 1970's PSA stewardess uniforms (think go-go boots and hot pants) and the idea of "mile high club" sexin', I thought it could get a little chiche' and so I challenged myself by going back a little further in time.

I settled with 1965 because it just seemed like a pivotal time, right after Kennedy's assassination and the invasion of the Beatles, but also during the start of the build up in Vietnam and the birth of the sexual revolution. I went with Pam Am because the airline no longer exists, and I had that wonderful imagery from the movie, Catch Me if You Can, of the stews entering the airport with all those admiring faces looking at them in the terminal. Bella, as a young stewardess desiring to see the world, seemed to speak to me. Second Officer Cullen, still too young to be Head Pilot just yet, seemed like a no brainer. Who wouldn't love to see him in a uniform? (Yes I would love to see him in a uniform..I got a thing for uniforms)

I love doing research, so I realize that the start of the story is a little more laden with "historical" facts. The more I learned about air travel of the 60's, the more I could see some areas where I could drop little factoids within my fic, while still being careful not to over burden the reader with them as well. I really wanted to paint the image of the times, including the expectations that were placed on stewardesses back then. Here they were being sold the idea they were modern, independent woman off to see the wide world, yet still being subjected to girdle and weight checks. Even still, they did get to see the world and earned a decent paycheck, that is until they gained weight, aged out, or got a ring on that all important finger.

I received a PM telling me my story was sexist. It gave me a chuckle, and I saw it as a sign of success. After all, the fic is set in '65, before the Equal Rights Movement. I wanted to highlight that the "old boys club" was very much in play.  

(I think you did a great job showing the ol Boys club right down to how Edward behaved around her I I thought that was what made your story more believable and more interesting)

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
I don't want to scare any potential readers away with my description of this fic. While I may have painted it out to sound more like a sociology paper versus a fan fiction piece, I definitely weave a love story in there, and yes, there is a lemon. I'm a Florida girl, let's not forget I love my citrus! I got a few comments that while my story includes a lemon, the language in the fic could be rated PG. I really wanted to stick to the perceived innocence of the times. It was difficult to write a lemon, my first one ever, but even harder because I limited myself to not using the usual words, "fuck,""cock," etc.. I am one foul mouthed lady, so to try to be all 'innocent' was more of a challenge for me! I am also hugely indebted to my wonderful beta. She helped me carve my writing into a story, and the lemon would have been a dud without her assistance.

(The nice thing about the language in the fic it NEEDED to be that way to make it more realistic only the extremely crude would use swear words and your characters would have been raised better than that!)

Why should readers read your story?
I feel like a fucking tool for suggesting anyone 'should' read my story. Why might it interest someone? Perhaps because it is a period piece, and I don't think there is another story out there that covers this subject area like mine. While touching on the social climate of the time, this is essential a sweet, ol' love story. If you are fascinated with the 60's like me, say an avid fan of shows like Mad Men and movies like Down with Love, this just might be the fic for you. If you do read it, please leave me a review. As a newbie writer, I would love to hear your thoughts.

(DANIELLE!!! you are supposed to say they should read your story geez these authors and their whole modesty stuff your fic is awesomeness unique different and downright fun!!)

Any more fic plans in the future?
I actually am planning to continue this story. I purposely left the o/s open-ended and received enough requests to motivate me to write at least another chapter. This time I get to write about another nerdy area of interest, the New York World's Fair. I am not sure if Flying High with Silver Wings will be a traditional length, multi-chapter story, but I might have a few chapters in me. I have some other ideas brewing, but I feel like I still need to write more about Forks Girl and PilotWard for now.

Anything ELSE you want readers to know??
Along with the fabulous manyafandom, we are hosting a contest entitled "Love for the Unloved." Earlier this summer, we were talking about how it sucks that the minor characters in Twi fic-land never seem to get any of the sexin'. I remember sensing how lonely poor ol' Ms. Cope was in Midnight Sun. Well, it's her turn, along with other B-listers, to have some fun in the spotlight. This o/s contest will run through September 27th, and more information can be found here:

We also want to encourage new writers to submit their stories for this contest. We will have a separate category for "Best Cherry Popper" (new author). I, myself, have learned that contests are a great way to motivate yourself to write something and get some visibility.

Thanks so much for blogging about my story. :)

It is my pleasure to blog about this story I am all kindsa excited for it to be extended and we can revisit it once it gets up and running so YOU BETTER fill my lazy ass in once it does!...

WHY did I love this story and WHY and I ordering you to go read this one shot

It is all kindsa great a different time period a different take on the relationship an intelligently written story that DOES NOT come off sounding like a sociology paper (stop putting yourself down D damnit!)

So go read it one shots are wonderful because they are short and give you nice complete story in half hour THIS one like the O/S by ABG will NOT disappoint!!

NOW onto my other BS

The POLL is still up and running so VOTE EARLY VOTE OFTEN this is voting CHICAGO STYLE (ok I am guessing some do not get that reference but see back in the olden days Chicago had some elections where even the dead were voting NO SHIT big huge scandal so get your dog to pic his favorite Edward or whatever!)

ON FRIDAY the fantabulous Molls and I will be bullshitting about the assorted Edwards AND The Lovely and Talented Tanja (she’s my dealer of Rob Porn) has offered to find us PICS of all of the Edwards so not only will you have Me and Molls chitter chattering but you will also be granted some terrific EYECANDY!!!

Sue loves Eyecandy it is so so so GREAT(Sue needs a thesaurus)

ALSO on Friday, Molls and I will FINALLY get our shit together to announce OUR one shot contest


SO excited about this one!!


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