April 5, 2010

Sue's Interview with HunterHunting about 'Clipped Wings & Inked Armor'


So Sue, why is a Midwestern Den mother all hawt and bothered over a dude with tatts, a nasty attitude a filthy mouth, an anaconda in his pants, AND a peen piercing that makes my hubs cringe whenever it is mentioned???

WELL if you do not know the answer then YOU have not read CW&IA and YOU have not met



What is it about bad boys that has us all excitable??

*Sigh* Tattward OMG MOFO Tattward

and you know what???

I actually LIKE this Bella A LOT (if you read my blog you will notice I have a thing for Bella being strong!)

I really cannot say enough good things about this fic


well if you read it you would know

The main characters are flawed, damaged. You read about them and wonder: HOW on earth did they survive the horrors they have been through ?

Neither one is whiny (oh thank you soooooo much HH for that!)

Both have survived horrific personal loss. Personal loss that would cause most people to fold up inside themselves.

SO how do these two deal with their personal loss??

If you think the only way they cope with their is through self mutilation (so not my word for getting tattooed or pierced)

then you are not "getting" this fic

The way I see it (and I could be wrong it would not be the first time and certainly not the last!)

I see their tattoos and piercings as outward expressions of their pain. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves, while being able to keep others at arms length.

OK but I am getting ahead of myself of course


sorry that would be my hoorsamoanin

SOOOO enough of my babbling cause I know that hunterhuntings legion of fans and my 13 groopies did not come here today to read my babbling

NOPE you all are here to see if my hard hitting journalism will give us more insight into the mind of the woman who created TATTWARD!!!

Haunted by her past Bella is broken and alone. Starting over, can she let go of the guilt that consumes her when she meets a beautiful tattoo artist or will his own personal demons destroy them first? Rated M for langage and lemons. AH/OOC

Where did you get the idea for this story?
I wrote the one-shot AntiEstablishment Anarchy a long time ago, well before I started CW&IA. It sort of made me rethink the whole premise, what if Edward was a tattoo artist instead of a fucked up teen? What if he was damaged and Bella was damaged? I liked the idea of tatts and piercings because I am obsessed with them. I hadn't heard of Inked at the time and I thought it really hadn't been done at this point so why not develop the idea? There was this accident years ago where a bride and groom were heading to the wedding. For the sake of tradition the men went in one limo and the women in another. A tractor trailer jackknifed and the Bride and the bridesmaids were killed. Some of them were partners with the groomsmen. It was horrifying. Just imagine that loss on your wedding day. It gives me goosebumps to think about it. There was another story where there was a huge wedding, 600 people or something, I can't remember where but the church/temple/whatever collapsed and almost everyone died. So I used the idea of loss and recovery as the catalyst for these characters.

What do you do to get ...inspiration for your chapters anything special music etc to get you in the mood?
I always listen to music when I write. Sometimes I'll listen to the same album for an entire chapter. Sometimes I get inspired by the thread at Twilighted and at Ravelry UU. Robporn is always helpful, as is looking at my tatt books.

(Sue likes to look at RobPorn as well for inspiration!)

Is the story all plotted out or is this a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
I have a working outline, but I don't have a designated number of chapters. Sometimes little things change, but as a rule, I like to let the story come as I write. I know what events will take place next, how the characters will react and such. It's the little details that weave themselves through the music I listen to, the events in my day, something funny/perverted one of the ladies says on the thread that just happens to be something that Edward or Bella or one of the other characters would do or say. Those details make their way into the story. That being said, I have the ending planned, and if you're worried about the angst, I believe in HEA's.

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically about your story?
Um, well. I don't really know. Bella really did love Jake. I won't say more than that because I'll ruin a lot of the story if I say more than that. I do an awful lot of research. Oh, and Bella's tatt will be posted soon.

now this Q tends to make authors feel a bit like a tool but I like to ask it anyways

WHY do you think readers should read your story?
Because Edward covered in tatts and piercings is fucking hot. As far as I am concerned. Because aside the ever present dick references there is a real story that I am trying to tell, and because they want to. I don't pretend to think this story is for everyone, I was just like, what the fuck, post it and see what happens, so I did.

A question from my hubs ( yes Sue's hubs hears ALL about this stuff)

Where did you get the (pardon my crappy spelling) Apadrava piercing idea and have you got personal experience with this painful phenomenon?
(my hubs saw the pic and said to me "that would take a whole NEW level of drunk!")
It's called an Apadravya and we had a discussion on the thread at Twilight about dick jewelery. There was a lot of talk about PA's (Prince Albert--like a half Apadravya) and Frenum rings. I think it was Bri (antiaol) who was like psst, Gin, look at this one and immediately I thought, this is it. Edward is such a masochist and he's all for what's going to give him the most pleasure and the most initial pain, so he would definitely be the guy to go through with the most painful dick piercing. Sadly, I've never had the pleasure of a pierced peen and when I approached the hubs he politely told me to fuck the hell off, so I doubt I ever will.

In that case I think your hubs and my hubs would totally get along! cause that was pretty much the response I got when I suggested it!

A q from a huge fan of yours Nic

Do you have any advice on how to convince a hubs to get this peen piercing?
Sorry, see above. My hubs did say he would consider getting one if I agreed to give him a blow job everyday for the rest of his life. I can live without it.

Myself, I love the images and relationships in your story. I LOVE that even though they have amazing attraction to each other they have not had sex yet. I really love that you are showing Edward in a different light. He is intelligent beautiful and does not conform to social norms but unlike stereotypes of those with piercings and tatts he is not some vicious social deviant ...
This was really important to me. I have lots of inked friends, and there is a stigma that comes with that. While Edward went through a deviant phase, clearly that is not the case for Jasper. Edward and the rest of the 'Cullen' clan are good but damaged people. They're not fuck ups, they're running a business, supporting themselves and living their lives like regular people, they just come decorated. Tattooing and piercing are forms of art, I wanted the readers to see the beauty in it, rather than a socially constructed sub-culture that is 'other' and typically considered 'deviant.' It can be very therapeutic to get a tatt, they often represent milestones in one's life.

Thank you for the questions--hunterhunting.


So why does Sue love this fic??

All kidding aside seriously the story is not just about the tatts the peen and the sex. It has a story woven beautifully in with all of that stuff .
I was brought to tears by the events of Bella's tragedy (no spoiler y'all) I mean tears streaming down my face. I was also Cheering out loud fist pumping and all when Edward confronted her Professor!!! (it was a very geeky display and damn funny my teenage sons rolled their eyes and said Mom stop trying to be cool!)

The imagery is so beautiful

and the best part is that while this story covers some VERY heavy issues it has hope in it, and enough lightness to keep me from drinking heavily!!

ALSO some words about Hunterhunting
THAT has to be one of the most patient authors out there she and I survived some serious technofail on here (my bad!) but HEY the review is out!!

Hunterhunting has a blog where you can learn more about her fic and see all kinds of cool stuff INCLUDING interviews with her Edward!!

and of course you can go play on the Forums at Twilighted with a crowd of lovely ladies and here is the link for that!


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