April 9, 2010

Sue's Interview with Shell29bell about 'The Colony'


 The Colony by Shell29bell

I was in a post apocalyptic mood the day I decided to read this fic.
I read the description and thought to myself, OMG, it's another Stephen King fan!! Because the description reminded me of the book, The Stand by Stephen King.

Well, in talking to Shell I found out something. She did, in fact, read the Stand but it happened SO LONG ago that she does not remember details about the book...

GOOD NEWS folks! I have read this fic and I can tell you that, while the description may have reminded me of The Stand, the actual story has VERY little in common with Stephen King's work.

While I enjoy reading things that have similarities with stuff I already like, I much prefer new twists and something different.

THIS FIC has that.

Here, let me tell you about it.

Flu strikes. It is extremely contagious and kills those it strikes.

CDC works hard to try to find something that it can do.

Nothing works.

Yup, most are left dead.

You all know who survives. How do their characters handle a post apocalyptic world? Would tragedy strike twice?

So here is the seriously, severely edited convo with Anna and Michelle (Anna is the Beta of this fic and Michelle is the author. Anna was there to make sure Michelle and I stayed on task because we are both a bit flighty and tend to go off topic. If you have ever talked to me you understand why a babysitter is needed!)


Sue: Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
Michelle: well I had an idea for a fic based on a dream i had
Anna: insert insane laughter
A: the dream i had was an apocalyptic type thing. my son was watching the discovery channel and it was a case study on how people would live in a post apocalyptic society
S: Edward and the discovery channel naughty thoughts in SUEs head...

S: Is there anything specific you would want readers to know before reading your fic
A: no

(this part was answered verbally not typed so I will approximate the convo)

Michelle: like what?
S: like more sexing
M: (gulp) more sexing
S: Yes more graphic bucksaw(WTF why oh why does my spellcheck not recognize one of my favorite made up words?? Bucksaw should say FUCKHAWT) sexin
Anna: what we had so far is as graphic as its gonna get
Anna: Beta note i had to pull that out of her too.

A: there will be no wet folds
S: So nothing really specific about the story
S: the lemons are as graphic as they are gonna get
A: Sue do you want me to type out everything she says or just the general answer
S: the general answer would be good
A: gotcha
S: unless she says something incredibly funny
A: lol
S: or embarrassing
A: that second one is likely
S: I love getting the dirt on authors

(here we ended the call cause we were breaking up and we started typing I left some comments in cause they were funny)

A: now I can turn family guy back on
M: well, that was fun
A: lol
A: i didn’t want to share with the group
S: can let my fam watch wolverine again
A: its the pot one
S: OHH the pot one
S: my kids love family guy
S: my 14 yr old thinks Stewie is awesome

S: Why should readers read your story?
M: ummm...
M: omg
S: I ask the tough questions
M: Because it's different and my Bella and Emmett rock ;)
S: see that was not so hard!
S: You better not make me pull things outta you
M: You will have to
M: ;)
A: I’ll kick her ass
S: this is gonna get messy
A: its what i do
S: I 'll get the gloves
M: Crack the whip bb
A: hold on let me get the whip
S: I'll pin her down for the worst torture known to man
S: my hubs singing!
M: mmmm
M: can't be worse than my hub
A: Taylor’s swinging sweatpants parts?
S: he has eyes like Rob
S: but NOT his voice
M: mmm ROB
S: ewwwwwww no TayTay
S: no zygote talk
A: or his schlong? it'll get her back on track
S: I feel dirty enough talking about Rob
A: its ok, rob is pretty dirty
S: so so so durtay
M: I love me some Rob
S: ditto

(things disintegrated into some Rob talk lots of drooling etc…you get the gist)

A: ;)
M: (finger)
S: OK next

S: Do you do anything special while writing like listen to music, need complete silence, eat a bag of M&Ms...?
A: she goes emo
A: and panics
A: and then busts it out
M: I need complete distraction ;) I listened to Dora the Explorer while i wrote the sex
A: omg Michelle that is the dirtiest thing ever
S: That is fuckin HOT
S: I am keeping that
A: sue make sure to mention it wasn't on purpose
A: she has young children
Sue OH WHY!!
M: ya'll are so mean
S: I have young children too
S: and teenagers
A: its the reason its on the TV
A: not to get her into the mood lol
M: LOL it's OK Anna
S: hubs said Dora is hot
A: O pedobear does NOT approve
S: OMg
S: that is the funniest thing I ever read
A: *says the girl watching a dog and baby dance on bongs*
M: I listened to OH! while I wrote Emmett's part

S: Do you have a soundtrack to your stories?
M: no, but I have songs that help set the mood that I'm writing in
S: Ok
S: wanna give examples??
S: a song that maybe represents a character
M: Yeah, um, flyleaf-again was a big one
A: lambchop's theme, barney's theme
M: LOL!!
S: I am thinking barneys theme for Edward
M: Paramore
S: he is kinda dark
S: and weirdly evil
A: awww my cdcward
A: people think he's evil
(no Sue thinks Barney is EVIL)
M: emoward
A: :(
S: I think he is disturbed
S: poor BB
M: god he was so hateful in the beginning
S: he needs a hug
A: ;(
M: he's such a pussy now
S: and a swift kick in the ass
A: michelle, we're making him happier sounding ASAP
M: he is a puss now
S: GOOD he gets laid again
M: all love struck and shit
A: lol
M: mmmm
S: I hate when that happens
M: srslyu

S: What Actor / Actress do you see as Edward/Bella?
A: ha-ha i know the answer to this one lol.
M: I was ruined coming in so late to the whole Twiverse
S: well you should
M: ROB is always Edward
S: YAY!!!
A: yeah she and i both came late to the party
M: and stew is always bella
S: damn
S: I came late to the party as well
M: but a better acting one ;)
S: I never see stew as bella
S: not even in the movies
S: she reminds me of a cardboard cutout
M: She's very pretty when she isn't being a tool
S: she is very lovely
S: really
M: but she has NO boobs
A: you mean when she's stoned and not speaking?
S: but she is just not an actress
M: YES!!!
A: so she's smiley and silent
M: exactly anna
M: you know you don’t' need me buzzed to get me going
A: lol

S: Do you have a particular look for the characters? Like a certain Rob pic?
S: I do not care about the stew pic
M: mmmm rob...
M: um...wet rob
A: there's a banner
A: that i made
M: link it bb
M: !
M: it's hot
S: well we can put up Wet Rob
A: its her rob and kstew
S: beer and cookies do not mix(yes SUE was drinking beer and eating triple chocolate cookies)
S: that is my PSA for the night
M: eww, beer is gross
S: I love beer
A: michelle, i agree
A: lol
S: but it does not go with cookies
M: I had absolute peach with pineapple orange juice
M: mmm
A: omg michelle, its been months!!
A: i made this months ago. ch.
M: OMG!!!!!!
M: sofa king weird
M: can you believe i am working on

S: Is the story all planned out or is this a fly by the seat of your pants kinda thing?
M: Anna?
A: hahaha
A: i was trying to not say it
A: i try and make her outline
M: um, it's loosely planned but mostly fly by my pants
A: a few chapters in advance
A: and we knew the idea
S: Ok
A: like where it was gonna go
A: big plot points
M: it's all in my head ;)
A: the end
S: in your head!!
A: and my head
A: just in case
A: ;)

S: Do you have a posting schedule and if so what is it?
M: it was every Monday
A: lol
M: now it's once a week
M: I said WAS
A: before she got really panicked about it
S: I know
S: do not get panicked
M: Forced vaca
A: like she was worried about getting it done way too much
M: chapter is almost done
S: I have conned a few to read it
A: lol
S: a few
A: i keep her close to monday
S: well good cause I need my fic fix
M: I do too, it killed me not to post today ;(
S: do not worry dearie
S: I can wait really!!

S: Do you believe in HEA and if so what kind?
M: it depends...I like HEA cuz my life is so NOT...but it depends on the fic, it has to fit the writing ya know?
S: OK but dear I am talking about The Colony this is my not so subtle way to DIG for info
A: lol
M: LOL!!!
A: she won't tell
A: she knows better
S: in other words WILL there be an HEA
M: I can't it would ruin it
M: it will end
S: it does not have to be a ABG HEA
S: which is all puppies and rainbows with unicorns farting daisies
S: come on you know you wanna!!
M: yeah, no farting daisies ;)
A: or puppies
S: I love ABGs endings they fit her fics(big Props to the hottest Badger on the planet!!)
A: sue I’ve been working on this for about months, she wont give up the end lol
S: but rainbows and unicorns
S: so they get stoned
S: and see trails
M: there will be heavy drug use ;)
M: sarcasm
A: lol
S: brownies laced with antibiotics and antivirals!
M: Absolutely
A: lol
A: no brownies, no oven
M: damn
M: ty beta
M: ;)
A: welcome
S: I can totally make an oven for baking brownies
A: lol
S: and NOT use electricity
S: NO SHIT I can
M: You're my Alice ;)
S: I am big on that survivalist shit
A: yeah but that fuel is kinda vital for other things
S: just the sun
A: ha-ha, that reminds me of men who stare at goats
M: you can bake over fire...
S: True you can
M: firepower
S: but you said Fuel was needed for other things
A: ok let's just say that they are not in the mood for brownies. a few things on their minds
S: I can make an adobe oven as well
A: a few things to do
S: yeah yeah
M: each other
M: cough
S: Anna you are buzz killer
S: OH each other
A: yeah i suck
A: lol
S: sexin is good too
A: i also don’t like michelle trying to burn things
A: it never ends well
M: babies
A: hush

(Here, we went off on a tangent where I threw out theories that included things like pregnancy , zombie babies, Pet cemetery, more drugs, and I was shot down every time! So I really have no CLUE what will happen to the rest of the story because I was double teamed !! And they resisted my endearing charms!)

S: Do you have any fic plans in the future?
M: um, idk I write things all the time
M: so maybe
S: damn
M: I did TT25
M: well, I failed it
A: i wouldn't say
A: more like TT6
M: LOL!!
S: ?????
S: TT 25
M: the twilight 25
S: Ok
M: yeah, that was a bad idea for me

S: What brought you fan fic ? What brought you to twilight?
M: o wow,
M: My niece pestered me to read twilight
M: I devoured them in a week then re read them
M: and then I googled
A: ah google
M: I hit Twimom
M: s
M: but they were too uptight
S: Never heard of them
A: ha-ha i did when i started too
M: sorry
M: twilightmoms
S: probably cause I am durty ol ho
A: went O.O and ran away
M: I am not a Twi mom
S: I would corrupt them
A: but i was reading other ff before so i knew it could be better
S: they would become my minions
S: HEY I am a mom who reads twi
M: but I'm not a TWIMOM
S: I just hated the ending and BD
M: srsly there is a distinction
A: lol
S: I am a pattinperv
A: its like girlfriend and girl friend
M: I never knew FF before Twi

(no offense at ALL is meant for TwiMoms we all respect them and their way of being Twi fans we are just different types of fans ((((HUGS)))

S: What is your background in writing?
M: No background in writing other that forced classes in HS and college ;)
S: Good answer!
S: UGh
M: and an overactive imagination
S: next Q is one I am not fond of but it is goooood and funny
M: uh oh

S: Any Rob fantasies?
S: I should ask if you have good Rob fantasies you wanna share(reason SUE does not like this Q I feel silly asking but it leads to funny answers and the thing is I see how most fantasies are usually graphically displayed in authors fics …so yeah)
M: UNF that could take awhile ;)
S: Pick one
S: or you don’t have to answer it
S: cause I rarely ask it
S: but Hannah like to know these things (yes I am putting the Blame on my poor Hannah) (Hannah: Thanks... lol)
M: LOL I love a good Dom
S: so she does not feel like a freak
S: cause she has LOTS of them
A: (mooning)
A: js michelle
S: you don’t like a good Dom?
A: no i do lol
M: no she's referring to a like I have
A: im teasing michelle
A: cuz its what i do best
S: I have read several dom stories
S: some better than others
M: let me just say there isn't much I wouldn't let Rob do...
S: and you do a good job Anna!
A: lol
S: Hugh Jackman just jumped outta a tank naked (Sue’s family was watching Wolverine on TV)
S: sorry I got distracted
S: I love Wolverine!
M: I do too
A: lol

S: Which Character do you most strongly identify with? Which character would you most want to be with /befriend?
M: in my fic?
S: yes
M: Sorry a little slow on the uptake... Rob does that... I like to think I put a little of me in all the characters... I really loved writing Emmett.
M: and as a friend I would say Jasper

S: Which RL authors inspire you?
A: fwb

S: Which FF authors inspire you?
M: omg, it's been so long since I read a book
M: I love JK Rowling’s story, she inspires me as a mother
M: Racket Ghost has to be my all time favorite angst writer right now.
M: her fic Phantom Love tore me the fuck up
S: OHHH I have never heard of that

(Ok here we got WAY off topic it started with me talking about Remember Me and lead to buttsecks in Little Ashes…with lots of shahs and AHHHHs and comments on Rob being Naked….about 4 pages of chatting later…..)

S: Got any Recs for us?
M: this has been fun btw ;)
S: I am glad
S: I hope you look at LA
S: and add my ass on twitter
M: I will, I DID ;)
S: and come to the blog often
M: you are on my list
S: I am flattered
M: anything by racketghost is one rec
M: Alton house is still good

S: Ok anything else you would like to add in closing?
M: I don't think so...
A: don’t run out of Kleenex

S: damnit… good thing I like sad fics along with the funny

This is a message that was sent to me by shell she wanted this included in here cause she did!!!

"I woke up this morning after our fun filled skype romp and could just kick myself! I forgot to mention how thankful I am for all my readers!! It is surreal to me That people get excited over my fic and I am totally in love with them for it "

of course me being me I forgot to include it when I first published this so there it is Michelle dearie thanks so much for the interview and give Anna some big wet sloppy kisses from me!!!

So does that convince you to read this one?? How about if I tell you this: I have convinced a few of the hoors to try this fic and NOT ONE of them has said "Sue, this is shit". No, their comments have been more along the lines of:

SUE damnit! You added another fic to my evergrowing list!!

So why does SUE sound so hostile today...? Hormones suck.

OK, another Q I have gotten is WHERE is the poll?

Well, I ran out of good poll ideas and my main Poll dancer was busy this week.

NOW my dears do not forget !! If you got any Qs for Teas with Rob I need those in by today.

ALSO I am beggin you, if you read my blog leave me a comment. It validates my existence!

OH and another thing. If you see Tanja or Hannah on Twitter, or anywhere, offer them BIG HUGE HUGS. Wanna know why?? Because these two dedicated woman take my nonsense and turn it into English. And without them, I would have given up on this whole thing AGES ago.

HEY another thing(man I am super chatty today) did you all see the posts from my guest bloggers?? We got some great stuff going on here and I am LOVING IT.

Guest bloggers talking about other fics and interviewing authors like crazy.

Guest blogger Gia talking about BOOKS. I know, weird. Hey actual real freakin books BLEW MY MIND!

I am debating talking about movies. No, not Twilight movies but movies on DVD that people might have never seen but should!!

So leave me some feedback. Let me know what you like, what you want left out, what YOU, our readers (yes OUR cause there are too many people working here to make this MY blog it is truly a huge group effort) want to see!

NEXT WEEK we have ONE SHOT WEEK I have a group of folks reading one shots and we are talking to authors about their short fics.

NOW, I have to get off of here cause TODAY is my son Nik's Bday. He is 5!!

Take care, dears!


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