April 9, 2010

Sarah's Interview with Burberry Bugsy, Author of "A Little Less Than Before"

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When I was 14, my freshman year of high school, I had the biggest crush on my best friend. He was amazing. Every single thing he did, well it blew my mind. I was completely certain that one day, he would wake up and smell the roses, and realize I had been right under his nose all along.

Halfway through the year however, he began dating someone else. She was also a very good friend. I was devastated, but obviously I wanted them both happy and they were happy together. I put on a brave face and tried to not let it bother me, but that didn't keep me from crying every night after we would hang out. Yeah, I was an emo teenage girl. Sue me.

When I first stumbled upon ALLTB, it brought all of those emotions back, and then some. Simply because, BB's Bella has been in love with her best friend, Jasper, for years and he's never acted upon it. Well, that is until he surprises her by proposing to Alice, their third musketeer. I'm thinking a stiletto to the junk would be lovely right about now. You add in an emotionally scarred Edward, whose reputation isn't the best in the world and you end up with an emotional, yet wonderful story.

BB's summary: Bella learns to deal with rejection the hard way by having to watch the man she loves marry her best friend. Who better to help her out than the provocative best man, Edward Cullen? "Your feelings for me are there, Bella, you're just ignoring them." E/B
Twilight - Fiction Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 15 - Words: 90,189 - Reviews: 2583 - Updated: 11-21-09 - Published: 4-7-09 - - Bella/Edward

I really can not express how wonderfully written this story is. It takes you on an emotional journey through mutual heartbreak and growth. What I will say is that when ALLTB updates, I drop everything and read it. I talked BurberryBugsy into sitting down and chatting and this is what she had to say:

BB: Hello!
Sarah_E: Hi there, honey! Let's see.
BB: Ask me anything you want. I squee'd hard when I found out you wanted to do an interview!
Sarah_E: ::cackles deviously:: Let's not give me complete full access. That could be dangerous.
Sarah_E: So, would you like to be called BB or by your name?
BB: BB is fine with me. I should ask you the same question.. Is it okay if I call you Sarah?
Sarah_E: Sarah, S_E...hey you, it all works.
BB: HAHA, okay then
Sarah_E: A Little Less Than Before. Amazing story, BTW, how did you come up with it?
BB: I was watching "My Best Friend's Wedding" one day.. and had been listening to a lot of my friends talk about their crushes not knowing a thing about their emotions. I put two and two together, and came up with ALLTB. With my own twists and turns and the characters of Twilight thrown in of course, hehe.
Sarah_E: It's honestly rather painful to read, sometimes. I think all women have fallen for a guy friend at some point in time. Is it hard to write Bella, when she's hurting so much? ::Sarah_E clicks on her useless tape recorder::
::Yahoo puts a weird smiley in the chat log::
Sarah_E: Uhh..that wasn't supposed to happen, lulz
::Yahoo gives Sarah_E an error message::
Sarah_E: TECHFAIL! Seriously, can I manage an interview without looking stupid?
BB: It's okay! I fail at technology sometimes too.
Sarah_E: My last interview I actually closed out my browser with the questions and had to wait until it came back. I'm a technotard.
Burrberry Bugsy: HAHAHAHA! I'm sorry I'm laughing. I shouldn't.
Sarah_E: No, laugh, I would.
Burrberry Bugsy: But it's definitely difficult at times to write out the BPOV because I've been in her position before. I'm sure a lot of women have. But, I want to make sure Bella is just as real as all of us are. We cry, we hurt, and we smile.
Sarah_E: Very true, plus it can't hurt to have an Edward following you around just waiting for you to wake up and...ya know, jump him?
BB: If there was a Beforeward version of a dude following me around, I'd jump him in a heartbeat. Just saying.
Sarah_E: ::giggles madly:: Me too. So speaking of Edward and Bella, who do you picture when you're writing them?
BB: Rob and Kristen. I always thought they were a good version of the Edward and Bella I imagined while reading the books.
Sarah_E: Oh, I'm all for The Pretty. He's so gorgeous. ::eyes glaze over for a moment:: ....and uh, yeah KStew is...ya know, cool or whatevs.
::grimaces::I gotta tell ya, I'm not such a big fan of your Jasper. He kind of makes me angry.
BB: I know right? *dreamy sigh* But can you excuse me for a quick moment? Important phone call, sorry
Sarah_E: Take your time. ::pauses tape recorder::
BB: Sorry about that! But yeah, my Jasper pisses off everyone LOL. It's fine, he's supposed to be seen as a douche
Sarah_E: No problem, honey. I have a three year old...it's understandable. ::laughs loudly:: He truly is. I think he should get an award. Like "Douche of the Year!"
BB: HAHA, he should right?!
Sarah_E: Hell yes! He doesn't want her, but by God, he doesn't want anyone else to have her. :: growls :: I may just have to have words with him.
BB: He's protective of his Jezebels and thinks he's doing nothing wrong.. but of course, all of us see the error in his ways. Go ahead and kick his Texan ass. I know lots of people want to hahaha!
Sarah_E: :: pencils in time to kick Jasper's Texan ass:: Will do, BB. ::looks over questions:: So, how did you get into fanfic? Twilight?
BB: Yes, Twilight was the reason I started reading and writing fanfic. I wanted to make my own versions of the Edward/Bella love story minus all the sparkling and transformations and such.
Sarah_E: :: drools over sparkle peen for a moment:: And did you read the books first or see the movie?
BB: I read the books first.
Sarah_E: The movie trailer is what got me interested but I did read the books first. And then cussed Summit for cutting out extremely important scenes!
BB: Did you watch New Moon yet?
Sarah_E: TWICE!!! NM, FTW!!!
BB: You saw it twice?! LUCKY!!
Sarah_E: You want my funny story?
BB: Tell meeee!
Sarah_E: I went to the noon showing. Brilliance, I thought. The teenage fangirls will still be in school, so I'll be able to drool and weep in private, with very little screaming.
BB: LOL I had the same idea!! HAHAA
Sarah_E: Well, I did not factor in the TwiMoms, who would pull their kids out of school early, to go see the movie. I had a thirteen year old behind me. Now, as far as most fangirls go she was rather tame. I could have outdone her. But... ::giggle snorts:: when Edward came out and started stripping in the Clock Tower scene..she got a little over-excited, and I got a large soda dropped in my lap.
BB: LOL Yikes. Hahahahaa I'm sorry though. Was NM still worth the spilt beverage?
Sarah_E: Cold and sticky? Yes. Did I care? Not really. Because the owners apologized profusely and allowed me to watch the next showing free. SCORE! So I sat in sticky jeans for the remainder of the showing, then ran to the closest store and bought a pair of jeans and rushed back to watch NM again. This time, pop free.
Sarah_E: ::nods knowingly:: A little sticky ick, for two showings of NM? Pure. WIN.
BB: *totally jealous*
Sarah_E: Tell a fangirl to spill on you. It worked for me. ::Note to readers ~ Don't actually do this. Unless you really don't care for your clothing. Then, by all means, go ahead:: Well, I didn't ask, per se.
BB: HAHAHA! I'll just wait until the hype dies down a bit
Sarah_E: Now, do you believe in HEA?
BB: I do. Very, very much.
Sarah_E: ::sighs in relief:: Oh thank Jebus. Do you have a soundtrack for your story?
BB: Sadly, I don't. My chapter titles are songs and after a while, I started finding lyrics that could relate to the emotions within the story. But besides that, no official soundtrack or playlist. *sad face*
Sarah_E: :: passes link to playlist.com::
BB: ::squeals a little and claps hands:: Thank you! I didn't even know that was a real site...
Sarah_E: :: winks ::
BB: Webfail. Uggghhh.
Sarah_E: :: attention readers the computers are ganging up on us :: Do you do anything special while writing? Like do you need complete silence? Or incredibly emo music?
BB: I actually listen to piano music. For some weird reason, it really helps me focus. I can't listen to any other types of instrumental music though, otherwise I get distracted and nothing gets finished.
Sarah_E: I'm the same way. It's too much to process. At least...you know, for my brain.
BB: That's exactly how I am!
Sarah_E: So you're posting schedule? You have one?
BB: I don't have one, though it'd probably be convenient for myself and the readers if I did.. I just post whenever I've finished a chapter. Whether it be days or weeks.
Sarah_E: :: barricades the interview room from the screaming fangirls :: Don't mind them..they'll get over it. I can say, personally, I'd rather have quality over quantity.
BB: Tell them I say hi! And thank you! It's because of readers like you that I continue to write without ever thinking of abandoning a story!
Sarah_E: :: peeks out the door and cringes at the volume :: BB, says hi! And that you're the reason she keeps writing. Now, settle down. ::closes door and sighs::Is the story planned out, or are you just going where the characters lead you?
BB: But in response to your question, the story's planned out. Everything in ALLTB happens for a reason. I believe in HEAs, I strongly do, but I also believe in working to get yourself that happily ever after.
Sarah_E: :: sighs :: Am I bad person for wanting to skip all the growing and just jump to the HEA?
BB: Not at all.
Sarah_E: Now, there are several little nuggets of info in your story. How much of those are from your RL? Like the cupcakes? Are the chocolate ones your personal faves?
BB: The cupcake place is real, and so is my love for chocolate ones. Hehe. But since I live in California and my story is set in Seattle, I've never actually tried a cupcake from Cupcake Royale. But I love me any kind of cupcakes, to be honest.
Sarah_E: Cupcakes are joyous. I'm craving one right now, but that might just be the PMS talking. Sorry, no one truly needed to know that.
BB: Hahaha it's okay with me! PMS is a prick, so you deserve to have a cupcake for yourself.
Sarah_E: I adore you!
BB: Yay! I adore you too!
Sarah_E: :: stage whispers :: Now for the really fun part! Have you ever had any twilight/Rpattz/Edward related dreams?
BB: Oh my. *giggle* Hmmm... I have. But I was Kristen Stewart, so I mean it wasn't all that great. But I did get to kiss Rob in this dream so yay me. I also just bought the Vanity Fair magazine with him on the cover. Along with the 5 page, or however many pages, spread on the inside. That might influence some kissy scenes in my head.. *sigh*
Sarah_E: I dreamt once that I was in Disney World, and Rpattz kissed me on the "It's a small world" ride. I don't know why there, but I won't argue.
BB: LOL, what a lovely dream. Though the song on that ride kinda creeps me out. But hey, if I were making out with RPattz, I wouldn't be complaining either.
Sarah_E: Is there anything you really, really want your readers to know? :: pushes useless recorder closer to BB :: Oh, I definitely wasn't complaining. I was panting.
BB: HAHA I don't blame you. You see how that sexy man kisses? Guhhh... like the Italy scene in New Moon. *drools*
Sarah_E: :: needs new panties :: What about that lil' grunt in front of her truck. Unngh.
BB: GAHHH. I died a little during that scene. Seriously. RPattz's moans own the hell out of me.
Sarah_E: I know. :: shakes head to get rid of lusty thoughts:: Okay, what do you need your readers to know?
BB: I want my readers to know that I know what I'm doing with ALLTB. And that even though things are bumpy right now, there's a point for it all. Oh.. and that it's rated M for a reason, and that I love each and every one of them for sticking with me through my lack of updates and my constant heartfail.
Sarah_E: :: smiles and winks at the fangirls :: Anything you'd want to tell me exclusively? Maybe a lil' insider info?
BB: Sure! Anything specific you'd like to know?
Sarah_E: :: thinks about her questions :: Oooh! Will we see Edward kicking anyone's ass? Namely, ya know, Jasper?
BB: Oh yes. There will be some definite ass kicking.
Sarah_E: Can I take care of Edward afterwards?
BB: I'm sure he'd like that *wink*
Sarah_E: :: blushes and sets up spa appointment to look pretty :: I think I can handle that. Are any fics owning you hard right now?
BB: The Office, definitely. It's finished now, but it's still a good read. Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by hunterhunting. Kiss Me Now, Kiss Me Never by ericastwilight, and With Teeth by TalulaBlue.. which I think is only available on Twilighted.
Sarah_E: The Office was taken down, sadly, but I must agree, the Beautiful Bastard will always have a special place in my heart. And panties.
BB: Yeah I was really sad about it being removed. Or lack of panties since he'd probably rip 'em off anyways
Sarah_E: Dear God, yes and please. :: cackles loudly :: I'm such a perv...
BB: LOL! It's okay! When it comes to stuff like that, I'm sure we all are.
Sarah_E: I agree. So, once ALLTB is finished, do you have any other fics planned?
BB: I do, actually! One I'm quite excited about since I don't think I've seen anything quite like it before. It's going to be my own version of the recently released book Hush, Hush.
Sarah_E: Oooh la la. Well, I'm sure it will be incredible! Now, from the twilight characters, who do you see yourself as?
BB: In all honesty, I think I'm most like Emmett. I don't have a peen or anything, but I'm goofy and like to laugh real loud and crack jokes all the time. But if I need to knuckle down and be serious, I'll do it.
Sarah_E: :: giggle snort :: I love Emmett.
BB: I do too
Sarah_E: Have you learned anything from fanfic?
BB: It's helped me realize that there are some really mean people out there, and some really nice people out there. Either way, I've realized I can't make everyone happy and I've finally learned to be okay with that.
Sarah_E: Wisdom comes with practice. You'll never know until to you try. And any other cheesy cliche saying you can think of. It is true though, you can never make everyone happy, so just worry about it being something you can be proud of.
BB: I know, thank you! *huge grin*
Sarah_E: :: tackle hugs::
BB: Yay! Those are the best kinds!
Sarah_E: :: brushes herself off :: Now, go ahead and give yourself a shameless plug. Tell the readers why you think they should drop everything and read ALLTB, like right now!
BB: Haha! Well... if readers are looking for a realistic, that's-happened-to-me type of fic, I think they should definitely check out ALLTB. There's angst, a tattooed Edward, a growing Bella, and some sexy times to come. What more could you want, right? *cheesy grin*
Sarah_E: :: Chants "We want sexy times! We want sexy times!!" :: Okay, BB, is there anything else you'd like to add?
BB: Nothing else I can think of. Oh, but you my dear, are fuckawesome ('scuse my language) for taking the time out of your day to chat with me!
Sarah_E: Hey, I get to talk to the owner of Beforeward. It's totes fuckawesome for me! And don't worry about the language. I like a lil' dirty mouth.
BB: Teehee. Beforeward blew you a kiss, just so you know.
Sarah_E: :: squees like a 13 y/o fangirl :: Why thank you, Beforeward. I'm totally on your side. And thank you, BB, for taking the time to chat with me. I'll make sure the readers check out the awesomesauce you're writing!
BB: Thanks!!
So there you have it. I'm definitely on board the Beforeward train, poor guy needs a little love. If you haven't read ALLTB yet, I urge you to do so. I'm a complete wussperv, for those of you who think the heartfail may be too much, so know this, if I can handle it, you can too. At least I hope so. But in all seriousness, go check out ALLTB as soon as you can. It's totally worth it.


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