April 2, 2010

Sue's Interview with RosieWilde about 'Guns and Roses'

OK, WHY is Sue recommending a story about a heavy metal band???

Ummm...I'm not.

I am recommending a fic about this really neat relationship set during WWI.

(Yes, I know, great shocker there. Sue likes the period fics. I'm only reading about 20 of them or so...HUGE underestimatation on Sue's part. Sue does not want to admit that she has a problem...)

I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY tried resisting this fic.

I mean really hawd (said the way Rob says it *giggle* do not get me started on Robsession I swear it is COMPLETELY healthy! COMPLETELY!!).

Why Sue?

WHY would YOU, of all people, resist reading a story??

Well, there was just something about it. It might have been the Uncle Sam wants you poster (which if I am not mistaken did not come into use till WWII). It also might have been the frightening pic of KStew dolled up as a WAC.


Might have been the name .....I mean you read Guns and Roses and one thing comes to MY mind .....

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE.... blah blah blah...I do not know the words but I hear the sounds in the background I better finish typing this or Hubs will look over my shoulder and start singing and WE CAN NOT HAVE THAT!!!

OK. So back to my point...YOU KNOW I GET THERE EVENTUALLY.

I resisted.

I am so sorry I did.

I should have read this fic and appreciated it for it's subtle beauty from the very start.

Yes, you heard me. I said "subtle beauty".

Here is her summary:

Bella and Edwardʼs relationship is interrupted by WWI. He dreams of glory as a soldier, and she must figure out life without him. A moving story of how friendship turns to love when survival is in doubt. ExB AU/AH.

NOW, I have to talk. THIS is an awesome fic.

WHY?? OK, Edward and Bella grew up in the same small town (yes Forks) and they are friends throughout their lives.

And they fall in love.

And then WWI happens.

Edward being EDWARD thinks going to war would make him more of a MAN.

(guys, I swear, they are so stupid)

WELL, then the letters begin.



Well, you will have to read it now won't you?

OK! OK! I will tell you in my way, but GARANDAMNTEED Rosie tells it better than I do.

So Bella decides to go help the war effort.

DO NOT WORRY! She does not become a stripper or work for the USO.


BELLA becomes a NURSE.


No, really.

Rosie describes these characters and their experiences with such such poignancy. Not sugar-coated, not sappy.

(OK There is supposed to be a fucktabulous interview that goes here with Rosie Wilde however Rosie has not gotten back to me as of yet with her answers I know she will get back to me as soon as she can so I will add that later. I just want people to read this story cause it is allkindsa awesome a great period fic and I really like it ...)

So read it!!!

Guns and Roses by RosieWilde

Guns and Roses Twilighted Thread

And...the fic for Monday is.....

Cocktails and Dreams by the fabulous Whynot.... OK and we do not have a link for it but you can look it up I mean you guys gotta be better at the whole interwebs thing than this technotard!!

(Which Shannon is EXTREMELY excited about and will probably go a bit fangirl on. She LOVES Whynot!)

I love WhyNot too Shannies OH and READERS know this Shannies is in Dallas over the weekend meeting people and smoozing it up at Twicon or something PLUS she is gonna talk to DaddyC for me and invite him to visit the BBR

As you can guess Shannies did not edit this portion of the blog cause there are no periods and stuff


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