April 2, 2010

Sue's Interview with DeltaSwan90 about 'Passing By'

Passing By by DeltaSwan90

*Sue is singing out of tune bopping to the song*

Delta Dawn whats that flower you have on Could it be a faded Rose from days GONE BYYYYyyyYYYYY

and did I hear you say she was a leaving you here today

to take you to that castle in the SKYYYYYyyyYYYY

Shannon apologizes for allowing this to gone on so long *slaps Sue upside the head* "FOCUS WOMAN!"

*Sue in a small meek voice*(like that could happen) "Yes Shannon"

OK, SO WHY, OH WHY did I start out this blog post "singing" that song? Well there is a very good reason ....ok not a very good reason, but I do have a reason.

Lets go back a few weeks...I was bored, scanning through the list of stories on Twilighted and I came across this banner with a noose and the title was Passing By. In my silly head I said, "YUP. Do not wanna read about someone getting their neck stretched."

THEN I saw the name of the author, DeltaSwan90.

NOW, I have warned you, my brain works in strange and mysterious ways. SO the old Tanya Tucker song popped in my head.

OF course me, being ME, only knows a few lines of this song.

So after about an HOUR of that damn thing running through my head, I went back to the story and clicked on it to read it...HOPING to purge my head of Tanya Tucker.

So I start reading the summary of the story.

Summary: "Should a man be sentenced to hang, he may be saved by a virtuous maiden who agrees to marry him." -Early French Colonial Law

DUDE!!! That is so wild!! I read that and thought...BIZARRE

BUT, I am a sucker for a period fic. So I want to see who the virtuous maiden is (DUH I already know it's Bella but I want to meet this incarnation!) and I wanna know WTF Edward could have POSSIBLY done to get himself into such a pickle!

WELL, so far, there are 5 chapters up and I have to say this for such youngin that Delta Swan can write like ....well hella better than I can.


as he has been nicknamed by the ladies on the twilighted board, I mean...OMG.

That nickname right there had this crazy hoor sold!!

The story is all Bella POV. And honestly I am intrigued by this Bella the personality traits that I usually find annoying as all get out FIT this time period. It works better for me at least

The idea of the story is interesting. I mean two people thrown together based on the impulsive desire of a young woman who sees a man sentenced to hang and decides on a whim to save him. Her desire to save him has nothing to do wtih sex at all. She just sees him and cannot bear to have him die for his crime she does not even know whether he is guilty or not.

SO she saves him, by agreeing to marry him. HE does not want her to do this and tries to protest but he does not have a choice in the matter.


Well these two virtual strangers not only have to get married, but they are supposed to consumate this marriage in order for it to be legal!!

Well what do you think Gentleman Edward is gonna do?

What about virginal intelligent Bella?

What about the townsfolk what is thier reaction in this small French town?

I mean Bella is already looked at as a nutcase cause she is an intelligent bookworm ...but to marry a murderer!!

So if you wanna know READ IT and find out!

OK and the interview follows my silly ramblings .....

I know her, though she will not tell me any of her secrets ....damnit...I gotta wait to find out all the good stuff just like all her other readers do ... when she updates.

Total bummer, I have no power...


Here is what Deltaswan had to say to us:

Why did you choose the time period you set the fic in?

Well, I was a student of history in college (just finished in May!) and I focused more on Asian History rather than European. So I myself didn’t know much about France or French history. I whipped out my Western Civ books and found a time period in France in which things were changing. In 1852, France was in the process of gaining a new ruler (an Emperor) as well as writing a new constitution. I kinda of wanted to mirror that with Bella’s life. She’s changing, moving on from childhood and from the loss of her parents. And she too is writing a whole new set of rules for herself.

Where did you find this law?

It’s actually a really strange story. I was doing my student teaching and my mentor teacher gave me a whole bunch of books that I could read to help me plan lessons. One of those books was a “Stupid Law” book. You know, one of those books that makes fun of all the stupid laws of the world. Example: In Canton, Ohio, If one loses their pet tiger, they must notify the authorities within one hour.

See what I was dealing with?

Anyways, I was flipping through this book and in the international section, there was a law, listed from France, that stated “Should a man be sentenced to hang he may be saved by a virtuous maiden who agrees to marry him.”

Right then and there, the idea for this story popped into my head. In the first four seconds I was already imagining Edward standing at the gallows and Bella running and screaming to save him.

The rest of the details, of course, came later. But yeah, it was kind of a fluke that this story came to be!

Is Edward even remotely attracted to her or are you gonna keep this a big secret from us and essentially Bella .

Hm, this one is tricky. Simply because in my mind, “attraction” and “feelings” (ex love, admiration, ect) are two very different things.

Yes, Edward is attracted to her. She’s young, beautiful, and full of life. What normal man wouldn’t be attracted to someone like that? But, actual feelings… I’m pleading the 5th.

adrenalinerush asks, I would love to know Delta's inspiration for the story, whether it was the law itself or an idea of what the Edward/Bella relationship would entail.

I kind of answered this in an earlier question but this brings up something else that I want to address.

This was a COMPLETED short story when I posted the first chapter. Swear on my life. I had eight chapters written and sitting in my beta’s inbox, just waiting to be edited. I was going to use it as a bridge and a motivation tool to help me write my next story (which has been put on hold due to Passing By’s success).

Well, I started getting reviews and people started talking and asking questions over on the thread and I thought to myself… hey, there is a lot more story to be told here!

Then OF COURSE, Edward and Bella wouldn’t shut up after that. Yes, my fictional characters talk to me, scary I know. I talked with my beta and we reworked and fixed a lot of things… so my original ideas and inspiration are still there, but it’s on a much larger scale! And it is now VERY MUCH a work in progress!

So I guess to answer the question, my inspiration was the law, yes. But after that, my head took off on me and Bella and Edward's stories became the true inspiration.

Is there anything you would want a potential reader to know about this story?

Um, only about a million things, lol.

Honestly, I would want them to know that every single word I type has meaning. I’m not going to write a scene… just to have a scene or make a chapter longer. So I know some people have been concerned about the slow pace of this story, trust me, it ALL has meaning.

I would also want everyone to be aware that I am writing BELLA’s perspective. So what Bella sees or interprets… may be different than what Edward sees and interprets. If that makes any sense at all. This mirrors Canon as well… Bella can be dead on the mark about some things… and totally off the mark on others… and she has no way of telling what things she’s right about and what things she’s wrong about until they are revealed to her.

Okay I hope I haven’t totally confused all of you.

I just want to thank Rose again for all her support and awesome fangirl tendencies. I’m writing this story for myself, but it makes it a million times better than other people are enjoying it too!

Feel free to PM me or stop by the thread if you have any questions, I LOVE to hear from people, it’s my obsession. =D

Thanks everyone!

I know right!! Such amazing brains and here I am being all weird and shit chittachatting about this story


I cannot rate this fic on the panty change scale cause as of yet there is NO sexin (Chappy 5 went up today). HOWEVER I am still HOPEFUL for some interesting shenanigans to go on between these two, BUT they first need to develop that relationship. I HAVE GREAT HOPES for some hawt schmexin or at least some romance for them....

So go read it already !!

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