April 3, 2010

Sue's Interview with Pears13 about 'The Fan'

Hi All sorry this is a day late but I suck at technical stuff and my friend has a life with like responsibilities and shit SOOO here is the post I was supposed to get done for yesterday!

Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Wrigley Field!!! Today is Fan Appreciation Day! You have to read this blog entry to get your gift of a Cubward Bobble head doll!! (it is truly disturbing but cracks Sue up! LOL)

Now, please rise as we join our Chicago Cubs in the singing of our National Anthem .......(and well you know how that goes and if you don't well it is not really relevant!)

THE Fan! OMG! BASEBALL and a human Edward in tight pants! GUHHHHHHHH!

What yummy images those conjure up for me...but I happen to be a HUGE baseball fan. Well, OK not HUGE, but I have MY team (The Milwaukee Brewers I am a home town girl!) and I grew up watching the sport.

THE GOOD news is this is a story that even a NON baseball fan can get into because the story does not focus around the game. It instead focuses on the developing possibility of a relationship between Edward and (DUH) Bella.

(SPOILER ALERT spoiler alert)

Bella is a baseball fan who is also a researcher at some company in Chicago. She was originally from (DUH) Forks and is a recent transplant. MEANING she gets the whole Cubs White Sox rivalry but really could care less. She has Cubs season tickets though through her friend Emmett. She likes the sport of baseball, but she is biased against players because she has....a secret in her past.

Edward is a playa who also plays baseball!! (I have been waiting for DAYS to say that shit!! I crack myself up!) He does not date FANS. Especially crazy ass fans who memorize stats and shit.


YUP she memorizes stats and shit (awesome that crap never did stick in my head).

Of course, there is attraction, but there is something holding them back ...something from thier past.


I know right!

So this story is fluffy with minimal angst. The relationship between Bella and Edward is so cool to listen to!!! Ol Eddie boy is stuck in his head fighting with himself, but he really fucking cares for her you know?? And Bella is so wound up and it all is just COOL AS HELL.

THEY PLAY EACH OTHERS WINGMAN at the bars! OMG! When I went out to bars all I had was my nasty attitude to hold off dudes not some hawt guy coming up sucking on my neck and wrapping his arms around me!! Fabulous!

Yes, they kiss before they get into a real relationship. They like to tease each other this way cause so far neither has the cahones to man up and say "Dude, I like you, let's bone!" (OK OK so Bella would NEVER say that in a story perhaps this is why no one has based a Bella on ME ).

OK, I will shut up now and we can hear from the illustrious Pears!!

Thank you for joining me today here at ...The BLOG

What was your inspiration for this story? As a girl I was a huge baseball fan and had quite a few crushes on some mlb players. I had read a few fanfics where there was a baseball player in them, but never Edward and since I love a man in a baseball uniform, I wanted a story where he wore one. So I decided to write one.

What do you want fans of The Fan to know about this?I would like them to know that they don't have to fret too much about Jane or Jacob - seriously! Well, okay, you can fret about Jane, but honestly, she does not negatively impact Edward and Bella's relationship too much - promise.

OH and here is my big one
AS a huge fan of baseball I want to know WHY you choose The Cubs I mean come on WHY NOT the Brewers! everyone knows the Brew Crew is fantabulous! I know I do (hometown girl here ) (I already know your answer to this I just wanted to mention how fantabulous the brew crew is
) Since Edward's family was originally from Chicago, I liked the idea of a human Edward still living in there. Also, I live in the Chicago suburbs, so it is easier for me to know the area a little better than say, Seattle, which I don't know much about. I chose the Cubs over the White Sox because I just like Wrigley Field and the Cubs' pinstripe uniforms! I'm actually a Red Sox fan, so there's no love affair on my part with the Cubs, though my husband is a fan.

OK WHY a baseball fic ?? Is it just because you want to see Eddie boy and the gang in those little pants? As I said before, I wanted to read about Edward as a baseball player and since I couldn't fine a fanfic that had that senario, I came up with one. And yes, I did want to vision him in a baseball uniform - pants worn down to the ankles!

Thank you Pears!!

OK NOW, I also have a small warning from some of my fellow reading obsessed friends.

They said that the first chapter starts out kinda slow (I just think they like to give me shit cause I really dig this fic). SO, I will simply say:

Read it for yourself come to your own conclusions. But by all means, love it, hate it: LEAVE A REVIEW! And of course comment on my damn blog I mean seriously people 4 freaking comments!! COME ON!!

This is why I would not write FF cause I am a feedback HOOR and I would get all beligerant and shit.

OH that and I can't fucking write.

SO AS PROMISED I have here for the first 10,000 fans a Lovely BOBBLHEAD doll made for you from the loveing hands of that beautiful lucky hoor Stephanie (Sparkly_says)


I was looking at it and GIGGLING my ass off for like 2 hours when she made it for me.

OH! OH! OH! And so I do not forget, cause if I do, she will kick my virtual ass.

THIS is the button that will soon grace signatures ALL OVER THE INTERNET WHY?? Cause it will link suckers...I mean fans to my blog to listen to me talk about bullshit and FF. HOW COOL IS THIS

(Use this code in the forums: [url=http://sytycw.wordpress.com][img]http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3536/3789379269_8689c512e5_o.gif[/img][/url] )

Sue laughed her ass off reading this thing to it just makes me all giddy inside!!

What can I say? I have VERY talented friends!! (who are good at multitasking)


Our next fic on my rave list is Bella Swan:Kidnapper. If you have not read this fic DEEEWW EETT!

AND COMING SOON, details on a little one shot contest that the fabulous Molls and I are hosting..if she and I can ever get our collective shit together Molls has a good excuse you see she is gainfully employed while I am merely a kept woman but eventually we will get it all dealt with.

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