April 9, 2010

Sue's Interview with Lambcullen about 'Tides'

Tides by Lambcullen, on Twilighted


You know there are many reasons that I pick up a fic to read.
Sometimes someone rec's it to me.
Sometimes I read a description and just HAVE to read the story.
Other times I see a pretty blinky thingie and am distracted by the bright shiny pictures.

And other times it is the name of the ____ward.

THAT is the case with this story.

I am in love with:

So I had to read the fic

So HOW, Sue? HOW did you hear that his name is Erectionward?
Well I twitstalk follow Lambcullen and I watched one day, and she and hunterhunting were chatting about him. And being the crazy twitstalker that I am, I had to see what all the fuss was about. So I butted into their convo because I have no shame.

Thus, started a funny twitter relationship where Lambcullen asks for fic recs and I tell her to read her own.
Yes, I rec'd Landscapes to her (ON PURPOSE DAMNIT! I was trying to be funny).

Ok, I see I have gotten off topic in my babbling again, but I had to share that tiny tidbit cause I love joking around with lambie.

Here is the description of her fic:

Bella's inheritance - an old house once owned by Granddad Aro. However, she is surprised to find an unexpected house guest living there. He knows her, but who the hell is he? OOC AH Lemons...Fluff...the usual.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 14 - Words: 66,198 - Reviews: 4305 - Updated: 11-19-09 - Published: 8-26-09 - Bella & Edward

And here is MINE:

Sad, shy little Bella gets a house left to her by her grandpa. Bella's life SUCKS bad til she walks in the house and sees a naked man (not gramps but ERECTIONWARD and yes that needs to be capitolized!)


What I love about this story:

(Be warned spoilers here!)

Edward loves her but he does not know who she is. He knew her when they were kids and he has waited for her to return FOR YEARS.

Now, don't go thinking he went all monkish, sitting around. No, he has a life, but in the back of his heart he was holding out just for her.

Bella, per usual, has NOT got a clue. She fights these feelings because of what her marriage did to her. It left her questioning her ability to judge others.

And, well, Edward does tend to come on a little strong.
Of course, if it was ME having some guy doing that, I would be "OH HELL YES!!" But I am not Bella, which is probably why I do not understand her EVER.


WHY do I think you should read this fic?
The UST is palpable.
The descriptions are VIVID without being overly wordy.
The Edward is fabulous (and we all know I am all about the leading man).
The Bella. You find yourself ROOTING for her to give in.
There is some funny, some sad, and lots of OHHHHHHH!

All the stuff that makes a fic great!

Here. Read what Lambcullen had to say in answer to my hard hitting journalistic style Qs!!! (I really hope everyone gets that I am playing around when I say that shit!)

Where did you get the idea for this story?
It was in idea I had many months ago, and like most of my idea, came from something small. I wanted to write a sappy but strong Edward, but was in the middle of writing Landscapes. I wrote the basic information down, and over the following weeks added more to the plot. To be honest, eventually Erectionward was screaming in my ear, and I needed to write it.

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
I think most readers understand Erectionward, though there are a few that can’t get to grips with his dominant nature. I wanted to make it clear that although he has waited for her, he hasn’t kept himself hidden, and he knows exactly how he wants her.

Why should readers read your story?
I like to think my incarnations of the characters are different than the norm. I also try to give readers something they’ve never had before. Like Alice, in Landscapes, or even Bella in Dearly Departed. I take my time plotting out each character and making sure the clichés stay minimal.

Any more fic plans in the future?
Christ, yes! I have a standing joke that I have control issues – as in I have no control at all. I currently have four journals with basic plot outlines for fics.

There is also the expansion to my Dark Possession one shot.

What actor/actress do you picture as your Ed/Bella?
Always Rob. I just use a different picture as him, but it will always be him. Bella on the other hand is a little strange. Apart from Dearly Departed (who is definitely Kristen) my Bella’s are sort of blank. I know that sounds odd, but she has the hair, the usual features, but no definite person….I’m strange- I know!

Do you believe in HEA?
In 90% of cases, yes…. However, I would read a fic that didn’t have one. Also, a HEA can be construed as so many different things. It doesn’t need to be marriage and kids.

So, do you do anything special while writing a chapter, like listen to special music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&Ms whatever …?
Ha! I work…. Yes! I write most of my chapters while I’m in work. I then transfer it to screen when I get home. So while Mr. Jones is moaning in my ear about the cost of his car insurance, I’m usually writing about Edward kissing Bella.

When I’m at home, I usually have music on, and am easily distracted by Twitter or Ravelry.

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
All my fics are plotted out, but sometimes things occur and I just have to slot them in there. Like with Landscapes. The idea for that came from the Blue Paint sex scene, and I plotted the whole fic around it. As the readers liked it so much, I brought it back in the epilogue. That epilogue was very different when originally plotted out.
I don’t like not having any outline to refer to. It scares me!

Do you have a posting schedule? If so what is it ?
I always write at least one chapter in advance. I feel more comfortable knowing that if real life kicks me, I have a buffer.

My beta team (Maylin & Twirlgrrl) are amazing. They keep up with all my fics and I really couldn’t do it without them.

I update weekly on my fics, however Dearly Departed can be tough to write, so that is more like fortnightly.

What brought you to fanfic? To Twilight?
I was browsing the internet for Twilight forums after I’d finished Breaking Dawn. I stumbled upon a few links and found Wide Awake by Angstgoddess003. That opened the whole fanfiction world. My husband is happy, it doesn’t cost as much for my reading addiction anymore!

What is your background in writing?
I did English Literature in college, and have always had an immense love of books. I literally have them in every room of the house. Other than that- nothing! I was so scared sending the very first chapter to my then beta. I was almost sick!

Is there a soundtrack to your stories?
Dearly Departed has a song at the end of each chapter – something that I feel was appropriate.
Wreckage – I had Paramore – We are Broken, in my head the whole time. It was perfect for the fic.
As for the others, not really. I’m very genre specific with my music, and I don’t think most people care for my taste 

Which character do you see yourself as?
Definitly Alice… she is my fav of all characters and tbh I think Meyer could have done so much more with Alice and Jasper. Alice is a little kooky and ‘off the wall’ – totally me!

And what character would like to see yourself with?
Surprisingly not Edward!

I think Jasper would be more my kind of person. I adore Rob, but Edward is a little too demanding for my liking.

Which RL author inspires you? Did any FF authors inspire you?
I got into the Twilight books because of my love of all things Vampire. I adore Sherrilyn Kenyons Dark Hunter books, and Christine Feehans Carapathians.

FF authors – toughy….I’ve met many amazing people doing this, but I don’t think anyone in particular inspires me. I have my favorites, authors such as, hunterhunting who wrote my perfect Edward- tattooed and pierced. Kiyaraven makes me snort with laughter. theladyingrey42 - her words are so beautiful, and nobody writes a version of Jasper and Alice like Shalu does!
So- yeah definitely favorites, but not necessarily an inspiration to me.

Rec a fic and tell me why I should read it …
OH NO! I knew you would ask me that. Just one? OK tbh my favorite fic of all time is Mutally Assured Destruction by JandCo…. It was the first fic I itched to get an update from. Its dark (which I adore) and the ending was absolutely perfect for the characters. The HEA isn’t to everyone’s taste, but it suited the fic, and that to me is a great story.

The only other one is The Blessing and The Curse by theblackarrow. You get completely cocooned in her words. They are so stunningly beautiful. I can’t praise it enough!

*The only thing I would like to add is maybe the thing I’m most proud of writing. It would be my Tides quote:

Remember the tide may come and wash away your sandcastle, but the sand still remains, allowing you to build something new.

And lambie darlin, you should be proud of that quote from Tides. It has stuck with me !!

So there you have it, my dears. That is MY Rec of the day.

What's in store for you this week?

Well, in the US, it is Thanksgiving week. So most of us will be getting ready to stuff our faces full of food and say we are thankful.

Tomorrow, my darling Nikki has a lovely poll she is gonna put up, all about being Thankful for the Pretty.
Do I expect anyone to bother to vote?
Nah! But it will still be fun to look at !!

ALSO tomorrow I will be putting up another fic rec.
You see I volunteered a few friends to do interviews with authors, and write their own posts, because I feel we do not have enough stuff on my blog about fics.
Tomorrow Sarah_Elizabeth puts up her first interview. She is nervous so be nice !! She is gonna talk about GEEKLOVE!

Wednesday, I come back with another great beach themed fic called:
I Only Want You For Your Body ...by whynot42 aka fatallyobsessed

Yeahhhhhh! Gotta love that title and get this! Edward is a sculpter!!
That is a good job for those lovely hands of his!!!

As for the rest of the week... I have no idea what I plan on doing... Probably some cooking and stuff ...

Tata for now!


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