April 9, 2010

Sarah's Interview with SassenachWench about 'Geek Love'

Oh hai, SYTYCW readers! I'm Sarah_Elizabeth and this will be my first foray into interviewing/blogging. The Mistress Sue recruited me. I am her lowly minion now. It's a very happy arrangement.

Okay, so, I'm a total geek at heart. I can't help it, my brain is simply wired to find geek speak uber sexy. Not too mention, a man that spends several hours a day at a computer....well, I can only imagine that his fingers would be very fast and talented. Ooops, TMI? Oh, well, you need to get used to that. ::giggles::

So, last week I was craving some Geekward. Let's be honest, well all love some Geekward. Awkward and fumbling, socially retarded, and so sweet he'll give you a cavity. Can you say: Yes, and please? Well, I most definitely can; thus I found the gem known as : Geek Love by SassenachWench on ffn.

Geek Love Banner

Her summary: Humor, romance, healing and rampant geekitude collide in this Edward & Bella love story. "A funny, quirky love story about two computer geeks whose playful friendship turns into something more." Chokin' the Rubber Chicken blog.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 19 - Words: 70,527 - Reviews: 1352 - Updated: 11-13-09 - Published: 8-23-09 - Bella & Edward

Oh, dearsweetbabyjesus. I was hooked from the start. You have all the loveliness of Geekward but you also get a zombie loving, heartbreakingly broken Bella, a porn addicted Jasper, and the rest of the usual suspects are just as quirky. I tell you, Geek Love is pure win. I read straight through, which means I turned on the Disney Channel, threw some sugar packed nomnoms at the lil' one, and entered the "fanfic zone."

I am so happy I did. What can I say to make you understand the level of devotion I have for SassenachWench's Geekward? Oooh...the 'Trifecta!' Say whaa?? Yeah, this Geekward makes his Bella a deliciously sinful treat, almost daily. What is it you ask?
"Two cups of steaming coffee – straight from the Fauxbucks insta-serve machine, a bowl of microwaved (now liquid) Hershey’s chocolate, and a plate of peanutbutter-filled cookie sandwiches."
I iz ded. Geekward has wiggled into my heart and claimed my lady bits with that insane yumminess. A man that understands the need for coffee, chocolate and sugar. WIN of EPIC proportions. Add in Jasper making fried foods fornicate on a ferry, and Bella happily watching porn with both Edward and Jasper, um yeah, need I say more?

During my interview with SassenachWench, it was brought to my attention that she did not have a twilighted thread. Well, that is blasphemy...and I made to correct that error immediately.

I could go on and on about how much I adore Geek Love, but I have a feeling that will be monotonous so how about we just skip on to the interview with SW, now?

Sarah_E: So, SW, how are you this afternoon?

SW: Good. Just settling in with coffee and some toaster waffles I stole from my child's stash.

Sarah_E: Lulz. Us mother's are good for that.

SW: :)

Sarah_E: So..wow, this is different for me. You're my first interview. It may be unorthodox, but I'm sure Sue won't mind. ::winks::

Can you tell me how you came up with the idea for Geek Love?

SW: Yeah, thought it's embarrassingly uninteresting. :) The opening scene of chapter one, “In Which There is a Battle” paints a fairly accurate picture of my cubicle at work. In Geek Love, Edward is a hotter, smarter, cooler, richer, and version of me. But with a penis. And did I mention hot?

Quite honestly I showed a shocking lack of imagination for this story. I’m beginning to think that’s my thing. People will whisper as I walk down the street, “Pssst…that’s the woman…did you hear about her? The doctors say she was born with no imagination! Can you imagine? Yeah, well, she can’t.”

Sarah_E: ::belly laughs:: I'm pretty sure all of us feel that way at some point, and I have to argue that I think it's very creative, especially Bella's love for the zombies.

SW: Thanks. It's a geek thing.

Sarah_E: Gotta love the geeks. Geeks rule the world. I'm surprised more people don't understand that knowledge.

SW: They do, they just won't admit it.

Sarah_E: So very true. Now let's see...Sue says to tell you "Hi." And we all know that we must do as Sue says...so, hi.

SW: Hi Sue!

::Sarah_E nods in Sue's direction::

Sarah_E: Oh, le crap. I accidentally closed my browser with the questions. I'm so awesome. Lulz.

SW: Techfail.

Sarah_E: Epic techfail.

::curses at stupid computer for making her look technotarded, even though she is.::

There we go. So, now that we know where the hawtness that is Geekward came from, do you do anything special when writing a chapter? Like special music, or ya know, get drunk and look up geek references online?

SW: By the way, what's the language rating on this interview? I'm a big potty mouth. Should I edit? :)

Sarah_E: Nah..I don't think so. Well, lemme check..

::goes off to ask Sue yet another question::

::Returns with Sue's answer::

Sue Stefanich: HELL TO THE FUCK NO!! LOL

::giggles because she loves the potty mouth::

SW: GOOD! So, to answer your question...

Yes, I have an unchanging ritual. I can’t write unless I’m in total silence in a perfectly clean house, after no less than a solid eight hours of sleep…


But seriously…I have a full-time job, a six-year old, a husband, and three cats. Basically I write in the minutes between working, cooking, cleaning, doing homework, and servicing the man.

Wow…Letter T, meet M and I, you’re gonna be buddies now.

And for my next song I’m going to cover the old classic “Sassenach, Shut the F*%# Up”.

Sarah_E: ::snickers::I don't think we need to worry about TMI. Speaking for myself, I'm pretty positive I read enough smut to never feel the need to blush again.

Well, at least around other fangirls.

SW: LOL. I thought that was true until I had my best friend read the (upcoming) Geek Love lemon sitting at my kitchen table. We both turned a little red. ;)

Sarah_E: I'm writing my first lemon now, it was for the Support Stacie Auction, yeah...well, it's kinda different when you're the one writing it. It's almost like starring in a porno, as someone who walks in on the couple humping like monkeys. Awkward!

SW: Yeah, I remember the pain of my first lemon. But after 9 chapters of Just One Day I'm waaaaay over that. :) You know when you out-squick the Perv Pack ladies, you've out-smutted just about anyone.

Sarah_E: bwahahaha...wow, that is truly impressive.

Now, for a must know question. Who do you picture as Edward?

And, you know, Bella too?

SW: The problem is that I saw the movie first, so I picture RPattz and KStew. Physically, that is. After reading the books, I would have directed them far differently. But from a "picture in your head" perspective I think they're great.

Sarah_E: Trufax.

I can't picture anyone other than The Pretty as Edward. I guess my brain is hardwired to Rob. Not a bad way to be, in my humble opinion.

Have you planned out Geek Love? Or is this more of a you go where the wind takes you sort of story?

SW: Sorta halfa-mixta-bita both? Initially the story was going to be just a few chapters of light and fluffy love story. I had a vague plan in my head. After a few chapters I knew it would be much longer (and more serious) than planned, and made a high-level outline that I actually wrote down. That was a first for me.

Sarah_E: Nice. Don't you love it when the characters seem to take over your mind...and you can do nothing but refuse to write what they want you too?

SW: Absolutely. That's exactly what happened with my Bella. Her storyline in this wrote itself. I didn't plan it.


SW: Um... yeah. :)

Sarah_E: ::whipsers:: For precaution, ya know?

SW: Always use precaution.

Sarah_E: Trufax. Use a love glove. You don't know where that thing has been before you.

This is the end of Sarah_E and SW's PSA. Thank you for listening.

After spending a good chunk of yesterday reading through Geek Love, I have to say, I'm drawn to your Bella, for reasons I explained to you last night.

SW: Mmmhmmm...

Sarah_E: She went through some horrendous shit...before meeting Edward, and yet still goes about her daily life. Is it hard for you to write something so awful?

I know they're fictional characters, but at the same time, it's like you put yourself in their shoes, at least for me, so how do you handle that?

SW: Yes and no. Oddly enough, when I write, I don't feel as deeply as when I think something through. I think it's because I'm distracted by the mechanics of what I'm doing.

But the story in general...yes. I didn't plan for that to be Bella's history, but for some reason I couldn't write it any other way. Nothing else made sense to me. Unfortunately I've had friends in similar situations as Geek Love Bella's, and had their truths to draw on.

The chapter "In Which All is Revealed" somewhat mirrors a conversation I had with a friend during our first week of college. We passed a bottle of cheap champagne back and forth while she told me her awful, awful story.

So, to answer your question: It hurts to remember that this really happens to people, but writing it is less painful than just thinking about it.

Sarah_E: ::nods understandingly:: And reading about it isn't everyone's cup of tea, either. Do you have anything to say to Sue's readers as to why, even though GL's Bella has a traumatic past, they should still read it?

I have my own, but this is your baby.

SW: LOL. That's a hard one. At its core, Geek Love is just that -- a story about two geeks in love, and learning how to be together. It's cute, sweet, and sexy (at least, that's what I'm aiming for).

If readers have issues with past abuse, or are particularly responsive to that topic, I'd recommend they read the reviews from past survivors in deciding if it's something they should read. I have to say I've been stunned and beyond flattered from the reviews & PMs I've received from rape survivors thanking me for the way in which I've written Bella. I really did worry about offending people, but so far I've had nothing but positive reactions.

For the readers who don't have trigger issues with abuse storylines, they should read it because where else will they see fried food masquerading as Edward and Bella, having sex while an adorably porn-addicted Jasper narrates? :)

Another thing that seems to have worked out, is I recommend that people skip the chapter "In Which All is Revealed". According to a reader today you can skip that one, and still enjoy the story, without reading the awful bits.

Sarah_E: ::turns off tape recorder even though this is GChat interview::

I have to add my own two cents in at this point. As a rape survivor myself, I don't like romanticizing the idea of rape, in any way shape or form.

However, SW has written the past trauma to her Bella in a sensitive light, and as of yet, there are no graphic details of said abuse. It is a very serious and sensitive topic, and SW has written it as such.

::clears throat and turns the useless tape recorder back on::

SW: There will never be details. ::shudders::

Sarah_E: Thank Jebus. ::shivers::

SW: The core problem with discussing this aspect of Geek Love is that at its heart it's a funny love story. Although what happened to Bella is awful, it's not really the point of the story. I know I'm walking a very fine line, trying to balance the seriousness of her past with the humor and joy they're finding in the present, but I do encourage you to remember that what happened to her was six years before the start of the story, so it's not top of her mind all the time, you know?

Sarah_E: Yes, that makes total sense. Okay, let us move away from srs speak.

SW: Yes please -- moving away from srs speak!

Sarah_E: Okay...so soundtrack? U haz one?

SW: Oh, I love it when people LOLCats me.

::Sarah_E does a fist pump for the LOLCats::

SW: Just to clarify, are you referring to a play-list?

Sarah_E: Yes'sm.

SW: OK then...

[Cue the sound of hordes of fanfic readers hurling tomatoes]

Um…no. I have to say, I think play-lists in fics are self-indulgent and pointless. I’m sure some readers like them, but for the most part, I don’t see them actually serving a purpose. To me it’s no different than suggesting which foods they eat, or what mood they be in before they read your story. Music, like almost any art, is too subjective to expect it to lend the influence you hope it will to your story.

Sarah_E: ::grimaces because she uses music in her own writing::

I totally get what you're saying, though.

SW: LOL! Now wait...there's a difference if you're using the music IN the story. Take, for example, Facebook Friends by Green Puma. The music there is central to the story, and therefore not pointless at all.

Sarah_E: ::fist pump at the rec::

SW: The characters discuss it, and communicate through it. However, Stephenie Meyer telling me she listened to Korn while writing Twilight isn't going to make me go listen to it while I read it. If I did, I'd hate Twilight, because I can't stand Korn. See what I'm saying?

Sarah_E: ::eyes widen:: Oh, yeah...Korn, didn't know that. I knew she listened to Muse. Huh, Korn, who woulda thunk?

Sarah_E:Now, the geek speak...it's pure win.

SW: LOL. Which part? The actual geek speek (my SQL queries spoken out loud) or the made-up words Edward and Bella throw out there?

Sarah_E: All of it. It's just all pure win. I'm a total Geekward fangirl!

SW: ::sighs:: Me too. Though, I have to say, Jasper has my heart too.

Sarah_E: Ah, the porn loving, counselor Jasper.

tee hee...fisting...you gotta read it, to know why that's so fucking funny.

SW: Yes. I have a special place in my heart for Jasper, and I think it shows.

Sarah_E: I especially love how he shows them their communication fail. Social retards, FTW!

SW: He's the voice of pornographic reason.

Sarah_E: ::laughs too loudly, obnoxiously really::

Now, do you believe in HEA?

Please, please say yes.

SW: LOL. Didn't I already promise HEA in the Geek Love Prologue? ;)

In fics, hell yeah. I know a lot of people love the angst and heart-fail, and rub their “artistic-integrity” all over their fics, but frankly, I read to experience something better than my life.

In real life? Meh. Maybe. I’m a little bitter and jaded. Can you tell? Frankly, I’ll settle for the “Ever After”, and let the “Happily” come by way of medical prescription or a bottle of Patron Gold.

Sarah_E: Dude...I'm divorced..call me bittah.

SW: That's Ms. Bittah!

Sarah_E: ::nods solemnly::

And I totally forgot that Edward was basically saying hey..HEA is ahead.

::head desk::

SW: Yes, he is. I am not shy about promising HEA. I can almost go so far as to promise I won't ever NOT have an HEA in my fics. I'm an angst-wuss.

Sarah_E: I'm such a wussperv.

SW: I need a term for a wussperv who likes non-canon couplings. That's me.

But the definition of wussperv is "tragically canon"...which is so NOT me.

Sarah_E: I'm a total canon girl.

SW: LOL. Then quite possibly you shouldn't ask for my fic recs.

Sarah_E: Eh, there are several people that like that stuff.

I'm also not hardwired for slash.

Just can't do it.

::ducks away from the rotten tomatoes::

SW: I was like that too, but one single fic changed me forever. Now I read slash quite happily. In fact, after reading that one fic, I wrote some slash!

Sarah_E: ::squeaks::

I no like the buttsecks. Let's just say, over eager young boyfriend and the ending landed me in the ER with stitches in my head. I think slash may send me into a catatonic state. ::shivers::

SW: Oh, yeah, but not all slash is buttsecks.

Mine was just omnomnom secks.

Sarah_E: bwa ha ha ha...

So that would be kittah secks?

SW: No, omnom peen secks.

Sarah_E: Ohhhh...

Well, that shows just how much I read it doesn't it? ::face palm::

SW: Don't worry, there will be no non-canon in Geek Love.

Just stay well away from my other WiP.

Sarah_E: Duly noted.

heh heh heh

::looks for questions::

Oh, yeah. What brought you to fanfic? Twilight?

SW: The first part is easy. Twilight brought me to fanfic. I had no clue it even existed before Twilight. Half way through Breaking Dawn I knew I was stuck in fade-to-black purgatory with these two wacky immortards, and out of anger I Googled “Breaking Dawn honeymoon scene.” Somewhere down the middle of the first page was a link to Twilighted. And the rest, as they say, is history.

As for what brought me to Twilight in general…

[Cue soundtrack of Twihards grabbing pitchforks and torches, shouting “burn her!”]

The day after the Twilight movie came out on DVD, I asked my Blockbuster-bound husband to rent that “that stupid vampire thing all the kids are into”. We watched it and honestly haven’t laughed so hard at a movie in a very long time. With no context from the books it was truly a confusing and ridiculous piece of filmmaking.

Having known a few people (adults, even) who swore by the books, I had to see whether there was some redeeming quality to the story, or if the entire population under thirty had gone stark raving retarded. I bought Twilight, parked my ever-expanding ass on the couch, and read it cover-to-cover that night.

My husband has never laughed so hard at me.

The next day I bought the other three books, and read them cover to cover over the next four days.

My husband stopped laughing about halfway through Eclipse, and just stared at me with a “who are you and what did you do with my wife” look on his face.

Sarah_E: I did the same thing..no worries. I saw the trailer and tthought.. hmm that sounds cool.

Then my babysitter was like: Have you read the books?

And I was like: No.


And I was like:: Eeep!

...then I did.

Now..look at me. Rather pathetic...


But it changed my life, in a way, because it made me start writing. That's something that will always be with me.

Sarah_E: I read all 4 books in 4 days..then saw the movie. Several months later..I truly wanted to know what actually happened on the honeymoon...and now..I'm a wussperv that spends far too much time reading fanfic. My friends are seriously considering an intervention.

SW: Oh, you TOLD people? Well...that's your first mistake.

Sarah_E: I didn't mean to..I was reading a fic one day...and Bella did something supremely fucked up and I screamed at the laptop screen...well, the neighbors were out.

Thus, I was exposed.

::shakes head sadly::


Sarah_E: Yes, I'm a big twinerd. I admit it with pride. I should wear a badge

SW: I was exposed to my friends and family as a fic-writer, and it was mortifying. But they don't know my pen-name, so nothing has actually been shared. Thank Jeebus, given the utterly pornographic nature of most of my writing.

Sarah_E: Yeah, I don't think I could handle any family reading anything from my pervy mind.

Oooh..any Rpattz/Edward dreams? I'll share one of mine if you share one of yours.

SW: You first ... but in fairness I should say that's because I've never had any. LOL.

Sarah_E: Well, then why should I share?

SW: What, you want me to make one up? I'm not a RPF girl...

::Sarah_E double-takes at the blasphemy of not being a RPattz fangirl. Then simply dismisses it as a moment of insanity::

Sarah_E: Let's just say: Tattward. Tattoo chair. Extremely loud moaning. 'Nuff said.

SW: Isn't that CWaIA in a nutshell?

Sarah_E: Uh, yeah.

Well, I have a thing for several wards

Geek, Tatt, Sweet, Chub... it's like pokemon. You gotta catch 'em all.


Sarah_E: Oooh, Domward.

Okay. Enough, Sarah.

Uh..anything else you want the readers to know?

SW: In general? Yes, please read Geek Love, and please review any fics you read. Even if it's to leave constructive criticism, any feedback is better than no feedback.

Sarah_E: Yes! But please remember the writers have RL stuff too.


Is not win.

SW: LOL. You mean like the review I just got right now that says:

we've been waiting for eternity for your extremely talented fingers to whip out another chapter....
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese? with cherries on top??

When in reality it's been barely a week since I updated, and you got TWO chapters that week? LOL.

Sarah_E: Bwa ha ha! So good. I hate those reviews.

So, who popped your fanfic cherry?

SW: I don't remember the first fic I read, but I do remember filtering through a lot of dreck until I found some good ones. I remember a few that I consider "cherry poppers" in their own right though. The List popped my "learn to do the smexin'" cherry. When Darkness Turns to Light popped my non-canon cherry in a big way. I'm basically Team Jasper now thanks to that fic. And Mr. Horrible popped my AH cherry.

Oh, and The Tie That Binds popped my slash/threesome cherry.

Sarah_E: Frenemies was my cherry poppin' FIC. Then WA was my angsty cherry poppin' fic. And both contained the sexy times.

I've been addicted ever since.

Are you planning anymore fics?

SW: Absolutely!

I’m in the process of finishing up a few things—one shots, and my other WiP “Just One Day”, but have two concepts for novels. One is shelved because I’m not skilled enough to write it (yet). One is very exciting for me, and will be my next big project. Unlike the shelved concept, this one started as a fanfic idea but may not become fanfic—I may write it as original.

Otherwise I'm writing a Friday Free For All for Ninapolitan (co-writing with Green Puma) that will be out 12/18.

Sarah_E: Oooh la la!

Anything you'd like to tell me exclusively?

Make me feel like a real reporter? Er...blogger?

SW: LOL...lemme think...

Sarah_E: ::rubs hands together::

SW: This may not be what you're looking for, but: I'm putting together an FAQ for all the geek/toy/whatever references for Geek Love, as well as chapter notes. It's going up on a blog I'm starting called The Wenching Post. http://wenchingpost.blogspot.com.

Also, two people were generous enough to buy Geek Love out-takes for the Fandom Gives Back auction. I'm going to be writing those in the next month or so. One will be a Drunklisle out-take -- an alt-POV chapter featuring a drunk Carlisle at Rose & Emmett's wedding. This was purchased by TrixieTraci, who talked me into joining the FGB effort.

Sarah_E: Woot! That's awesome!! The FGB rocked, 'nuff said.

Would you like to turn on our Geek sides?

SW: Huh?

Sarah_E: You know? A little geek speak, for the readers?

SW: LOL. Sure.

Sarah_E: So teh LOLcatz? I iz loving it.

And teh zombies? Nom Nom nom...so adorkable.

SW: LOL. LOLCats FTW. But zombiez > LOLCats.

Oh hai...want spoilerz?

I has new chapterz? Why yes! Klue > 0... ready? Jasper + Alice = Vegas, FTW (hint hint) got it?

Sarah_E: Oooh...

SW: There. You got your big exclusive.

Sarah_E: ::squeals in victory::

Wonder what those crazy pRon addicts will be doing there.

SW: Hmmm..wonder.

Sarah_E: ::bounces in seat:: So win.

So..the lemonade is calling. Do you have any idea when that will make an appearance?

SW: Well... yes. Actually. It's written, and was ready to be Chapter The Next like a week ago. But then I decided (again) that Bella needed just a leeeetle more time (you know, back to that whole 'reality' thing for her) so probably chapter Twenty-the-first. Chapter Twenty will be making an appearance in the next day or two, as soon as I finish curing it from its lemon-ectomy.

Sarah_E: ::winces:: A lemon-ectomy sounds painful. It is, however, completely understandable.

SW: Well, there's some lemon, just not... you know... lemonade. They are two horny, crazy kids, after all.

Sarah_E: So, I gotta ask, do you see yourself as a Bella, Alice, or Rose? And who would you be getting to know in the biblical sense, if you could?

SW: I don’t think I’m going to like my own answer to this. I think I’m probably Alice, but without the energy. I see Alice as someone who sort of stampedes in and gets her own way even when she doesn’t always mean to. Her manipulation of Bella struck me as something I might do, and as much as I don’t like that, I think it’s probably closest to me.

Maybe that’s why I don’t like Alice much.

Though, possibly I’m Jasper, since I lack self-control entirely, and would definitely have attacked Bella on her birthday. Bitch bled in a room full of vampires…just sayin’.

As for who I’d be with? If we’re talking canon, I’d be with (in order): Carlisle, Edward, Jacob. If we’re talking fanfic, it would be Jasper, Carlisle, Edward.

But shhh...don't tell hubs. :)

According to hubs (on the way to New Moon) I'm only allowed to get "all sparkly in the girly bits" for him.

Sarah_E: Now see, I a total Edward grrl. Though, I do have a bit of thing for Emmett.


::shakes head sadly:: The hubs just don't understand.

It's not cheating if it's a fictional character.

SW: LOL. Given the look on his face I'd say he understands entirely too much. ;)

Yeah, well, he has a thing for Dr. Cuddy on House -- so I just tell him to go watch that while I read my fanfic.

Sarah_E: I have two words for him: Body. Glitter.

Then he'll be the sparkle peen...hee hee.

SW: LOL! I have two words for you. "Never. Happen."

Sarah_E: ::snaps fingers:: Damn.

SW: Ooooh....glitter in the love tunnel? No thanks!

Sarah_E: I obviously didn't think that one through.

That could be seriously painful.

And messy.

Do not try that at home.

SW: And hard to explain to the ObGyn.

Sarah_E: Trufax, bb. "Glitter down there? Well, you see Dr. Hooch, um...you know what, let's just pretend this never happened, K?"

SW: I'd just tell them it was a crafting accident.

Sarah_E: I would love to see the answering face to that comment. Wow, could I be any more OT? ::shakes head to clear it::

I need to ask. What RL authors inspire you? FF authors?

SW: Given my pen name it’s going to be no surprise when I name Diana Gabaldon as my main RL-author-inspiration. However, I’m really a classic literature girl at heart, so I’m just as pwned by Voltaire, the Bronte sisters, some Austen, and Shakespeare. But on my “less dead” authors list would be Elizabeth George and Audrey Niffenegger also.

As for FF authors…Just the fact that they exist is inspiration. Some of the fanfic I’ve read is hands-down better than the original work. Yet I know from author notes that these people—these amazing authors—are just like me. They have jobs, and children, and spouses. Frankly, they showed me I had no excuse not to try.

Sarah_E: Brilliant answer, SW. I couldn't agree more.

Before we end this...interview/random conversation, is there anything else you'd like to add, or want the readers to know?

SW: This is my own fault, because of the stupid story title, but I know a lot of people steer clear of Geek Love because of the geek setting, feeling that they need to somehow understand geekspeak to understand the story. I'd like to say, that's just not true. I promise. I have two friends who are utterly un-geeky that pre-read each chapter and let me know if I've crossed the geek-line. :)

Also, I want to say one last time that even though we talked an awful lot about the "squicky" part of Bella's past in this interview, that is not intended to be the focus of the story. I am, at heart, an angst-wuss, and promise that this is a love story complete with HEA.

Sarah_E: Yes, and for those of you who haven't read any of Geek Love as of yet, well, it is simply golden.

SW: LOL. Thanks.

Sarah_E: Most welcome.

So, now I ask, or rather tell you to run, not walk to Geek Love. You won't regret it. If you do, I'll do a nekkid chicken dance just for you.

::smiles widely and winks::

I'm so not doing a nekkid chicken dance.


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